Retired Army Couple Regain Freedom To Visit Veteran Friends Thanks To Latest Sirus Wheelchair Friendly Car

Local’s Gwen (78) and Brian Harbourne (81) from Sutton in the West Midlands, are a disabled ex-nurse and army Captain respectively, who have been able to visit special ex-army veteran friends thanks to a unique wheelchair friendly car built by Sirus Automotive.

Gwen and Brian Harbourne in their Sirus Switch Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Retired army couple Gwen and Brian Harbourne from the West Midlands in their specially adapted, wheelchair friendly car engineering by Sirus Automotive. 

This charming couple have led highly active lives since meeting in 1951 when Gwen was only 15. At this young age Gwen was already involved in pre-nurse training whilst Brian was attending Newbury Grammar School.

Following her initial studies Gwen went on to qualify as a nurse and married Brian in 1956. That same year Brian joined The Royal Army Pay Corp as a National Serviceman and was attached to a Tank Regiment ultimately achieving the rank of Captain.

They lived and worked in military bases abroad including Germany for several years, which is where they met their longstanding friends Ken and Betty. Gwen and Brian went on to have three children, sadly losing two in their early years.