Theraposture Limited, the leader in assistive furniture, has launched a new website to provide more professional and consumer information and to form the basis for future developments.

The new Theraposture website has been launched to ensure maximum accessibility and ease-of-use for visitors, both professional and domestic.

The new Theraposture website has been launched to ensure maximum accessibility and ease-of-use for visitors, both professional and domestic.

Theraposture is a family-run, specialist business based in Wiltshire since 1981 that provides bespoke, hand-built adjustable beds, chairs and care cots across the UK.  Many healthcare professionals and individuals or families affected by disability, regard Theraposture as first choice for delivering independence at home with peace of mind. To clearly communicate its extensive product range and unsurpassed levels of customer care, Theraposture has launched a new website which incorporates a larger amount of essential information for healthcare professionals, families and end users. This new HTML5 platform has been specifically designed to assist visitors with accessibility through an easy-to-navigate format, mobility-friendly architecture and functions for visually impaired people. From a technical point of view, the site is now more SEO efficient, incorporates an enhanced content management system and inherent flexibility to extend online services in the future.

David Holtum, Theraposture Managing Director, commented: “We are proud to launch the new Theraposture website and feel confident it will provide an invaluable resource for professionals and consumers. Over a period of several months, we have invested extensive time and resources into assuring the visitor experience is both rewarding and hassle-free. The website encompasses a comprehensive level of information regarding our products, assessments, latest news and option schemes along with details explaining why we continue to be a leading choice. Theraposture is a name synonymous with quality and trust, our website now communicates these essential brand values in a more accurate manner.”

This launch is the first phase of several future developments that will include full e-commerce capabilities, additional videos, advice pieces and links to enhanced social media channels. A more up-to-date list of ex-demonstration stock for sale is already available and fresh content will continue to appear regularly across the whole site. An impressive range of documents is available for download and a selection of interesting case studies can also be accessed online. These case studies illustrate the benefits of choosing Theraposture products in real-life situations.


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