Ken Meister, Total Mobility Proprietor (left), is congratulated for winning the TGA Retailer of the Month Award by  TGA Area Sales Manager, Wayne Galloway.
Ken Meister, Total Mobility Proprietor (left), is congratulated for winning the TGA Retailer of the Month Award by
TGA Area Sales Manager, Wayne Galloway.

Total Mobility, based in Fleet and Aldershot, Hampshire, which specialises in mobility scooters, has won the coveted Retailer of the Month Award for January from its UK-leading mobility scooter supplier, TGA Mobility.

The local mobility scooter specialist Total Mobility, was established in 2000 by current Sole Proprietor Ken Meister and continues to demonstrate sustained business success even during these challenging economic times. High street sales continue to be pressurised by the growth of online e-commerce, however Total Mobility has proven that offline, considerate selling is more effective when supplying specialist mobility products. The business has built up an established reputation for caring, after sales service and the provision of quality mobility scooters such as the range from TGA. When an end user is purchasing a mobility scooter, it is imperative that personalised assessments are carried out face-to-face so that models meet exact individual requirements and subsequent levels of independence and safety are maximised. This dedicated, customer-orientated support cannot be provided by cheaper, internet-only sellers and has resulted in impressive business results for Total Mobility. This commendable approach has now been awarded with recognition in the healthcare sector by the leading brand, TGA Mobility, who supply the award winning Breeze and Vita ranges. Winning Retailer of the Month has earned the business trade benefits, kudos and a bottle of champagne.

Ken Meister explained: “I originally set up Total Mobility in response to my search for a reliable mobility scooter for my Father. I discovered there was a lack of quality mobility product provision in Hampshire and hence decided to shift my focus from running several separate businesses involving retail, print and carpet cleaning to delivering trustworthy mobility scooters. Since then we have never looked back and now operate from a 2,000 sqft warehouse with a knowledgeable team of eight who ensure individuals requiring mobility assistance regain their independence without hassle. Crucial to maintaining our heritage is the provision of market leading TGA scooters and we are proud to have been a TGA A-Class dealer for eight years whilst being Motability approved.

Ken continued: “Total Mobility’s strength has always been the comprehensive range of quality, middle-market products we supply, ie. we do not stock low grade or very high-end specialist products. With this strategy in mind, we have been able to grow the business and scooters such as the TGA Breeze and more recently, the Breeze Midi, have been integral to this success. There are unfortunately many suppliers out there only interested in making a quick buck and not interested in the long term importance of after sales care or reliable products. We are different and this approach has given us the ability to sustain expansion without the support of concessionary positioning on the high street. We were delighted to receive the award from TGA Area Sales Manager Wayne Galloway and plan to continue building the business with the same personalised, customer-orientated focus that we have always taken pride in delivering.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concluded: “On behalf of the TGA trade team here, I would like to commend Ken and Total Mobility for delivering such impressive results. Over and above the significant number of TGA products supplied to end-users in January, Total Mobility deserves recognition for its perceptive approach to supporting customers through structured assessment and advice. As the UK’s leading brand, TGA is fully committed to providing mobility scooters that are reliable, safe and give peace of mind whilst championing ethical selling and commercial practices on every level.”