Mobility Scooter Safety CampaignTGA, a leading nationwide specialist in mobility scooters, has introduced a new ‘Scoot and Be Seen’ initiative to ensure its customers can maximise their visibility and safety during the winter and beyond.

Since opening 30 years ago, TGA has always focused on the safety of its scooter customers. Not only does this family-run company supply an award-winning range of reliable and quality products, its customer care and servicing teams deliver impeccable support to end users. The TGA range including the flagship Breeze S4, cutting edge Vita range and the folding Minimo family are proven to deliver independence with peace of mind. Despite models such as the Vita 4 including the latest LED high intensity head and rear lights, TGA is committed to providing a comprehensive package of support that enhances safety.
TGA’s ongoing commitment to scooter owner safety includes personalised pre-ownership assessmentsdriver training and self-maintenance advice . With the onset of darker nights, TGA has added to these services by launching its ‘Scoot and Be Seen’ campaign that will raise awareness about safe driving. It will include free advice and driving tips, availability to a wider range of high visibility accessories and a free high-vis scooter bag with every scooter purchase. TGA national press exposure and online coverage will be used to raise awareness regarding safety and encourage scooter owners to be more informed and aware of their own capabilities. They will benefit from greater confidence and enjoyment through an ability to make the right driving decisions – increasing the safety of all highway users.