At Naidex National 2013 (30 April – 2 May, NEC), the award winning mobility specialist TGA will be showcasing its complete range of quality scooters on a completely redesigned stand (B50) whilst launching the new Minimo and debuting the Vita X.

The new and pioneering Minimo car boot mobility scooter from TGA will be launched at Naidex National this year.
The new and pioneering Minimo car boot mobility scooter from TGA will be launched at Naidex National this year.

Naidex National once again provides the perfect platform for TGA to exhibit its complete range to trade representatives, dealers, consumers and healthcare professionals. Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director explains, “Following on from all our achievements in 2012, we believe our product range will continue to draw high levels of interest as it is one of the most well known brands in the business. 2013 has already proven to be highly successful for us on several levels and I expect this momentum to accelerate through this event and beyond as the 30th Anniversary Mobility Roadshow approaches in June. The team and I look forward to discussing all aspects of mobility with Naidex visitors this year and feel proud to be launching the new Minimo and debuting the Vita X at this year’s event.”

The impressive portfolio of mobility scooters that will be on display from TGA includes –

NEW TGA Minimo 
Responding to a market trend towards smaller, more compact models, TGA is introducing the new Minimo mobility scooter at Naidex National 2013 that will deliver pioneering levels of transportability, comfort and safety. The new Minimo is a revolution in compact, collapsible ‘car boot’ scooter design and has been developed in close collaboration between TGA and its specialist manufacturers. It represents one of the most advanced designs that folds and fits into the boot of a car and requires no parts to be dismantled for storage, with an overall weight of only a mere 27.3kg (60lbs). This revolutionary and straightforward folding mechanism is simply activated by a one-handed operation that requires the minimum of effort and is completed in seconds. This radically lightweight, yet robust mobility scooter combines the benefits of strain-free lifting for end users whilst providing impressive drivability and rider comfort. The ‘touch-contact’, optional lithium battery only weighs 2.65kgs (5.85lbs), which ensures users can offload it for charging with genuine ease.

NEW Vita X
Building on the significant success of fellow Vita models, the Vita X is a highly robust and reliable 8mph scooter with independent suspension on each front wheel. This delivers increased stability and safety when users are mounting pavements at angles or driving off-road, as each wheel can react independently to changes in ground surface. Exclusively available as the sporty black Edition with striking red flashes, the Vita X incorporates:
– Independent front suspension for even road surface contact and increased stability
– 28 stone user weight capacity
– Upgraded performance: 900w motor, 200amp controller and HD 75Amp batteries
– Ergonomic tiller with Delta handlebars
– Racing leather seat
– Robust, high-grip pneumatic off-road tyres and strengthened alloy wheels
– Energy saving mode
– Rear storage pocket and carrying bracket
– Anti-tip wheels and emergency braking
– Highly visible, tinted LED head lights, indicators and hazard warning lights

TGA Breeze S3 and S4
The Breeze brand from TGA has an established and respected reputation for providing exceptional reliability, comfort and build quality. Both the latest 3 and 4-wheel 12km/h (8mph) Breeze S3 and S4 models continue this superb heritage with the additional of several new features. These have been made possible by the latest advancements in TGA scooter engineering and include a unique, ‘BMW motorbike style’ optional rigid canopy. Modern aesthetics reflecting the direction of automotive design can be seen throughout the chassis mouldings and their full round suspension and shock absorbers have been re-engineered for an even smoother ride. These deliver industry-leading levels of stability and will ensure users weighing up to 130kg (330lbs) remain comfortable and in complete control even over uneven terrain. Similar to the technology

incorporated in the Breeze Midi models, the Breeze S3 and S4 encompass energy absorbing bumpers for added safety and to minimise lateral movement whilst driving. The rear transaxle motor delivers all the power and performance expected from a TGA Breeze and can tackle a 9.5 degree slope with ease, which was clearly demonstrated in the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge.

TGA Breeze Midi 3 and 4
The Breeze Midi 3 and 4 encompass many impressive design features that provide market-leading comfort, reliability and safety. Building on the proven heritage of the popular larger Breeze models, these Midi versions incorporate eye-catching looks, a disc braking system, fully orthopaedic seat and energy absorbing front and rear bumpers. Their tillers include Delta ‘Wig Wag’ control levers and a gas sprung actuator which is easily adjustable for optimum ergonomic positioning for owners. For fast status recognition, the easy-to-read LCD control panels display all the relevant information users require in a simple format and a water-protected ignition switch enhances safety. If technical updates need to be uploaded or parameters change, then the onboard computer can be accessed via the charging socket.

The easily manoeuvrable Breeze Midi 3 encompasses full front and rear suspension which delivers a smooth, sturdy ride across both even and rough surfaces whether travelling at slow speeds or its top limit of approximately 12.8km/h (8mph). Powered by 2 x 50A batteries, the Breeze Midi 3 has a range of 50–55km (31.1–34.2miles), can drive safety up a 9.5% incline and an impressive ground clearance of 90mm (3.54”) which is ideal for driving off road in a more rural location.

TGA Eclipse
Complementing the Minimo on TGA’s newly designed stand at Naidex National this year will be the TGA Eclipse car boot mobility scooter. The Eclipse is the UK’s leading compact scooter that quickly dissembles into three easy-to-lift parts that slot into the boot of an average sized car. It is popular with retailers as supplied with a free rear storage bag, dust cover and walking stick clips. Each Eclipse also comes equipped with a removable front basket, is available in a range of six metallic colours and the latest model available soon, will have an integrated headlight and higher tiller charging point. The Eclipse is easy to take apart with no difficult connections or wires to manage as all components simply click together. All controls and handgrips are ergonomically designed and the luxury, padded seat provides daylong comfort. Its 76mm (3”) ground clearance and tight turning circle of only 1150mm (45”) is exceptional within its class – all enhanced by a maximum user capacity of 132kg (21.4stone). 2 x 12v (21ah) batteries power the Eclipse to travel for up to 15km (9miles) with the option to upgrade to Heavy Duty packs for a maximum range of 29km (18 miles).

TGA Vita 3 and 4
The 3-wheel Vita 3 and 4-wheel versions are unlike any other scooters in terms of technology and looks. Utilising engineering techniques from the motorcycle industry, they incorporate state of the art styling, all round suspension with a revolutionary rear mono shock absorber, high visibility long life LED head and rear lights and an advanced LCD tiller control panel. Ideal for owners looking for a less traditional looking scooter, the Vita 3 and 4 provide comfort for owners weighing up to 159kg (25 stone) and deliver a top speed of 12.8km/h (8mph).

TGA Vita Sport Black Edition
In addition to standard Vita features, the sport model also encompasses sports styling, tinted high visibility long life LED head and rear lights and a racing leather seat. This bucket-style seat offers additional lateral support and comfort whilst the covering material is extremely durable yet stylish. From a performance point of view the controller has been upgraded to 160amp so an enhanced driving experience is delivered whilst the ergonomic

LCD tiller and control panel have been carefully designed to be user-friendly. The exclusive black rim alloys and the black-only body mouldings finish off the dramatic looks of the Vita Sport.

TGA Supersport
Designed to reflect the characteristics of a motorcycle, the black and chrome TGA Supersport provides a visual statement along with rugged performance. One of the more established products from TGA, the Supersport has an impressive and trusted heritage for stability, manoeuvrability and the capability to handle most off road situations. Whether providing independence in town or in rural settings, the owner has the advantage of a top speed of 12km/h (8mph), a range of 32km (20 miles) and a high ground clearance of 125mm (5”). If further distance is required then batteries can be upgraded to heavy-duty versions, which then provide a range of up to 48km (30 miles). The Supersport will transport a user weighing up to 160kg (25 stone) and is capable of negotiating a 21% incline. The Supersport is also available in a long chassis or extra wide version if preferred. Optional accessories include a lockable rear box, sun canopy and second rear view mirror.

TGA Wheelchair Powerpack
The TGA Powerpack is first choice across the UK for Wheelchair Services, Healthcare Professionals, community carers and end users looking for the easiest and most reliable solution to help with propelling a wheelchair. The three Powerpack models from TGA have delivered trustworthy mobility assistance for over 20 years. The latest versions encompass cutting edge engineering and ergonomic design, which deliver outstanding power, traction and reliability. They will drive almost all types of wheelchair, including many tilt-in-space models and eliminate the difficulties posed for all carers when negotiating slopes, ramps or uneven surfaces. Fast to fit and pack away for transit, the latest generation TGA Powerpack is proudly built in Britain and clearly leads the way in powered wheelchair mobility across the world. TGA Powerpacks deliver –
– comfortable 4mph top speed with a range of up to 10 miles
– robust design yet light in weight
– compact shape that fits further under wheelchairs for unhindered walking
– unsurpassed reliability and performance
– quick to install and simple to detach
– fits most wheelchairs with 100’s of bracket options available
– 2-year warranty
– 10,000’s sold worldwide

TGA Superlight RWD
The 3-wheel car boot Superlight RWD builds on the reputation of its predecessor with the addition of rear wheel drive. Rear wheel drive provides added traction and performance on uneven surfaces such as grass or gravel whilst the other popular features of the previous model remain. These include a wide wheelbase for stability, large amounts of legroom and a swivel seat for easy access; with the increased manoeuvrability that is synonymous of a 3-wheeler. The Superlight RWD can be dismantled quickly into easy-to-lift components for transportation and provides a top speed of 6.4km/h (4mph). The standard battery packs provide an operating range of up to 20km (12 miles) with the option of upgrading to heavy-duty units that offer 26km (16 miles). Extensive accessories are available which include walking stick clips, seat bags and an in-car charger.

TGA Buddy
The 3-wheel Buddy from TGA is one of the most portable scooters on the market that disassembles for transporting in a vehicle. In a few seconds, the Buddy can be separated into constituent parts or folded flat for storage providing a flexible and compact daily mobility solution. No connection of awkward wires is required when assembling as batteries slot in easily with ‘touch contact’ technology and the heaviest component weighs no more than 13kg (28lbs). Light-in-weight yet with a wide wheelbase and a sturdy ride, the Buddy offers plenty of legroom for even the tallest of users and runs on large 250mm (10”) wheels for added traction. The turning circle is a mere 700mm (28”) and the standard 2 x 12v (20ah) batteries deliver an impressive travel range of approximately 20km (12 miles). Carrying capacity is up to 100kg (16 stone) and the Buddy will effortlessly climb an incline of up to 13%. The Buddy is available in two colours and several accessories can be added which include a storage Buddy bag or Rear seat bag.

TGA Sonet
The Sonet is a mid-sized 4-wheeler that offers features and levels of comfort normally associated with larger scooters. The end user experiences a combination of superb manoeuvrability due to the compact chassis and the enjoyment of a diverse range of onboard equipment. The Sonet is well equipped with powerful front and rear lights, indicators, mirrors and a cup holder as standard. A solid and stable ride is provided via the full spring suspension and 250mm (10”) wheels whether the Sonet is moving slowly or at its top speed of 9.6km/h (6mph). The luxury padded cockpit seat swivels and is fully adjustable with lift-up armrests for easy access. The adjustable steering column provides optimum positioning of the tiller and the control panel is straightforward and simple to understand. Available in either metallic black or red, the Sonet is available with the addition of a large rear basket, walking stick holder or lockable rear box.

TGA Mystere
Providing the highest levels of safety and durability, the 4-wheel TGA Mystere is a large, robust scooter ideal for more challenging demands. Built to last with all round suspension, this 12km/h (8mph) scooter incorporates a sturdy wheelbase, all-terrain 300mm (12”) wheels, clear and simple digital touch controls and a ground clearance of 100mm (4”). The Mystere provides comfort and stability for users weighing up to 179kg (25 stone) and through its heavy-duty batteries will deliver a travel range of up to 42km (25 miles). The fully adjustable luxurious seat swivels for unrestricted access and the chassis is available in either metallic black or red.

TGA Elite
The Elite is a high quality wheelchair that easily folds for transportation. Constructed in lightweight aluminum, the Elite is a durable wheelchair with features that include a padded supportive back, flip-up armrests, swing-away removable foot rests, quick release wheels and carer operated brakes. Both the self-propelled and attendant versions provide all day comfort for a user weighing up to 115kg (18 stone) and there are two options in terms of seat width.