Susan with MS continues love of shopping thanks to revolutionary folding Minimo mobility scooter

TGA_MinimoSusan Mallows, 51 from Romford, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and difficulties walking, however she has been able to continue enjoying shopping and exercising with the assistance of a pioneering new type of TGA mobility scooter.

Susan is a lovely lady who was unfortunately diagnosed with MS aged 32. MS is a neurological condition that affects around 100,000 people in the UK and symptoms can include fatigue, vision problems and difficulties with walking. Susan’s balance and walking problems meant she had to retire early from her secretarial career at the local council. Nevertheless she continued to support her busy husband Terry who also worked for the council as a public sector architect, hence how they met. Now both retired, the Mallows are making the most out of life with a love for shopping, gardening and holidays. Susan has used a mobility scooter for many years to remain mobile outdoors, however their level and range of freedom has recently increased thanks to a remarkable new type of scooter – the TGA Minimo.  Read more……


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