Hampshire’s Total Mobility wins Regional Retailer award from TGA

Ken Meister, Total Mobility Proprietor (left), is congratulated for winning the TGA Retailer of the Month Award by  TGA Area Sales Manager, Wayne Galloway.

Ken Meister, Total Mobility Proprietor (left), is congratulated for winning the TGA Retailer of the Month Award by
TGA Area Sales Manager, Wayne Galloway.

Total Mobility, based in Fleet and Aldershot, Hampshire, which specialises in mobility scooters, has won the coveted Retailer of the Month Award for January from its UK-leading mobility scooter supplier, TGA Mobility.

The local mobility scooter specialist Total Mobility, was established in 2000 by current Sole Proprietor Ken Meister and continues to demonstrate sustained business success even during these challenging economic times. High street sales continue to be pressurised by the growth of online e-commerce, however Total Mobility has proven that offline, considerate selling is more effective when supplying specialist mobility products. The business has built up an established reputation for caring, after sales service and the provision of quality mobility scooters such as the range from TGA. When an end user is purchasing a mobility scooter, it is imperative that personalised assessments are carried out face-to-face so that models meet exact individual requirements and subsequent levels of independence and safety are maximised. This dedicated, customer-orientated support cannot be provided by cheaper, internet-only sellers and has resulted in impressive business results for Total Mobility. This commendable approach has now been awarded with recognition in the healthcare sector by the leading brand, TGA Mobility, who supply the award winning Breeze and Vita ranges. Winning Retailer of the Month has earned the business trade benefits, kudos and a bottle of champagne.

Ken Meister explained: “I originally set up Total Mobility in response to my search for a reliable mobility scooter for my Father. I discovered there was a lack of quality mobility product provision in Hampshire and hence decided to shift my focus from running several separate businesses involving retail, print and carpet cleaning to delivering trustworthy mobility scooters. Since then we have never looked back and now operate from a 2,000 sqft warehouse with a knowledgeable team of eight who ensure individuals requiring mobility assistance regain their independence without hassle. Crucial to maintaining our heritage is the provision of market leading TGA scooters and we are proud to have been a TGA A-Class dealer for eight years whilst being Motability approved.

Ken continued: “Total Mobility’s strength has always been the comprehensive range of quality, middle-market products we supply, ie. we do not stock low grade or very high-end specialist products. With this strategy in mind, we have been able to grow the business and scooters such as the TGA Breeze and more recently, the Breeze Midi, have been integral to this success. There are unfortunately many suppliers out there only interested in making a quick buck and not interested in the long term importance of after sales care or reliable products. We are different and this approach has given us the ability to sustain expansion without the support of concessionary positioning on the high street. We were delighted to receive the award from TGA Area Sales Manager Wayne Galloway and plan to continue building the business with the same personalised, customer-orientated focus that we have always taken pride in delivering.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concluded: “On behalf of the TGA trade team here, I would like to commend Ken and Total Mobility for delivering such impressive results. Over and above the significant number of TGA products supplied to end-users in January, Total Mobility deserves recognition for its perceptive approach to supporting customers through structured assessment and advice. As the UK’s leading brand, TGA is fully committed to providing mobility scooters that are reliable, safe and give peace of mind whilst championing ethical selling and commercial practices on every level.”



Alf Jackson, 83 from Warrington, Cheshire, is a retired Fire fighter who despite living with Arthritis, has regained his freedom thank to a ‘fire engine’ TGA Breeze mobility scooter that was partly funded by The Fire Fighters Charity.

Alf Jackson, 83 from Warrington, Cheshire, is a retired Fire fighter who despite living with Arthritis, has regained his freedom thank to a ‘fire engine’ TGA Breeze mobility scooter that was partly funded by The Fire Fighters Charity.

Alf Jackson, 83 from Warrington, Cheshire, is a real ‘character’ and retired Fire fighter who despite living with severe Arthritis, has regained his freedom thanks to a ‘fire engine’ TGA Breeze mobility scooter that was partly funded by The Fire Fighters Charity.

Alf has lived in the same area all his life and was originally born in Warrington. He now lives with his wife Pat and two rescue dogs Lady and Sammy who are walked by local helpers, as Alf requires the use of crutches to move around. In 1948 he began his two years of National Service in the army and excelled at sports such as rugby and running. Alf became a qualified gym instructor, went onto play amateur Rugby League for Latchford Albion and played against Wigan in the main cup competition. Leaving the Army, Alf struggled with a subsequent job, as he wanted more of a challenge, hence he joined the Fire Brigade in 1957. During a career that spanned nearly 30 years, Alf began by successfully completing his four-month basic training and following several years on ‘watch’, he then started to take his Fire fighter exams. He became a Leading Fireman in the early 1960’s, Sub Officer in 1964 and was awarded the responsibility of Station Officer in 1968. Alf was then finally promoted to Residential Fire Officer in 1978. This rise through the ranks continued alongside his sporting achievements as Alf set up the Fire fighter’s Volleyball League and achieved official coaching status. Being able to stay fit and agile was critical for Alf when bravely tackling fires, however in the last few years his mobility has become restricted now resulting in limited freedom outside of the home.

Alf explains: “I have spent most of my life involved in front line action combatting fires or on the sports pitch. So when your mobility starts to become restricted, it can be very difficult to accept. Nevertheless thanks to TGA Mobility and a donation from the Fire Fighters Charity, I am now able to access the outdoors with ease on my Breeze GT. It’s great to be on the move again and I have added a selection of fire engine accessories to my scooter to make it feel more familiar. With my horn, warning stickers, blue light and helmet on display, I am ready for duty once more in my local area but this time it’s for shopping, caring for my wife and visiting friends!”

Alf continues: “The idea to own a mobility scooter came to me when I was last at one of the Fire Fighters Charity’s rehabilitation centres in Cumbria receiving physiotherapy and treatment. The team at Jubilee House in Penrith does such a fantastic job looking after me and fellow fire fighters injured in the line of duty. Whilst enjoying a weeks respite care from looking after my wife who has Dementia, I was lucky enough to use a mobility scooter to drive around the grounds. This got me thinking and I first saw this fantastic TGA Breeze in a TV weekly magazine. With its wider rear wheels for extra performance, 8mph top speed and orthopedic seat – I knew this was the one for me. I asked the Charity whether there was any possibility of a donation to help me get mobile again and they kindly obliged. Well, what a difference it has made and I may even be able to walk my dogs again without the assistance of helpers. My TGA Breeze also has an all weather hard canopy so I remain dry and comfortable whenever on call outside! I would like to thank the Fire Fighters Charity so much for all what they have done for me and to ask everyone who can, to donate to this organisation as it makes such a difference to the lives of serving, injured and retired fire fighters.”

The Fire Fighters Charity is the UK’s leading provider of services that enhance quality of life for serving and retired fire fighters, fire personnel and their families. Over the years, it has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals by providing world-class treatment and support services. It has three centres based in Devon, Cumbria and West Sussex, which offer a range of support programmes including physical rehabilitation and recuperation to members of the fire and rescue community.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: “Alf fully deserves to regain his freedom when you consider his contribution to society. His grit and determination both during his career and now coping with mobility and health issues at home has to be admired. The TGA Breeze GT model chosen by Alf is the same scooter that won the BBC Top Gear extreme challenge last year so will deliver all the power, performance, comfort and safety he will need on a daily basis. The Fire Fighters Charity delivers remarkable levels of support to our valued fire fighters and Alf’s story clearly illustrates the importance of donations to this organisation.”




1-3 July – East of England Showground, Peterborough

VIP Guests this year included:


  • British motor racing legend, Sir Stirling Moss who opened the event, reviewed many of the new products on display and chatted with visitors.
  • Alastair Hignell, former English Rugby Union international, county cricketer and broadcaster.
  • Ade Adepitan, sports athlete and TV presenter.
  • David Proud, Desperados and EastEnders actor.

Highlight features included:

  • Cyclefest was launched, offering a wide range of cycling options from tiny trikes to companion and wheelchair cycling. This proved to be hugely popular and will continue as a major feature this year.
  • First-time exhibitor, Motivation, launched a new sports wheelchair, designed at the request of the International Paralympic Committee. There were two models: Spin Off for wheelchair basketball and Quick Hit for tennis.
  • Another exhibitor at the Roadshow for the first time, The Mountain Trike Company unveiled a new concept trike, described as a mountain bike for wheelchair users.
  • Nomad Wheelchairs launched a new-concept one-arm drive that, when retrofitted, transformed a wheelchair to an ideal sports chair for one-arm users.
  • This Roadshow opened with the highest number of advance test drive registrations.
  • In the motoring arena there were new models from Citroën UK, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd and Vauxhall Mobility, as well as new conversions from Allied Mobility, Aspect Conversions, Automotive Group, Brook Miller, Brotherwood Automobility, Lewis Reed, PB Conversions and Sirus Automotive. New products were unveiled by Audoadapt UK, Chunc Posture and Mobility, Portaramp UK and Q-Straint

If you were there in 2010, or indeed any other year, we’d love to hear your memories. Enter and you could win an iPad mini (link this to i-pad mini flyer page). Do include a photograph if you can; it doesn’t have to be one taken at the Roadshow.


MEMORIES CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF THE MOBILITY ROADSHOW: TGA’s Tim Ross remembers racing against Le Mans 24 hours champion Win Percy…..at Scalextrics!

TGA and our market leading mobility scooters have supported the Mobility Roadshow for over 20 years and enjoyed so many memorable moments.


Difficult to highlight one from so many and not forgetting all the end users we have helped at the show, however I guess all the celebrities I have had the privilege of meeting will always bring back special memories. Over the years I have chatted to so many such as The Duke of Edinburgh, Sir Stirling Moss, Sharon Davis, Noel Edmonds, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Simon Weston…..the list goes on. Nevertheless I reckon Scalextric racing with motorsport legend Winston ‘Win’ Percy during the 2004 event will really stick in my memory.

Win was the winner of the Le Mans 24 hours in 1987 and won the British Touring Car Championship three times so I was definitely up against it on our custom built TGA circuit! He was such a great guy to invite onto our stand for the day and was a real pleasure to introduce to our customers. The whole show was a resounding success for us and had a real buzz about the place as ever.

As the Mobility Roadshow is the largest and original consumer mobility show, every year the whole TGA team is able to meet countless end users and help them regain care-free independence. Well done to the Roadshow team for delivering such a unique and special show every year since 1983, Happy Birthday!”

Picture caption:

  1. David Stone, ex-TGA Managing Director, now retired (left), with Motorsport legend Win Percy (centre) and the Mobility Roadshow’s very own Compare, Chrys Goodburn at the 2004 event.
  2. The TGA Scalextrics track was a popular feature at the 2004 Mobility Roadshow
  3. Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager with members of the TGA Mobility Roadshow team in 2005 (right centre)



MEMORIES CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF THE MOBILITY ROADSHOW: Emma Bowler remembers her day of ‘lights … camera … action’ in 1999

In 1999 I was asked to film at the Mobility Roadshow in Crowthorne, Berkshire. By far the hardest part was deciding what to include in the film as there was so much on offer and the target length of the film would have been about 5 or 6 minutes!

In 1999 I was asked to film at the Mobility Roadshow in Crowthorne, Berkshire. By far the hardest part was deciding what to include in the film as there was so much on offer and the target length of the film would have been about 5 or 6 minutes!


I used to work as an Assistant Producer for the BBC Disability Programmes Unit, directing short films for the BBC 2 series about disability issues – ‘From the Edge’.

In 1999 I was asked to film at the Mobility Roadshow in Crowthorne, Berkshire. By far the hardest part was deciding what to include in the film as there was so much on offer and the target length of the film would have been about 5 or 6 minutes!

On the day we had about 4 hours to film everything in. That might sound like a long time but that included having to navigate round the show to find the things we were going to film, setting up the camera and sound, doing the actual filming and then any retakes.

Mik Scarlet, was our very memorable leather-clad presenter. As a vehicle, motorbike and gadget loving wheelchair user he was like a kid in a sweetshop on the day!

Some of the things we filmed included Mik testing out a double scooter ‘made for two’, a vehicle a bit like a motorbike which you could wheel your wheelchair into the back of [if I remember correctly it was called a Nippa?], he also tried out the Toyota Prius – the first volume produced petrol/electric car which made it’s debut at the show, he wheeled in and out of various wheelchair accessible vehicles and squeezed into a very funky Smart car. He marvelled at the state of the art wheelchairs for children and adults alike, and we all ate ice cream because it was very hot that day.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day because the atmosphere was so positive. The only frustration for me was that because I was working I didn’t have the time to look at anything [I was dying to try out some of the scooters as I didn’t have one at the time] but I did go back several years later with my children in tow and that time I had a somewhat more leisurely visit, I don’t remember having any ice cream that year – it must have been on a more typical British ‘summer’s’ day…


Team up with Paralympic athletes at Mobility Roadshow 2103 ‘Sport in Action!’

Team up with Paralympic athletes at Mobility Roadshow Sport in Action

Team up with Paralympic athletes at Mobility Roadshow Sport in Action

12 February 2012
 – Wheelchair basketball is one of the best known and most popular Paralympic sports, played by men, women and children. Visitors to this year’s Mobility Roadshow will have the chance to join in a game with some of the GB wheelchair basketball team. But that is just one of the sports you’ll be able to try.

The Roadshow has partnered with two leading lights in disability sport, to mark this 30th Anniversary event with a celebration of the vast range of sports available to disabled people.

WheelPower, the charity dedicated to transforming lives through sport, will be offering advice on the wide range of sports available, how to get involved, different types of sports wheelchairs and signposting visitors to national and local opportunities.

RGK Wheelchairs, one of the UK’s sports chair specialists, will be hosting the sport in action events – both demonstration and visitor participation – on all three days. Already confirmed are players from both men’s and women’s GB wheelchair basketball teams. The hugely popular ‘shoot to win’ competition for the highest number of ‘baskets’ in 60 seconds will again be a feature, with a daily prize for the winner. Also confirmed are wheelchair rugby league and roller hockey. More will be announced in the weeks ahead – check out www.mobilityroadshow.co.uk for news as it develops. RGK will also be showcasing its latest range of bespoke sports and daily-use chairs.

Mobility Choice would like to thank RGK and WheelPower for their support of the 30th anniversary Mobility Roadshow.



The new Glide 200 Ceiling Track System from Gainsborough Specialist Bathing now provides patient lifting and transfer capabilities in the care environment that complement its proven and leading range of assistive baths.

The new Glide 200 Ceiling Track System from Gainsborough Specialist Bathing now provides patient lifting and transfer capabilities in the care environment that complement its proven and leading range of assistive baths.


Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, Europe’s leading choice in assistive bath provision, installation and support, is delighted to announce the launch of the new Glide 200 Ceiling Track System that complements it’s wide range of baths for the care environment.

For 25 years Gainsborough, which is part of the Care in Bathing Group, has designed and delivered specialist assistive bathing solutions from concept to completion, in a variety of care environments from residential care homes to acute wards. The company now has the additional ability to provide patient lifting and transfer solutions alongside the Gainsborough bathing range with the new Glide 200 Ceiling Track System.

This new ceiling track system is designed to enhance the patient transfer experience and engineered to deliver the same high levels of reliability, quality and safety associated with the Gainsborough range of hi-lo powered baths. As Gainsborough is a solution-focused and proven product specialist, it is regarded as a logical progression for the business to introduce this new range as Gordon Farmiloe, Care in Bathing Managing Director explains:  “As an established and highly experienced healthcare provider, we fully understand how to meet the needs of today’s care environment. Hence this new range of ceiling track lifts will greatly improve manual handling management in terms of patient dignity, carer efficiency and overall safety. Now that Gainsborough can provide both assistive baths and overhead patient lifting systems simultaneously, a significant benefit is available to key decision makers and procurement personnel in the care sector through enhanced value and operational efficiencies.”

GSBglide200BThe Glide 200 Ceiling Track System provides highly adaptable track configurations so that almost any layout can be achieved. A comprehensive suite of track components that includes curved and straight sections, H-systems, room-to-room gates and multi-exit turntables allow for seamless transfers between rooms. There is the option of ceiling or wall suspended systems and track components maintain room aesthetics through their use of unobtrusive, bracket-less fixings. The Glide 200 has a safe working load of 200kg (31 stone) to manage the majority of lifting situations, comes with manual or powered traverse options and a unique self-charging system, which allows the lift motor to be charged ‘on-track’ whilst delivering up to 150 lifts per charge. The efficient, quiet and reliable hoist unit also incorporates intelligent diagnostics and reporting so that service intervals are accurately predicted and product performance is optimised over its lifetime. The easy-access service panel can be also removed quickly for servicing and maintenance so any downtime is minimised.

The Gainsborough Glide 200 delivers safety with peace of mind for patient and carer during deployment through a variety of features including the intuitive emergency lowering system. With a wide range of accessories and slings, the Glide 200 can also be customised to complete a number of care tasks in a wide variety of environments. A diverse range of patient slings are compatible with the Glide 200 and are available in a selection of designs and materials to ensure maximum patient comfort. With either clip or loop fixing attachments, Gainsborough’s range of slings has been designed to provide increased reassurance, dignity and safety to the patient during the transfer. Optional accessories also include manual or powered cradle positioning systems, digital weigh-scale and stretcher attachments.

Gordon concludes: “Continuing with our respected reputation for providing complete turnkey solutions in bathing, Gainsborough can now implement a total patient lifting and bathing system from site assessment and design right through to installation and on-going servicing. This will deliver far reaching improvements within the care environment and our product range will continue to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation.”