Excitement is Building for Mobility Roadshow 2013

Build Up starts for Mobility Roadshow 2013So, the Mobility Roadshow 2013 begins to take shape once more….All indoors this year for the first time ever!

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Theraposture Limited, the highly respected specialist in assistive furniture, successfully unveiled the new Mascot Mark II at Kidz South 2013 (13 June, Stand 312, Rivermead, Reading), which represents a world’s first in fully modular care cot design.


The Theraposture team was busy throughout the Kidz South 2103 event in Reading.  Pictured from left to right: Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director; Peter Wicks, Assessor and Nick Lythe, Assessor.

The Theraposture team was busy throughout the Kidz South 2103 event in Reading.
Pictured from left to right: Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director; Peter Wicks, Assessor and Nick Lythe, Assessor.

Theraposture is a privately owned, family run business that has been the leading supplier of bespoke, hand-built adjustable beds, chairs and cots since 1981. Regularly recommended by healthcare professionals who include Occupational Therapists, GPs, Nurses, Case Managers and Manual handling advisors, Theraposture is seen as first choice for reliable, quality assistive furniture. The new Mascot Mark II continues with this proven reputation as it once again delivers an innovative, intelligently designed solution that ensures comfort, safety and flexibility for young users and their carers.

The Mark II Mascot care cot from Theraposture is the first fully modular design available in the UK.  Building on the heritage of the original Mascot, it is a hand built, individually specified sleeping solution that provides complete flexibility that meets the changing needs of a disabled child. Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director commented: “We are long term supporters of the Kidz events and this southern show has once again proven to be a success for Theraposture. Both my colleagues and I have been busy all day meeting many families and their children who were looking for trusted, safe and flexible care cot and bed solutions. As we showcased the new Mascot, the Olaf cot and a Theracare low access profiling bed, all visitors were able to see and understand why our products are highly recommended by the majority of healthcare professionals. The Mascot provides the best cost effective solution for families as its pioneering flexibility means further cots do not need to be purchased when user needs change. We reiterated the importance of our seven-day suitability guarantee and comprehensive assessment process to all visitors and enjoyed engaging with individuals on a face-to-face basis. Theraposture will be exhibiting once more at the Kidz North event in November and we look forward to demonstrating once more, why our new Mascot Mark II cot is so revolutionary in terms of ‘future-proofed’ care and comfort.”

The new Theraposture Mascot Mark II is the world’s first, fully modular care cot that provides a flexible solution to meet the changing needs of a disabled child.

The new Theraposture Mascot Mark II is the world’s first, fully modular care cot that provides a flexible solution to meet the changing needs of a disabled child.

Crafted in quality Beech wood, the new Mascot has interchangeable door heights of 60cm, 80cm, 90cm and 98cm. It can have four doors (on one side) or eight doors (on both sides) and is available in 170cm or 200cm long platforms, with and without profiling and Trendelenberg. In addition there is a modular divider which can be used to make the cot smaller in the child’s earlier years. The Mascot really is a ‘whole life solution’ for many children. The cot also meets the BSEN 60601-2-52 safe working height requirement so that potential back strain is minimised for carers and parents. The hand crafted padding is bespoke to each cot and made according to the recommendations highlighted in Theraposture’s assessment of user needs. Its craftsmen ensure there is a snug fit with no gaps that could cause potential risk and soft-touch Panvelle is commonly used which is non-permeable and anti-bacterial. A variety of fixing options are available along with an extensive range of colours, patterns and child friendly prints that allows the Mascot to be personalised.


Local Golden Wheelchair Racer to Inspire Telford Visitors

Paralympic Wheelchair Racer at Mobility Roadshow Deborah Brennan Johnson star appearance at Mobility Roadshow, Telford International Centre on Saturday 29 June June 14 2013.

Telford’s world champion and Paralympian wheelchair racer will be visiting the Mobility Roadshow to share her experiences and inspire others to keep active to remain as fit and healthy as possible.

Having won silver and gold in World Championships, gold (a world record) and bronze at the Sydney Paralympics in 2000 and silver and bronze at Athens Paralympics in 2004, Deborah has now retired from her racing career and is now dedicated to passing on her knowledge and training others at the local club she and father Keith run at Randlay.

“I loved my racing life and if I can pass on to young people even a tiny part of enthusiasm for the sport I will be delighted,” said Deborah. “I am really looking forward to meeting people from all over the UK at my day at the Mobility Roadshow. Keeping fit is so vital to the general wellbeing of everyone, especially people less able for whom it is not always easy.”

Deborah says she is so impressed that this is such an interactive event, with the opportunity to try out all the latest scooters and chairs, bikes and trikes, gadgets and gizmos and fitness equipment for everyday use, as well as lots of games and activities to join in the show’s Sports Arena. “It will be great to meet other Paralympians there: cyclist Rik Waddon and members of the men’s and women’s GB Wheelchair Basketball Teams – and see if I can race them to the goals.”

The Mobility Roadshow 2013 is celebrating 30 years since first launched and is taking place in Telford for the first time. Thousands of people visit this popular consumer event every year to explore the vast showcase of the latest innovation and services to aid an independent lifestyle.

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Thomas Maxwell, 77 from Kinloch Rannoch in Perth & Kinross, Scotland, is a retired professional Butler who has served prestigious individuals worldwide and has recently been able to continue fulfilling his passion for travel thanks to a TGA Supersport mobility scooter.


Thomas was originally born in Ayrshire, Scotland and following the same career path as his father, he became a professional Footman in 1954 at the age of 16. Always appreciating that he would have to sacrifice high earnings for a career in international stewardship, Thomas quickly progressed to personal Valet and then Butler. Thomas enjoyed over 40 years operating as a Butler across the world in many glamorous properties located in the UK, Argentina, Europe and Canada. Since retiring and moving to Kinloch Rannoch five year ago, Thomas’s mobility has unfortunately become more restricted which he found extremely hard to accept after completing such an internationally-based career.

His quality of life dramatically changed however when he discovered the ‘Harley Davidson’ style mobility scooter from TGA. Designed to reflect the characteristics of a motorcycle, the black and chrome TGA Supersport provides a visual statement along with rugged performance. As used by many of the UK’s Disabled Ramblers, the Supersport has an impressive and trusted heritage for stability, manoeuvrability and the capability to handle off-road tracks and trails.

Thomas is a really vibrant character who now recalls his countless stories to friends and locals when travelling onboard his TGA scooter. Thomas explains: “I have been so lucky to fulfill the lifestyle and career I always wanted however the last few years have been more challenging. I still feel so young at heart but venturing out of my home was becoming so difficult until I owned my TGA Supersport – I reckon it has added an extra 10 years to my life! My local area is very countrified and I knew only a scooter such as this Supersport with off road capabilities would be suitable for tackling the many pathways that meander through the forests and around the loch. As I travel through the village, many tourists have already taken photos of me and I always offer the ladies a lift as a joke!”

Thomas concludes: “Being able to go out and see the amazing scenery in this part of Scotland is such a tonic and a simple trip to the country store now only takes 6-7 minutes. Prior to driving my Supersport, I had to walk there and back which took a good 45 minutes and involved struggling with shopping bags. Now I just load up and go! I proudly fly the Saint Andrew’s Cross on the back of my scooter and regularly travel around the loch with digestive biscuits and a ‘flask with a sensation’ housed in my basket. These adventures may not be as glamorous as all the prestigious properties I have worked in around the world, but I can honestly say they are enormous fun and far better than being house bound.”


Authentic Driving Experience is a First

silver test driveFor the first time in the show’s history, test drives throughout this year’s Mobility Roadshow will take place on public roads around the venue, offering visitors a more authentic driving experience.

Full licence holders will be able to test drive a wide range of marques and models with a variety of vehicle and adaptation configurations, including some drive-from-wheelchair options. This offers practical comparison of vehicle handling and driver comfort and safety in real traffic conditions.

The following vehicles are available to test-drive:

C-MAX 2.0TDCI 140PS Powershift
S-MAX 2.0TDCI 140PS Powershift
FIESTA 5 DOOR 1.6 105PS Powershift
B-MAX 1.6 105PS AUTO
FOCUS 5 DOOR 1.6 125PS Powershift
GRAND C-MAX 2.0TDCI 140PS Powershift
GALAXY 2.0TDCI 140PS Powershift

Insignia Sports Tourer 2.0 CDTI
Corsa 5dr SE 1.4 Auto
Meriva SE 1.7 CDTi Auto
Astra GTC SRi 2.0 CDTi Auto
Astra Hatch Elite 2.0 CDTi Auto
Astra Hatch Elite 2.0 CDTi Auto
Astra Sports Tourer SRi 2.0 CDTi Auto
Zafira Tourer SE 2.0 CDTi Auto
Insignia 5dr Hatch Elite 2.0 CDTi 160 Auto
Mokka SE 1.7CDTi Auto

i20 Active 1.4 Auto
i30 Hatch Active 1.6 CRDi Auto
ix20 Style 1.6 Auto
ix35 Premium 2.0 4WD Auto
All fitted with hand controls (accelerator and brake), steering wheel balls, left foot accelerators and dual controls

Tiguan R-Line 2.0 TDI BMT 140PS 4MOTION 7-speed DSG 5 Door
Push/pull Hand Controls with indicator. Pedal Transfer
Sharan SE 2.0 TDI 140PS 6-speed DSG 5 Door
Electric Trigger Throttle, Standard Knob
New Golf GT 2.0 TDI 150 PS 6-speed DSG 5 Door
Push/pull Hand Controls with indicator. Pedal Transfer, Standard Steering Knob
Polo SEL 1.4 85PS 7-speed DSG 5 door
Push/pull Hand Controls with indicator. Pedal Transfer. Quick Release Steering Peg

3008 Push/pull hand controls, steering ball

C3 Picasso
Grand C4 Picasso
All fitted with Push/pull hand controls with indicator switch, left foot accelerator, steering ball

All fitted with hand controls and left foot accelerator option

Sirus Automotive
I Can VW caddy drive from wheelchair

Push / pull hand controls – Brig Ayd
Manual 4 point tie down system in driver position
Steering ball
Renault Kangoo drive from wheelchair
Push / pull hand controls – Brig Ayd
Manual 4 point tie down system in driver position
Steering ball
Fiat Qubo Switch – drive from wheelchair and wheelchair passenger up front vehicle solution
Push / pull hand controls – Brig Ayd
Steering ball
Renault Kangoo wheelchair passenger up front vehicle (TBC)
Manual 4 point tie down system in passenger position

GM Coachwork
Citroen Berlingo Blaze (WAV)
Volkswagen Caravelle Nevada (Drive from Wheelchair WAV)
VW Caddy Canto (WAV)

VW Sharan (wav)
Peugeot Partner Tepee Gold lion (upfront wav)
Vw Caddy Maxi (wav)

Nissan – Awaiting details

Allied Mobility
(Wheelchair passenger vehicles)
Peugeot Independence
Peugeot Horizon
Fiat Freedom
Volkswagen Vista

Gowrings Mobility – Awaiting details

You can register in advance for test drives here (though bookings for specific vehicles can only be made at the show) and remember to take your licence on the day.

NOTE: Test drives on the road route at the Mobility Roadshow are open to full licence holders only; however, provisional licence holders are welcome to come and talk to manufacturers and adaptation companies about their needs, and are invited to test drive at Get Going Live! – an event specifically for novice drivers with disabilities – on Saturday 13th July, details at www.getgoinglive.co.uk or visit the Get Going Live! stand in the Information Village at the Roadshow.

Test Drive Registration at the 30th anniversary Mobility Roadshow is sponsored by Honda

Up, Up and Away With Inclusive Hot Air Ballooning!

Once again Aerobility are delighted to be attending the Mobility Roadshow, and in this, the shows 30th year, we are pleased to be showcasing some of the most exciting aviation opportunities available to disabled people in the UK.

Aerobility are the only charity in the UK to exclusively operate Aircraft for the benefit of the Disabled community, and this year we are adding Hot Air Ballooning to our activities.

Following trials last year, Aerobility have chosen the duo chair as the ideal apparatus to enable disabled people to fully participate in this exciting sport. The chair which can perhaps best be described as an open gondola; enables easy access for those with limited mobility. Once safely seated and strapped in, the balloon can be fully operated from the seated position.

Aerobility plan to assist at least two disabled people to obtain a Ballooning Private Pilot’s Licence within the year.

Visitors will be able to see and try the actual Duo Chair on the Aerobility Stand. Not that we have neglected our core activity of flying fixed wing aircraft.

Over the years many Roadshow visitors have gone on to take advantage of our subsidised trial flights. These flights enable people with varying impairments to fly our modified Piper aircraft.

Visitors to the Aerobility stand L18 will be able to operate our fully accessible flight simulator, and talk to disabled pilots about the opportunities available to would be disabled aviators.

Further Information: info@aerobility.com www.aerobility.com 0303 303 1230


Confused about the new PIPs scheme?

Get advice at the Mobility Roadshow from the Department for Work & Pensions and Motability 27-29 June at Telford International Centre

With the changes to the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) being rolled out this week some people with disabilities say they are uncertain about their future allowances. For people of working age (16-64) Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) are replacing the DLA as part of the government’s welfare reforms, which it says are designed to target resources more effectively towards those who need it most.

With the incorporated changes to the Motability Scheme, it is inevitable that many people will want to know the position with regard to their vehicles and arrangements for the future.

If you have concerns about your situation you have the perfect opportunity to seek advice direct – and in person – as both organisations will be at this year’s Mobility Roadshow: the Department for Work & Pensions at stand no L4 or Motability at stand no A17.

Register at www.mobilityroadshow.co.uk for free tickets, test drives and to keep abreast of news as it unfolds. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MobilityRdShow #mobilityroadshow