Gainsborough Specialist Bathing Launches Innovative New Assisted Bath Range

Assisted Baths for Care Homes and Hospitals

Gainsborough Baths New Assisted Bath Range for Care Homes and Hospitals

Gainsborough Specialist Bathing has introduced a brand new range of assistive baths. 

As Europe’s foremost provider of specialist bathing products, Gainsborough delivers the optimum solution so that bathers can bathe safely and in complete comfort in residential care and hospital environments.

Launched at the Care & Dementia Show, the latest range of baths promise to deliver impressive clinical and operational advantages for care providers. Gordon Farmiloe, Managing Director of Gainsborough Specialist Bathing commented: “We were delighted to unveil our new bathing range at the Care & Dementia Show. We believe it was the perfect platform to showcase how these world-class Gainsborough products will redefine assisted bathing. These baths, along with our comprehensive maintenance and service programmes, will ensure healthcare providers have the capability to continue delivering high quality care for many years to come.”

Gainsborough’s new range of baths has been designed to meet a variety of user needs. Combined, the new Gentona, Sentes, Torin, Alera and Talano baths now offers healthcare providers more choice than ever before. The main benefits of the new range include:

• Lower running costs: features such as keyhole design, depth indicators and auto-fill options combine to deliver an extremely economical, energy-efficient bathing solution

• Improved operational efficiencies: reduced bathing cycle times allow carers to attend to the needs of the residents more efficiently

• Enhanced levels of care: greatly improved bathing experience for both bather and carer, with cutting-edge ergonomics and technology


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