Picture caption:  Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney (centre) rides a TGA Vita mobility scooter whilst supporting Beactive Mobility's Motability event in Lowestoft on 18 September 2012. Peter is pictured with Martyn Simpson, TGA Area Sales Manager (left) and Shaun Green, Beactive Mobility's Motability Manager (right).

Picture caption: Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney (centre) rides a TGA Vita mobility scooter whilst supporting Beactive Mobility’s Motability event in Lowestoft on 18 September 2012. Peter is pictured with Martyn Simpson, TGA Area Sales Manager (left) and Shaun Green, Beactive Mobility’s Motability Manager (right).

Beactive Mobility is a respected East Anglian mobility retailer that provides market-leading mobility scooters from TGA (based in Sudbury, Suffolk) and was delighted to hold a Motability Awareness Day in Lowestoft on 18 September 2012 which was supported by Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney.

Beactive Mobility has four mobility showrooms across Norfolk and Suffolk with its most recent store opening in Norwich City Centre during June 2012. It is a highly successful chain that provides a comprehensive range of aids for daily living and the highly popular TGA brand of mobility scooters. TGA mobility scooters such as the Breeze which won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter Challenge early in the year and the cutting-edge, ‘funky’ Vita are continuing to deliver new-found independence to more and more individuals with restricted mobility across the UK. In addition, a substantial percentage of people are choosing the Motability scheme, which provides a leasing alternative to purchasing a scooter that was demonstrated at Beactive’s awareness day in The Britton Shopping Centre, Lowestoft. The Motability scheme allows individuals to simply turn part, or all, of their Disabled Living Allowance into the TGA mobility scooter of choice whilst benefitting from a complete support package.

During the day, Peter Aldous, the Member of Parliament for Waveney joined Beactive’s Motability Manager, Shaun Green and TGA’s Area Sales Manager, Martyn Simpson. The day was attended by large numbers of local residents interested in understanding more about the Motability scheme and wanting to talk to Peter. Peter Aldous comments: “As MP for Waveney, I was delighted to attend Beactive’s Motability awareness event today in Lowestoft which was supported by its mobility scooter supplier – TGA. Motability is a fantastic leasing scheme, which helps to deliver independence to so many individuals across the UK who require a mobility scooter. Hence events such as this I believe are essential to provide information to local residents about the benefits associated with owning a reliable and safe mobility scooter such as those provided by TGA from Waveney’s leading mobility specialist – Beactive.”

Beactive had a selection of award winning TGA mobility scooters on display that included the popular Eclipse car boot scooter, Breeze Midi 4 and the new, radical Vita Midi 4. The Vita Midi 4 represents a new genre in compact mobility scooter design, which encompasses styling that resembles a modern car or motorcycle rather than a traditional mobility product. Martyn Simpson representing Beactive’s supplier, TGA Mobility, comments: “Today has been a huge success for both Beactive and TGA in terms of communicating the many benefits associated with selecting a new TGA mobility scooter on the Motability scheme. We explained that 95% of Motability customers would recommend the scheme to others as it provides a new scooter every three years along with a complete support and servicing package.  During our discussions with visitors today, we also listened to the mobility needs of many locals and reiterated the importance of only selecting quality, reliable products from a trusted specialist such as Beactive and TGA. It was a pleasure to meet Peter Aldous MP and on behalf of Beactive and TGA, we thank him for contributing to the event.”


Picture caption: EMS Stairlifts present their donated child adapted wheelchair to the Herfordshire charity HAD at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club following the HAD fundraising event at the course on Friday 21 September 2012.  Pictured from left to right: Linda Cudmore (HAD Fundraising Manager), Mick Armstrong, (EMS Operations Director), Jonathan Muir (EMS Managing Director) shaking hands with Chairman of the Conservative party, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP,  Annabel Waterfield (HAD Chief Executive) and David Cox (HAD Trustee).

Picture caption: EMS Stairlifts present their donated child adapted wheelchair to the Herfordshire charity HAD at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club following the HAD fundraising event at the course on Friday 21 September 2012.
Pictured from left to right: Linda Cudmore (HAD Fundraising Manager), Mick Armstrong, (EMS Operations Director), Jonathan Muir (EMS Managing Director) shaking hands with Chairman of the Conservative party, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Annabel Waterfield (HAD Chief Executive) and David Cox (HAD Trustee).

Stairlift Angels Initiative, sponsored by Hertfordshire based stairlift and mobility lift company EMS, were joined by local MP Grant Shapps at Welwyn Garden City Golf Club last week to present a child adapted wheelchair to Linda Cudmore, Fundraising Manager at HAD (Hertfordshire Action on Disability). The presentation was the finale to the sixth annual fund raising golf day organised by HAD – a long established Hertfordshire charity which provides equipment and services to older and disabled people.

Reflecting on the day’s events Linda remarked: “Receiving the wheelchair from Stairlift Angels marked the perfect end to a perfect day. Wheelchairs like this are in constant demand from families whose children have disabilities or a temporary mobility problem such as a broken leg. Here to provide a helping hand wherever we can, HAD will always be grateful for support like this.”

Mick Armstrong, director at EMS and one of the founders of the Stairlift Angels Initiative commented: “We have been involved with HAD for several years now and when we were asked to fund this wheelchair we were very pleased to help. HAD does such valuable work within the local community and deserves all the assistance it gets, be that financial or otherwise.”

Jonathan Muir EMS Managing Director added: “EMS has always tried to play its part in the support of charities and voluntary organisations, especially those in the local area like HAD. It was for this reason we were particularly pleased with our Stairlift Angels Initiative launched earlier this year and our pledge to donate a free stairlift every month to those people most in need.”

While kept very busy in his new role as Chairman of the Conservative party, HAD were also fortunate to have the Rt Hon Grant Shapps, MP for Welwyn Hatfield, attend their golf day. Mr Shapps, who has been patron of HAD since 2006 said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to come and present this wheelchair donated by EMS Stairlift Angels to such a deserving charity. HAD is a wonderful organisation who work tirelessly on behalf of local people with disabilities as well as their families, friends and carers. It’s fantastic to see so many people getting behind charities like this to ensure their work continues to provide such valued services.” – the new social media site for people with disabilities: a brief history is the new and unique social media site for people with disabilities is the new and unique social media site for people with disabilities

Introduction is a social networking service and website launched in June 2012 specifically for disabled people. Based on a similar concept to Facebook, Disabilinet is a fledgling site with 391 active disabled users as of September 2012 sharing information and content regarding experiences, opinions and condition-specific advice across the Internet. The purpose of Disabilinet is however different to Facebook as it has been established so that disabled people can form new friendships as opposed to managing existing relationships online. Unique Users must register before using the site with basic personal details after which they can create a personalised identity that includes an Avatar, personality profile, birthdate and email address for direct, private messages. Once this personal profile is established, subscribers can add other users as friends and begin exchanging messages, pictures, videos, music and blog posts. Additionally, users may set up and join common-interest user groups and add events to a calendar. A HTML5 mobile version of Disabilinet is available for smart phones and tablets with compatibility for devices such as iPhone and iPad.


History and background

The successful entrepreneur Mike Simmonds founded Disabilinet and is based in Whitstable, Kent, (United Kingdom). Mike has extensive experience in the field of mobility products and helping to meet the needs of disabled people. Mike was previously the Managing Director of Q’Straint Europe, a global wheelchair and occupant restraint specialist that supplies safety products to the commercial bus, coach and rail sectors. Whilst at Q’Straint (trading as Giram UK Limited) for 18 years, Mike was responsible for growing the business considerably across 50 countries along with helping to achieve Investors in People and ISO9001 accreditation in 2005, meeting industry demands of European Whole Vehicle Type Approval and The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade (Export) in 2007. In addition to currently leading the development of Disabilinet and its associated charitable Foundation, Mike is the Managing Director of Disabilinet Technologies Limited and Roxana Investments Limited.

The idea for the Disabilinet platform was the result of Mike’s continuing experiences of meeting inspirational disabled individuals across the world. He researched current online community sites for disabled people and concluded there was a need for a different approach. Hence was specifically designed for people with disabilities so they could freely communicate with one another and share experiences in a safe and secure environment. is different to social media sites such as Facebook primarily through its content and user base demographics so that relevant news, views and topics relevant to disabled people can be quickly accessed. reflects a new genre of social media sites that engage specific interests and defined user groups. Mike discovered that there was a real need to share images, advice and viewpoints as many disabled people found it difficult to discover the best way to improve well-being or access credible information. Whether people have become recently disabled, lived with restricted mobility or had a medical condition such as Spinal Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease, Cerebal Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy etc. they are now accessing the community site to exchange information.

Mike currently manages a small team of three specialists based internationally who are responsible for programming and maintenance, Public Relations and developing Social Media exposure through the micro-blogging site Twitter and other online sites such as the Disabled Living Foundation Youreable forums. A General Manager will be appointed shortly to direct the website on a part-time basis which is now live and has been designed with web accessibility in mind. It will be rolled out to all counties globally with residents who predominantly speak English with the intention of becoming the first choice online community hub for disabled people around the world.


Website features is a content diverse community website which encompasses many different methods by which fellow subscribers can engage. The home page provides quick access to all areas of the website with designated fields which include –

  • the most recent YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo video posted by subscribers
  • uploaded photographs or links to Flickr,
  • the latest general activity on the site such as new member notification and micro blog posts
  • blogs and forthcoming events
  • access to open forums and designated groups
  • current member names and Avatars
  • links to the subscribers personal Inbox, friends and settings
  • Facebook users who ‘like’ Disabilinet
  • The Disabilinews channel from the Disabilinews Reporter

Navigation for visually impaired visitors is assisted by a ‘Size of Character’ option that will increase or reduce the point size of typefaces on the screen.  Abundant links allow all content to be commented upon, liked and shared across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumble Upon. In addition to these, Disabilinet allows subscribers to engage via a ‘live chat’ box similar to real-time Skype messaging and fellow members who are online can choose to be highlighted in a ‘Members Online’ window. RSS feeds are also available.

The Disabilinet member, Disabilinews Reporter regularly posts news and events from the mobility and disability sector within a designated channel that is accessed from the main navigation bar. This news stream provides useful mobility product information and initiatives, end user stories and event updates for all Disabilinet subscribers. Techincal support links are available at the foot of the home page and free Disabilinet banners and website badges are available for all subscribers to download and position on external sites.


The Disabilinet Foundation

The Disabilinet Foundation charity has been established following the launch of this associated community social media site with the intention of donating specialist assistance and mobility equipment to disabled individuals. When user numbers hit a critical level, the site will introduce a commercial advertising programme whereby a percentage of revenue generated from promotional banners, skyscrapers, MPUs etc. will be converted into funds to support disabled people.


User profiles

Current users of Disabilinet as of September 2012 consist of a varied mix of disabled individuals from global locations. Of note in these early stages, there has been an influx of members from the United States with Multiple Sclerosis and many mobility scooter users. In addition to these, certain users in the public eye have joined including Julie Fernandez, the British Actress famed for appearing in The Office UK TV show and publicised Steve Tarrant who survived being hit by an F1 racing car in 2000 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Steve Tarrant is also famed for successfully achieved a new World Record on 27 June 2012 at The Mobility Roadshow, East of England Showground, Peterborough where he drove a TGA mobility scooter the further distance ever in 24 hours around the Peterborough Panthers Speedway track. This achievement was included in Disabilinews on the Disabilinet website along with his official Olympic and Paralympic 2012 sailing medal bearing duties during August and September at Weymouth.

Other subscribers include the online disabled information service Ask Jules and the charity Transport For All who campaign for improved accessibility for disabled passengers across London.


Disabled social media statistics

Taking the UK for example, the following figures demonstrate why a social media platform specifically for disabled people will be a success. 30% of internet users are aged 55+1, 70% of households have internet access2, 60% of internet surfers access the web daily and of the 8.6 million people registered disabled, 50% of them regularly use the web3. This is combined with the huge following of leading social media sites such as Twitter (3 million ‘Tweets’ per day worldwide, activity currently rising by 2,565%4) and Facebook (500 million unique users worldwide5), which clearly shows the need for There are also new initiatives such as GO ON UK (formerly RaceOnline 2012) supported by British Telecom, Age UK and the Royal Mail that are actively encouraging disabled people who have not used the Internet before to discover the unlimited benefits it can deliver.


Disabilinet is Social Media site – what does this mean?

In essence Social Media is what it says it is – ‘Social’ – informal, consumer chat, and ‘Media’ – a form of communication, in this case via the Internet. In more scientific terms, Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define Social Media as ‘a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.’6 Businesses also refer to Social Media as user-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media (CGM). The popularity of Social Media is driven by today’s era of the ‘Attention Age’ whereby people post their views, actions or requests without prompting. Social Media can take a variety of different forms which include – Instant messaging, Internet forums, Microblogging, Picture-sharing, Podcasts, Social blogs, Social bookmarking, Virtual communities, Virtual game worlds, Vlogs (video blogging), Weblogs and Wikis. Examples of Microblogging include – FMyLife, Jaiku, Plurk, Tumblr and Twitter, Social bookmarking (or social tagging) – Delicious, Google Reader and StumbleUpon, and Video sharing – Sevenload, Viddler, Vimeo and YouTube. These sites incorporate fluid sharing of messages and images, commonly in real-time across a pre-determined social network and offer the benefits of virality.

Join Disabilinet for free today at:


Fanatical fishermen with disability continues life long hobby thanks to Top Gear featured TGA Breeze mobility scooter

Despite living with restricted mobility, John Crome from Beccles, Suffolk, can once again continue with his life passion for fishing thanks to a TGA Breeze GT mobility scooter.

Despite living with restricted mobility, John Crome from Beccles, Suffolk, can once again continue with his life passion for fishing thanks to a TGA Breeze GT mobility scooter.

John Crome, 50 from Beccles, Suffolk, has been a keen fishermen since the age of six and despite becoming less mobile due to medical issues, has been able to continue his life long passion thanks to a new TGA Breeze mobility scooter which he first saw on BBC Top Gear.

Before retiring, John spent most of his working career at Norwich Union managed pensions for a large number of individuals including several celebrities such as the cricketer Nasser Hussain. John was encouraged to pick up a rod from an early age by his father from Hertfordshire. They would regularly visit the local lakes and the river Lea simply equipped with a tin of maggots, a 50p day ticket and their rods, which has left fond memories with John. When John relocated 25 years ago, he continued his hobby however over a period of time his mobility and eyesight became restricted due to diabetes and other factors which seriously impacted on his freedom. Without the ability to drive a car or walk very far, John feared he would have to pack his rods away for good as he explains: “I had fished around Waveney for several years catching Roach, Bream and even a 12lb Carp, however my ability to reach the river was dwindling due to ill health. It was only when I saw the TGA Breeze win the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge that I realised this model could potentially help me access the riverbank once more. I enquired about leasing a Breeze on the Motability scheme with TGA’s dealer in Suffolk, Beactive Mobility and within a matter of weeks I was mobile again.”

The TGA Breeze S4 GT is an enhanced version of the Breeze mobility scooter with wider rear wheels and a more powerful battery – a popular choice across the UK especially in more rural locations. John selected the GT version as it delivers all the independence he needs to access the riverbank and even though it is primarily a luxury ‘around town’ mobility scooter, the Breeze has given him off road capability, a 30 miles range on one charge, a large rear lockable box for storing tackle and an orthopaedic swivel seat. Equipped with an optional all weather canopy, John’s Breeze is the perfect mobility scooter for extended periods spent sat on the riverbank, whatever the weather.

The Breeze brand from TGA has an established and respected reputation for providing exceptional reliability, comfort and build quality. Modern aesthetics reflecting the latest automotive design can be seen throughout the chassis mouldings and the all round suspension and shock absorbers deliver the safest, most stable ride available today. The rear transaxle motor delivers all the power and performance John needs when traveling in the countryside and can negotiate a 9.5o slope with ease, which was clearly demonstrated on a Welsh mountainside during an episode of BBC Top Gear.

John continues, “Now I have my Breeze I regularly cast off in the Beccles harbour with my compact 9ft carbon fibre F2 Fladen rod, landing net, reel and tackle which can all be carried easily on the scooter. I can also take my crutches as handy carrying clips have been installed so when I land a catch, I can stand briefly by the river, which is really handy. Before owning my Breeze I had tried one of those five wheel models from a different supplier however I was not impressed with the build quality, they felt flimsy. Shaun at Beactive explained how many people trust their Breeze and I can now see why. I have had so many magical moments when fishing, they may sound simple such as a Kingfisher perching on the end of my rod, but they are what I thrive upon as do so many other keen anglers. I am an active member of the angling community and always advocate the correct use and protection of our waterways. The more people that use our rivers in an appropriate manner throughout the fishing season, the more they will be protected. This Breeze scooter opens up the joy of fishing to so many people with restricted mobility which I think is fantastic.”

Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager concludes, “John is yet another amazing example of countless individuals across the UK who have been able to continue with a life long outdoor hobby thanks to a TGA mobility scooter. As a team we are fully committed to ensuring all people needing help with mobility, are given the opportunity to experience improved well-being outside of their home with unquestionable peace of mind.”

Dumbarton Cerebral Palsy fundraising sailor rediscovers freedom with funky TGA Vita mobility scooter

Tony Monteith from Dumbarton is a fundraising sailor with Cerebral Palsy who has just rediscovered his freedom thanks to a radical  TGA Vita Sport mobility scooter

Tony Monteith from Dumbarton is a fundraising sailor with Cerebral Palsy who has just rediscovered his freedom thanks to a radical
TGA Vita Sport mobility scooter

Tony Monteith, 54 from Dumbarton, Scotland, lives with Cerebral Palsy however has just experienced newfound independence thanks to a radical TGA Vita Sport mobility scooter that helps him continue raising funds for his Sailing Club in Helensburgh.
Tony has lived in the Dumbarton area for over 15 years and was originally born in Helensburgh. He has lived in several residential care homes around Scotland throughout his life but has always retained a passion for freedom and sailing. Along with three other friends and a skipper buddy for support due to his disability, he hopes to sail around the Isle of Shuna situated north of the Firth of Clyde to raise funds for the Helensburgh Challenger Group based at Helensburgh Sailing Club and to promote awareness of sailing for the disabled. Challenger sailing encourages and supports people with disabilities to take up the sport at the centre in Helensburgh. Helensburgh sailing club has over 500 sailors with eight Challenger disabled sailors including Tony and is keen to increase Challenger membership numbers and helpers and buddies for Challenger Sailing Regattas and weekend sailing which is where TGA Mobility aim to help. Tony recently purchased a cutting edge Vita Sport from TGA who are the leading mobility scooter specialist across Scotland and the rest of the UK. The Vita is unlike traditional looking scooters as it represents a dynamic new genre of mobility products from TGA, which are now seen as ‘cool’ and highly desirable. This trendy and modern scooter, which is part of the UK’s leading and most comprehensive range from TGA, appealed to Tony and when he explained to TGA his intentions to sail around Shuna for donations, the mobility specialist agreed to help him raise press awareness for the Helensburgh Sailing Club.

Tony explains: “I am so pleased with my new sporty black Vita which I came across simply by searching on the Internet. TGA are real mobility experts and have delivered in every respect. Harry Reed from TGA who helped me obtain a Vita Sport through the Motability scheme was brilliant and since owning this latest model, I have been able to visit my local shops and community groups with ease. TGA mobility scooters are renowned for reliability, comfort and exceptional build quality, all backed up by after sales service that really does go the extra mile. I can genuinely appreciate the thought that has gone into this Vita design. I think it is also fantastic that the company have agreed to help me raise press awareness about my fundraising voyage around Shuna and the benefits of joining Helensburgh Challenger Group. Being a member of this club is vital for me as I have sailed for over 20 years and would not be able to continue enjoying the open water without their support. I sail in specially adapted boats called Challengers, which provide easy access due to my restricted movement and are more stable as they are Trimarans The benefits of being able to sail are endless and I would recommend it all fellow individuals with disabilities.”

In addition to raising membership and supporter numbers, Tony is hopeful that local businesses might be able to sponsor the Helensburgh Challenger Group to enhance his fundraising activities so running costs and boat repairs can be met.  The club has several Challenger boats that are ideal for sailors who have restricted mobility, as they are more stable and less likely to capsize, however funds for sails and rigging repairs are always desperately needed. TGA Managing Director Daniel Stone concludes: “As a business, we believe organisations such as Helensburgh Challenger Group provide an essential service for people with disabilities and admire Tony’s continued fundraising initiatives for his Sailing Club. Our TGA Vita Sport is the ideal model for Tony as it reflects his ‘get up and go’ attitude for life and whilst raising press awareness of the fantastic health and well-being benefits it offers, we were delighted to also support his sailing club in this one-off campaign.”

In addition to standard Vita mobility scooter features, Tony’s TGA Vita Sport also encompasses sports styling, tinted high visibility long life LED head and rear lights and a racing leather seat. This bucket-style seat offers additional lateral support and comfort whilst the covering material is extremely durable yet stylish. From a performance point of view the controller has been upgraded to 160amp so an enhanced driving experience is delivered to Tony, whilst the ergonomic LCD tiller and control panel have been carefully designed to be user-friendly. The exclusive black rim alloys and the black-only body mouldings finish off the dramatic looks of the Vita Sport that many locals comment upon as he rides around town.

TGA Mobility helps 90-year-old Alice see the Olympic Games thanks to ‘GOLD MEDAL’ service

Alice Hall, 90 from Kent, enjoying the London 2012 Olympic athletics with Games Maker, John Haydn-Jones, thanks to the rapid installation of a Powerpack to her wheelchair by TGA.

Alice Hall, 90 from Kent, enjoying the London 2012 Olympic athletics with Games Maker, John Haydn-Jones, thanks to the rapid installation of a Powerpack to her wheelchair by TGA.

The UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist, TGA, based in Sudbury, was delighted to pull out all the stops to help 90-year-old wheelchair user Alice Hall from Kent attend the Olympics, thanks to a last minute delivery of a TGA Wheelchair Powerpack.

Alice Hall from Hayes won a competition with her son, David Hall, 56, also from Kent, to enjoy an all expenses paid trip, with accessible accommodation and transport for four people to the Olympic Games. David has cared for his mother for over 27 years in the same house as Alice lives with numerous medical conditions that include Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Stroke. His sister also lives with them and even though a double transplant patient herself, she too was incredibly excited about the prospect of witnessing live Olympic sport alongside her husband. These four members of the same family could not believe their luck in winning this competition. However as Alice needed to be pushed in a wheelchair, David was concerned about the vast size of the Park and that they would not be able to keep up with the other 100+ able-bodied winners. As his sister would also be attending, they needed a hassle-free experience with Alice’s wheelchair to truly make the day possible. If they had a TGA Powerpack attached, this powered solution would help drive Alice’s wheelchair and greatly reduce the strain of propulsion across the Park resulting in a far more positive Olympic experience. Without a Powerpack, their dream day would not be a reality.

The TGA Powerpack assists with propelling most types of wheelchair and is the leading choice for carers across the UK

The TGA Powerpack assists with propelling most types of wheelchair and is the leading choice for carers across the UK

David explains: “As our previous powerpack was out of action, the whole family feared that we would have to cancel our day at the Athletics and Handball. Mother had been looking forward to this once in a lifetime event for months, and extensive arrangements had been made for her special needs. The Olympic Park looked huge….we really needed a TGA powerpack….none of us wanted to break the bad news to Mum. With little hope in our hearts, we telephoned TGA with only two days to go before our planned trip and after explaining our situation, unbelievably Mandy in the service department managed to arrange for a Powerpack to be delivered the next day. We awoke the following morning to find before 8:00am a TGA van outside – Shaun had travelled all the way from Suffolk. Shaun installed the Powerpack and spent some considerable time double checking that we had everything to make our adventure the next day a success.”

David continues: “My Mother’s day at the Olympics will be treasured for many years, and we all saw Mo qualify for the 5,000m final. The TGA Powerpack on the day was absolutely essential and only made possible through the gold medal service provided by TGA. Mandy and Shaun were fantastic, well done TGA, a company to trust and return to.”

The latest TGA Powerpack is a simple yet very effective product for reducing the strain experienced by carers when pushing a wheelchair. With a top speed of 6.4km/h (4mph) and a maximum range of up to 10 miles (16km), the Powerpack will drive almost any model of wheelchair across uneven ground or up hills and ramps. The Powerpack is easy to fit or remove and is proudly designed and built in the UK.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: We are delighted to have made Alice and her family’s dream come true with the rapid delivery of a TGA Wheelchair Powerpack. This truly special event for the Halls at the Olympics is a shining example of why we as a business, are continually committing to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals with restricted mobility – it always fills us with great pride. As for the product itself, the Powerpack from TGA has been copied but never equaled for over 15 years now and continues to be the leading choice for carers looking for assisted wheelchair propulsion.”

Tell Tales to Win Prizes for your School – the Ready, Willing & Mobile competition

Ready, Willing and Mobile competition - designed to encourage young people to think about disability and inclusivity from an early age.

Ready, Willing and Mobile competition – designed to encourage young people to think about disability and inclusivity from an early age.

At the 2012 Mobility Roadshow – National Young Disabled Persons’ Day, Mobility Choice announced this year’s Ready, Willing and Mobile competition that is designed to encourage young people to think about disability and inclusivity from an early age.

After seven successful years, attracting hundreds of entries from schools right across the UK, the 2012 competition has a refreshed brief, inviting young people aged 7 to 16 to tell tales to win great prizes for themselves as well as their school or club.

Fiction literature rarely features people with disabilities and the charity aims to turn that around, inviting short stories of no more than 500 words featuring a young disabled person as the central character.

“Each year we receive glowing reports from teachers who have found the competition an excellent class project, and from schools that have included it in their Ofsted reporting, with excellent response,” said Jacqui Jones, Executive Director, Mobility Choice. “We hope that moving the competition into the literature arena will inspire creative writing talent, in the same way that our previous quest for helpful gadgets to aid mobility and independence has done – with great success.”

There are three age categories – 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16 years, with a winner and runner-up in each group.

Each winner will receive for their school, club or nominated charity £500 cash towards equipment or projects and £150-worth of STAEDTLER art and crafts materials.

Category winners bag for themselves a set of eight Puffin Classics hardback folio editions and a Warner Brothers’ Harry Potter Studio tour for four people. Runners up each receive a £25 book token.

The competition is open to both non-disabled children as well as those with disabilities. Closing date for entries is 30th September 2012, making this an ideal project for the summer holidays.

Visit for full entry and prize details, as well as terms and conditions.