The Mobility Networks Group, a global specialist in products for vehicle accessibility, has strengthened its regional presence in Italy by opening a new headquarters in Gatteo A Mare, near San Marino.

Leandro De Aguiar, Mobility Networks Italy Regional Manager (left) with Mike Simmonds, Mobility Networks CEO Managing Director (right).

Leandro De Aguiar, Mobility Networks Italy Managing Director (left) with Mike Simmonds, Mobility Networks CEO (right).

Led by international entrepreneur and CEO Mike Simmonds, Mobility Networks provides a comprehensive range of global products to the accessible vehicle sector. It specialises in supplying innovative wheelchair access lifts, ramps, escape hatches, lowered vehicle floors and further solutions to vehicle convertors and body builders. Mobility Networks leverages its trusted manufacturing sources to provide leading solutions from the international market, whilst supporting on a local level with regionalised expertise. These products ensure safe and reliable access to buses, coaches, wheelchair accessible vehicles, ambulances, trams and trains.

The organisation’s global headquarters are located in Kent, United Kingdom, where co-ordination of its operations across the world are managed – these now include direct provision of its products within Italy. Leandro De Aguiar, who has over 15 years of experience in the accessible vehicle sector, is managing mobility Networks Italy. Leandro and his team can now provide Italian vehicle convertors and fleet operators with a new, unique range of products that deliver world-class quality and performance.

Leandro De Aguiar, Managing Director of Mobility Networks Italy commented: “The opening of Mobility Networks Italy represents a significant development in the Italian accessible vehicle market. For the first time, Italian operators and builders of buses, coaches and wheelchair accessible vehicles, now have the opportunity to select the best access solutions from around the world – all from one source. We can also provide assistance with installation and servicing so clients, ranging from small convertors to large fleet managers, are reassured of the best package possible. We only supply high quality products and within this range, Mobility Networks Italy is introducing PLS powered wheelchair lifts to the region. PLS (Passenger Lift Services), based in the UK, is an OEM that is part of the Mobility Networks Group. It has an established reputation for manufacturing coach, bus and mini-bus access platforms that are unsurpassed in the sector. These precision engineered solutions will enhance vehicle access levels across Italian public and private transport.

Leandro continues: “We will shortly be launching the new Flexirail system in Italy which is lighter, more cost effective and quicker to install than alternative aluminium floor systems.  Combined with the other products we can now offer in the Italian market, I feel confident a new era of enhanced vehicle safety is beginning with the launch of Mobility Networks Italy.”

Mike Simmonds, Mobility Networks CEO concluded: “The launch of Mobility Networks Italy opens up a new world of benefits for Italian accessible vehicle convertors and operators. For the first time, specifiers can tap into the very best access solutions that the global market can offer, whilst experiencing efficient technical and after-sales support on a local level. Mobility Networks is a nimble and flexible company that can meet the requirements of both small specialist convertors to larger bus and coach operators. This approach ensures the right solution is provided for the right vehicle, user and operator, every time. I believe Mobility Networks Italy will be a success and have confidence that Leandro is the ideal individual to lead the Italian operation professionally and effectively.”

Mobility Roadshow Announce Nigel Murray MBE, International Boccia Player, As Latest Ambassador

The Mobility Roadshow organisers felt that Nigel would be an ideal ambassador for the 2015 event being a keen advocator of both the Roadshow and the Donington Park venue. Ambassadors proactively help to raise awareness of the event that helps people with disabilities and their families discover life-changing solutions. Nigel has been visiting the Roadshow since 1991 where he was introduced to previously unseen vehicle adaptations and conversions. Since then, he says, not only has technology greatly changed but so too have finance options. The Mobility Roadshow provides him with an ideal platform to find new innovative products, gain expert advice and try out different vehicles so that he can plan ahead with car purchases.

Nigel has been playing Boccia for over 20 years and regularly travels all over the country for training and to coach and compete.  Increasingly reliant on a power chair, Nigel also wishes to retain independence when travelling without needing someone on hand to put his chair in a vehicle.  He believes his current choice of vehicle, a Sirus Volkswagen Caddy, which he has had for 18 months, is ideally suited to his needs. A demonstration from a Sirus Mobility Advisor showed him how easy it was to enter and leave the car without assistance and Nigel says there is ample space for his sports wheelchair in the back as well as equipment and luggage needed for training camps. Nigel has had ‘push-pull’ hand controls fitted and Sirus also fitted a push button gear selector. He also has an automated wheelchair locking device which secures him into the driver’s position.

Nigel comments: “Unfortunately for disabled drivers, we cannot go into a dealership and take a test drive of a car we like as they do not have any driving adaptations.  The closest you can get is sitting in the passenger seat whilst someone else drives, which is not ideal at all – test drives at the Mobility Roadshow are completely different.”

Nigel continues: “I think it is fantastic that the Mobility Roadshow is returning to Donington. Not only does the venue have good facilities and parking, but having the Donington race track is a real plus point and a great reason to visit. It provides a fantastic opportunity for visitors to test drive adapted and wheelchair accessible vehicles in a safe controlled environment, which gives them a true representation of the vehicle. Without the Roadshow this opportunity would not exist.”

TGA – The Name To Trust For Mobility Scooters

TGA has been the nation’s trusted, specialist name for mobility scooters since 1985. Its range of quality and reliable brands include the world-record-breaking Breeze as seen on BBC Top Gear, the eye-catching Vita range and revolutionary folding Minimo. The TGA range is the widest available today and every mobility scooter delivers independence with peace of mind through unbeatable design and trustworthy after-sales support.

Mobility Scooter Supplier TGA

TGA began providing quality mobility scooters 30 years ago with one focus in mind – to give freedom to people with mobility issues through products that were comfortable, safe and stylish.  Since the mid 1980’s, TGA has developed a market-leading collection of scooters and an unsurpassed support package to help everyone looking for increased independence. This caring, family-run business based in Suffolk supplies the whole nation with TGA scooters that make a huge difference to individual lifestyles…helping so many avoid being housebound.

TGA takes pride in providing a caring service that includes full assessment of individual needs, comprehensive warranties and honest, upfront prices. The straightforward path to ownership of a TGA scooter all begins with a personalised assessment to ensure the right person gets the right scooter. This is so important for safety and to help people gain the most out of life. Maybe individuals are looking to take their scooter in the car, hence a folding Minimo or compact Eclipse car-boot scooter would be ideal. Other people might be looking for a larger, more rugged model to tackle off-road country tracks – then an 8mph Breeze S4 or Vita X could be the answer. As there are so many TGA models to choose from, talking to or meeting a TGA representative is the best way to start…far more personal than buying on the Internet! This committed support continues when you buy your scooter and beyond – TGA’s warranties and servicing have a highly regarded track record that is second-to-none. Why choose a scooter supply that might hide extra costs and let you drive away without proper training or after-sales advice when TGA will not let you down?

Mobility Scooter TGA Range

TGA understands just providing quality new scooters and reliable service is not enough. TGA always goes the extra mile for every customer and provides a whole range of added benefits. These include Motability approved leasing, a vast range of nearly-new stock, free home demonstrations and specialist insurance. TGA thinks about everything that a scooter owner may need so that hassle-free freedom, without any worries, is always guaranteed. Each models give real long-lasting value and as so many TGA customers say, their lives’ have been completely transformed by choosing a mobility scooter from this leading, specialist name.

Mobility Scooter War Veteran

“I am a disabled war veteran who was house bound until I discovered the TGA Breeze mobility scooter. With the help of TGA, I also managed to attend the Remembrance Parade in London and pay respects to my recently lost Nephew from the same regiment thanks to a fast-tracked delivery of this remarkable machine.”

Ernie Taylor, Norfolk, TGA Breeze S4 owner