Off Road Mobility ScootersJim and Gill Gordon from Aberdeenshire are both in their eighties and despite living with restricted mobility, their zest for life has returned thanks to golf course and garden-friendly TGA mobility scooters.

Jim and Gill Gordon are both in their eighties and, despite restricted mobility, have been able to retain their zest for life thanks to golf course and gardening friendly TGA mobility scooters. Jim and Gill are a remarkable couple from Aboyne near Aberdeen, Scotland. They have led very active lives all round the world following Jim’s career as a senior executive with Shell before retiring 21 years ago. They lived in the UK three times, Holland three times, Kenya twice, and in Curacao in the West Indies before eventually settling back in Scotland in the early 1970’s. Outside of his career Jim has always been a keen golfer, however over the past few years his mobility and eyesight have been compromised, resulting in a loss of independence and ability to enjoy his beloved sport.

Gill has also unfortunately experienced difficulties with mobility as a result of worsening back problems. Her ability to maintain their beautiful 2-acre garden was becoming impossible until she took ownership of a TGA Mystere at the same time as Jim purchased his Breeze S3 GT. 

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