Rosie Chappell, 36 from Swindon who lives with mobility-restricting Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has regained her freedom after winning a TGA Eclipse mobility scooter in a national competition.

Shaun Finch presents Rosie Chappell, 36 from Swindon and Able national competition winner, with her new Eclipse mobility scooter from TGA.
Shaun Finch presents Rosie Chappell, 36 from Swindon and Able national competition winner, with her new Eclipse mobility scooter from TGA.

Despite living with severely limited mobility and constant pain, Rosie is a fantastic, bubbly individual who lives in Westlea, West Swindon. Originally born in Bristol, she has lived in Swindon for over four years with her husband and is assisted at home by various carers.  She lives with continual long-term tiredness and pain that severely affects her everyday life. Rosie had spent over a year searching and saving for a mobility scooter before winning this competition, as independent walking outside was extremely limited. She was desperate for a solution so when she saw the TGA competition in Able magazine, Rosie entered and managed to win the top prize, a free Eclipse mobility scooter. This fantastic result has also meant that Rosie could visit her mother independently in hospital, as she was allowed to use her new compact mobility scooter between wards.

Rosie explains: “My neurological condition means that I have been pretty much housebound for many years, mainly relying on my husband and/or carers to help me physically get out and about. I can still drive my car on a very limited basis but walking with my husband, especially in the local countryside and parks was simply never going to happen. That was until I won this national competition! I am so thrilled as I have never won anything like this before and my new Eclipse has already made a massive difference to my life. Thanks to the TGA Eclipse and my husband John, I have finally been able to fulfill our simple dream of going out for gentle strolls together. It has also enabled me to visit my Mum in hospital without having to be pushed in a wheelchair, which was great. On the better days with my health conditions, I now have this amazing way of being independent.”

“My new Eclipse was delivered by such a lovely man, Shaun Finch from TGA and has come exactly at the right time bearing in mind the current weather.  John and I have found the Eclipse very easy to take further afield in the boot of his BMW 5 series saloon car.  In fact my husband commented how much easier it is to put in the boot than the wheelchair. The fact that it quickly dismantles is brilliant and we still have plenty of space in the boot when it’s onboard.”

Rosie concludes: “I’d been to the Naidex exhibition before winning this competition and was already impressed with the TGA range. The fact that I’ve ended up winning one of these for free is a real bonus! I was given a choice of colours so went for a happy, vibrant green and my Eclipse is nippy and easy to drive. Hopefully I can take it on holiday soon as I could have really done with it on my vacation earlier in the year. The fact that I have a disability, even though I do not look disabled, still surprises some people, especially when they consider my age. I think it is important that mobility equipment continues to develop for a younger audience. Thanks so much TGA for making my year!”

The TGA Eclipse is the UK’s leading compact scooter that quickly dissembles into three easy-to-lift parts that slot into the boot of an average sized car. It has a range of up to 15km (9miles) and is compliant for travel on buses and trams, managed by operators who have signed up to a new accessibility code.