Strategies to Help Occupational Therapists’ Clients With Daily Routines

41_otIt is important to know how organisation can assist Occupational Therapists (OTs) and their clients who live with memory impairment, brain injury or learning difficulties. A client’s independence relies on a clear strategy for organising their daily routines, medication and social life.

Strategies for memory loss
Some people in the early stages of dementia or memory loss will begin to find it increasingly difficult to maintain their schedules and manage money. They may be reluctant to ask for help and this can lead to covering up errors which can be a major source of stress. Learning new coping skills and strategies can bring about a renewed sense of accomplishment for people with dementia. OTs helping someone manage their daily routine should consider the following:

The problem: make a list of tasks that have become more challenging read more…

Disabled Lady With MS Regains Freedom Thanks To TGA Mobility and National Express Dundee

416Despite living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and severe walking difficulties, Belinda Lowe, 50 from Dundee, has been able to regain her independence further afield thanks to the support of National Express Dundee and a TGA Eclipse mobility scooter.

Before having to take early retirement due to health issues, Belinda was a lively and integral part of the local NAAFI organisation. The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) is an organisation created by the British government in 1921 to run recreational establishments needed by the British Armed Forces. Belinda managed NAAFI clubs, bars and mess halls in Scotland and Northern Ireland until her condition restricted her ability to work.

Recently Belinda’s mobility has become so restricted that she now needs a mobility scooter to remain mobile outside of the home. Her chosen compact Eclipse model from TGA has given her freedom locally however travelling further afield independently was not possible. As Belinda and her husband do not have a car public transport is their only option, however travelling this way on her own seemed out of the question – that was until she contacted National Express Dundee. This leading bus operator offered advice over the telephone and then dispatched an accessible double decker bus to her home so she could test embarkation safely with a qualified driver on hand. Read more…

Twins With Cerebral Palsy Now Enjoy Bathing with Accessible Bath

Abacus_Bath_Scorpio_1Father, Kevin Latham, is the primary carer for Jack and Rebecca who live with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition that affects their walking and co-ordination.

As they grew older, access to the family bath was becoming increasingly difficult, particularly as the twins require greater amounts of assistance to move around the home. Kevin’s back was under increasing strain from continually lifting his three children in and out of the bath on a daily basis, so a long-term solution was deemed absolutely critical.

Kevin approached Bonnie Bannon, his Occupational Therapist (OT), and Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust to try and resolve this developing issue. Adaptations improving accessibility within the family home had already been completed so Kevin was hopeful of achieving an additional bathroom solution.

Following a structured assessment and specification process, Kevin’s grant to install an Abacus Healthcare Aquanova Scorpio bath with powered transfer chair and integrated shower was approved.

Read the full story about how their new accessible bath has helped the children, and also how it has helped to improve Kevin’s back pain here


TGA Mobility Introduce New Lighter Minimo Plus Folding Mobility Scooter

Building on the nationwide popularity of the Minimo range of folding mobility scooters, TGA has introduced an enhanced version of its Minimo Plus for even greater levels of independence and transportablity.

This latest version of the Minimo Plus is easier to lift, provides an upgraded driving experience and delivers additional safety. Its advanced lightweight design combines the compact size of the original Minimo with extra features normally only associated with larger, mid-range mobility scooters. This latest Plus model can be easily folded in a single, one-handed action and is ideally suited to storage in a car boot or for transit on buses, trains and planes.

The Minimo Plus gives the owner the choice of either folding and lifting as a complete scooter or removing the new detachable seat for even easier handling. With the seat detached, the Minimo Plus is one of the lightest folding ‘car boot’ scooters available today. The enhanced Minimo Plus also includes the following amazing new features:

• NEW automatic safety sensor that reduces speed around corners (optional)
• NEW removable seat
• NEW carbon fibre components – only weighs 21.85kg without seat
• NEW fully adjustable arm rests
• NEW built-in, high visibility LED light

This latest pioneering design from TGA also includes an ultra-lightweight lithium battery as standard. Only weighing a mere 2.65kg (5.85lbs), this wireless battery can literally be lifted with a single finger so offboard charging is strain-free. Most owners keep their Minimo Plus in the car when not in use, as they only need to take the battery into their home for charging. Combined with an array of exciting new features, the Minimo Plus still retains the previous model’s features that have proven so beneficial. These include:
• Larger pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride
• Enhanced motor and controller
• 4mph top speed with more range of up to 15 miles (24km)
• 115kg (18st) user weight capacity
• Available in striking white or metallic bronze

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director said: “We understand and appreciate that all people with limited mobility need a car boot scooter that is as easy to lift as possible. Plus its range of features and the comfort level it provides need to be maximised despite a compact size. This is why we have launched the Minimo Plus as it ticks all the boxes. With the new removable seat, the enhanced Minimo is now one of the lightest folding scooters on the market – assuring strain-free lifting for a wider range of end users.”