Amputee Ex-Biker Returns To On And Off-Road Action on TGA Mobility Scooter

Amputee motorcyclist Rick Hadden, 56 from Swanton Novers in Norfolk, has regained his ability to experience freedom on and off-road thanks to a black and chrome TGA Supersport mobility scooter .
Click image for larger version.   Name: Rick_Hadden_TGA_Supersport.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 118.2 KB  ID: 1437Rick works for a local authority in Northamptonshire and lives in Norfolk with his wife and their nine-year-old Cocker Spaniel called Ruby. He regularly commutes 190 miles per day in an adapted car as he recently underwent amputation of his right leg following a motorcycling accident many years ago. Rick was an enthusiastic yet safe new rider back in 1976 when he was hit by an out of control car on the A6 north of Bedford. Despite being an accomplished off-road rider at the time, Rick had only owned his new road bike for one week when this accident left him with multiple injuries. Over subsequent years Rick rebuilt his life, however one of his legs never fully recovered and in recent times this limb has deteriorated resulting in the need for surgery. Rick’s days of enjoying a motorbike and his ability to remain independent were in serious jeopardy, that was until he discovered a radical type of three-wheel mobility scooter.  Read more……


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