Retired Fire Fighter Alf Enhances Independence With His Two-TGA-Scooter-Brigade


Alf Jackson, 84 from Warrington, Cheshire, is a real ‘character’ and retired Fire fighter who despite living with worsening Arthritis, has been able to enhance his independence even further with a second TGA award-winning mobility scooter.

Alf has lived in the same area all his life and was originally born in Warrington. He now lives with his two rescue dogs, Lady the Lurcher and Sammy the Bedlington Terrie, in the brand new £9.5 million care village ‘Belong Warrington’. Alf is well known in the local area thanks to his impressive mobility scooter, a TGA Breeze S4, which is the same model that won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter challenge in 2012. Alf uses his robust 8mph mobility scooter, which was partly funded by the Firefighters Charity, to walk his dogs and enjoy visiting rural areas as he finds walking extremely difficult. This independence has been recently furthered by Alf’s decision to purchase a second TGA mobility scooter – a more compact Breeze Midi 3 for accessing the shops and meeting friends close by. This model holds the prestigious international Red Dot award for product design and its three-wheel design, combines exceptional manoeuvrability with smooth stability.

Alf joined the Fire Brigade in 1957. During a career that spanned nearly 30 years, Alf rose to the rank of Station Officer in 1968 and Residential Fire Officer in 1978. This rise through the ranks continued alongside his sporting achievements as he set up the Fire fighter’s Volleyball League and achieved official coaching status. Being able to stay fit was critical for Alf when bravely tackling fires, however in the last few years his mobility has become very restricted and relies on his TGA scooters to remain independent.

Alf explains: “I was one of the very first residents to move into Belong Warrington. My dogs and I are really enjoying our new lives here, I keep inviting all my friends to come and look around the village to see how lucky we are. Being a Firefighter all my life, I have always been safety conscious and always like a back-up plan. This is why I prefer to have two of everything, hence choosing a second scooter from TGA. I completely trust my original Breeze S4 scooter as it has never let me down, it?s just that sometimes I need a smaller set of wheels for driving in and out of shops. If it is raining, then I continue to use my larger Breeze as it has an all-weather canopy and when sunny, my Breeze Midi is just the job for shorter runs. All my fellow residents here at Belong Warrington are really impressed with these TGA scooters and I know my dogs love their owner walking them again. I’m really lucky to still have the help of dog walkers now and again, however I’m sure Lady and Sammy are happier to be with me. I?m so chuffed that the care village management team have allowed me to keep my dogs and have provided charging and storage facilities for my scooters. Without both the companionship of Lady and Sammy and the freedom my TGA scooter provides, I would be really lost.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: “We are always delighted to hear how our customers are continuing to enjoy their freedom, none more so than Alf. As he now owns a larger 8mph Breeze and a compact 4mph Breeze Midi, Alf can benefit from the best of both worlds in terms of mobility provision. The highly reliable Breeze family is a trusted TGA brand that delivers proven independence with peace of mind to so many individuals living with restricted mobility across the UK. The fact that Alf’s care village is focused on maximising inclusion is commendable and we hope his current level of happiness and contentment continues for many years to come.”

Disabled Rambler & Equestrian Transporter Regains Freedom With Community Donated TGA Mobility S

Steven Foot on his new donated TGA Breeze S4 GT mobility scooter with Ian Bennett, HSP Support Group Chairman.

Steven Foot on his new donated TGA Breeze S4 GT mobility scooter with Ian Bennett, HSP Support Group Chairman.

Despite living with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, Steven Foot from Marnhull, Dorset, has been able to regain independence outdoors and re-live his passion for cross-country point-to-point horseracing, thanks to a community-donated TGA Breeze with off-road capabilities.

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) is a rare neurological condition that affects approximately 1 in every 10,000 people. It causes severe mobility difficulties from the waist down, similar to the affects of Multiple Sclerosis and there is no known cure. Before his condition became too severe, Steven owned a successful equestrian transportation business that fulfilled his love of the outdoors and animals. Following the reluctant sale of his business, Steven was forced to spend considerably more time indoors with restrictions on his outdoor independence – this has just changed thanks to the support of his local community. Instigated by the national HSP Support Group and its relationship with The Old Thatch pub near Wimborne, donations have been raised to purchase a new, state-of-the-art TGA mobility scooter so Steven can once again access the countryside.

Customers and staff at The Old Thatch pub have worked together to raise £5,000 to purchase this new robust Breeze S4 GT mobility scooter. This is the same type of scooter that won the Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge, which was broadcast on BBC2. In this episode, a disabled war veteran raced against the Top Gear presenters up a rugged, rocky Welsh mountainside on a Breeze S4 GT and successfully reached the summit first. Steven will now be able to tackle local rural tracks and fields on his TGA scooter as it has an 8mph top speed, wide high-grip tyres and extra power and performance. Owning this Breeze has only been made possible by several fundraising activities since September and a kind discount by the scooter supplier, TGA. Donations have been gathered from a sponsored skydive by four members of pub staff and relatives, collection tins and car washing at The Old Thatch. These funds were dramatically increased when, in support of a local resident in need, the Sturminster Newton Round Table made a generous donation. This allowed the HSP Support Group to purchase the Breeze and organise a surprise presentation to Steven at the pub.

Ian Bennett, HSP Support Group Chairman commented: “Following one of our regular meetings at the Old Thatch pub, we decided that we’d like to raise funds to support a Dorset resident affected by HSP. Following a period of communication with all individuals concerned, Steven was selected as the ideal recipient. We were all determined to pull together to raise funds so Steven could regain freedom again outdoors. I would like to thank everyone so much for helping us reach this target especially our skydivers; the management staff and customers of the pub; Wimborne Garden Centre; Sturminster Newton Round Table and TGA who gave us a discount on the Breeze. TGA were moved by our story and have been so supportive in terms of scooter supply and delivery. Well, when we organised the surprise party and presentation at the pub for Steven, his reaction on arrival was priceless – he was so chuffed and emotional, as we all were! What a special occasion it was, made even better with the local band called Wayward playing for free in support of Steven. This scooter will change his life no end as Steven is now free to drive around the countryside and is already planning to attend point-to-point events once more. As the HSP Support Group is a national charity, we will now be rolling out similar fundraising activities across the country whilst raising awareness of the condition.”

Steven Foot concluded: “I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my local community and friends and can not thank everyone enough for changing my life. My new TGA Breeze delivers such a comfortable and stable ride so I can drive across fields and along off road tracks with ease. I’ve missed my contact with horses and animals so much in recent years, whereas now this Breeze will open up my beloved outdoor lifestyle once more.”