Marie Geraldine Webster, 57 from near Worrall (outer Sheffield) who lives with disability following a serious cycling accident, has been able to relive her passion for riding at the Tour de France, thanks to a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

Disabled Marie Geraldine Webster, from near Worrall (outer Sheffield), has been able to relive her passion for riding at the Tour de France thanks to a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

Disabled Marie Geraldine Webster, from near Worrall (outer Sheffield), has been able to relive her passion for riding at the Tour de France thanks to a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

Marie was an extremely active mountain biker and horse rider until 1992 when she experienced a severe accident whilst riding in the Rivelin Valley. The failure of her brakes at speed on a steep incline and subsequent impact into a dry stone wall, resulted in multiple injuries including fractures to her skull and spine, severe crushed vertebrae and breakages to her face. Marie spent five months recovering in hospital after this accident and then returned home for further, extensive convalescence. Since the mid nineties, she has been able to rebuild her life despite living with limited walking capabilities and painful Fibromyalgia. She re-trained from a retail background to be a Civil Servant so that she could work whilst sitting down, as standing was impossible. Nevertheless freedom outdoors in her rural locality, especially to walk her two beloved dogs was still a major issue – that was until she discovered the remarkable TGA Breeze mobility scooter with off road capabilities.

Marie now owns the same model of mobility scooter that won the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge back in 2012. During this BBC broadcast, a TGA Breeze was successfully driven to the top of a rugged hillside in the Brecon Beacons – now this power and performance is giving Marie her life back. The TGA Breeze is renowned for world-class stability and safety when driving in the countryside and is a popular choice across the UK. Built for TGA by highly skilled engineers, this remarkable scooter has also just achieved a new World Record for travelling the further distance ever in 24 hours – 192 miles, set by Steve Tarrant at Goodwood Motorsport Circuit in May. This proven reliability now gives Marie the independence to access her local area that is hilly and impractical to negotiate in a wheelchair. Being outdoors once more has brought happiness back to Marie’s life, especially as she was able to recently watch the Tour de France as the competitors rode passed her nearby home.

Marie explains: “My love of cycling and the outdoors will never falter. Despite having to adapt my lifestyle significantly after my accident, my Breeze has made all the difference, especially as I can still enjoy on and off-road adventures. Having the ability to go and watch the Tour de France recently was so exciting, it was a really enjoyable event with beer tents, loads of freebies and seeing the riders was superb. I may not be tackling the very extreme terrain I used to, or travelling quite as fast, but my 8mph Breeze can still put a smile on my face. It is so powerful when climbing slopes, it really flies up. I spent a long time looking at all the scooters on the market – the Breeze was the most solid and seemed the best for driving over fields and along countryside tracks. Both my Yorkshire Terrier Ben, and Lhasa Apso called Tashi, now love going for walks along the local Loxley pathway. Plus, if 17-year-old Ben gets tired, he jumps on the footplate for a ride! The positivity my Breeze has generated has even encouraged me to take up new hobbies such as decorative stained and fused glass – so you see being mobile again can make a big difference.”



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