Disabilinet.com is a brand new social media community website specially designed for disabled people which delivers a content rich experience for all subscribers – www.disabilinet.com
Disabilinet.com is a brand new social media community website specially designed for disabled people which delivers a content rich experience for all subscribers – http://www.disabilinet.com

Developed by a team of disability specialists and pioneering online developers, Disabilinet.com is a new media-rich community website which has just been launched and is specifically designed for disabled individuals to engage globally within a safe, social media environment.

The successful entrepreneur Mike Simmonds, who has extensive experience in the field of mobility and disability, originated the Disabilinet.com concept. He has brought together a team of developers to build this brand new community hub, which Mike intends to grow into the most popular portal for all disabled individuals worldwide. As user numbers begin to grow, the site will develop organically to cater for popular trends and it is the intention of the founder that Disabilinet.com will become the platform to establish a foundation, which provides specialist assistance and mobility equipment. As a non-profit charitable initiative, it is hoped that the Disabilinet Foundation, set up alongside this dynamic new website will not only assist people online by providing information, but will progress towards physically helping certain individuals through specialist equipment provision funded by Disabilinet.com advertising revenue.

Mike explains: “Disabilinet.com is a fresh and original take on social media. We researched all the current online sites for disabled people and concluded there was a need for a different approach. Disabilinet.com has been specifically designed for people with disabilities so they can freely communicate with one another and share experiences in a safe and secure environment. Disabilinet.com is different to social media sites such as Facebook primarily through its content and user base so that relevant news, views and topics relevant to less able people can be quickly accessed. Facebook is too generic and Disabilinet.com reflects a new genre of social media sites that engage specific interests and defined user groups. From my experiences and listening to disabled people, there is a real need to share images, advice and viewpoints as many find it difficult to discover the best way to improve well-being or access credible information. Whether people have become recently disabled, or continue to live with a medical condition, Disabilinet.com opens up a fantastic new window to the potential opportunities out there through sharing stories and thoughts.”

Mike continues: “I am currently working alongside an outstanding team however we are looking for a General Manager to eventually direct the site, ideally a wheelchair user, so I would encourage all suitable applicants to apply. On behalf of the Disabilinet.com team, we are all incredibly excited about this new launch and feel confident it will become the number one site for all disabled people to engage globally.”

Disabilinet.com is a content diverse community website which encompasses many levels of media from blogs and bulletin boards through to the latest relevant YouTube links, specific groups and user profiles. Each user or ‘friend’ has an individualised page, which can be tailored with images, details and ‘wall comments’ for fellow subscribers to access. Opportunities to share comments and visual material beyond Disabilinet.com are possible with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ links along with live chat ‘MSN style’ boxes and RSS feeds. Navigation is straightforward and simple with clear typography and character size can be increased for users that are partially sighted. Initially programmed in English, it is the intention of the Disabilinet.com team to roll out varying language versions, which will ultimately link across the world, to produce one portal that all disabled people globally can engage within and enjoy a positive experience.

To join for free, visit: www.disabilinet.com