‘Kidz-Scotland’ & Theraposture Deliver Positive Outcomes For All

We are pleased to report the Theraposture stand at the recent Kidz Scotland exhibition, received a healthy number of visitors including many healthcare professionals and families with disabled children.

Their Trusted Assessors received several requests for home assessments and spent time discussing in detail the safe sleeping solutions with the Theraposture high-sided Hannah cot attracting particular attention.

Assistive Cot on Theraposture stand

Theraposture’s Trusted Assesor, Jean-Luc Durand with guests at our Kidz Scotland stand.

Kidz Scotland provided the ideal opportunity for Theraposture to engage with carers and families so that the right assistive cot and bed solutions could be recommended for children with disabilities. 

Their Mascot cot delivered a show highlight through its unique ability to be fully modular ie. it can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of a child. This flexible and adaptable design is a world’s first and provides the most cost effective choice available today. 

Through its ingenious design, the cot configuration can be simply modified to accommodate a growing or developing child – hence eliminating the need to purchase a new cot. A true ‘future-proof’ solution. Read more……



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