TGA Mobility Donates Bicycle Parts to Re-Cycle Charity

TGA, a leading mobility scooter and wheelchair powerpack specialist, has donated a substantial amount of redundant bicycle components to ‘Re~Cycle’ so that this charity can supply more working bicycles to deprived areas of Africa.

Re~Cycle is a UK charity committed to improving life prospects through the provision of cheap, sustainable transport in Africa. In rural Africa where there is no public transport, people have to walk long distances to access education, health care or employment. For many people, a bicycle can be the first step out of poverty and towards a better life. Since 1998, Re~Cycle has shipped over 75,000 bicycles to partnership organisations and destinations all over Africa – TGA redundant bicycle parts and spares will now help to support this provision. Read more….

Daniel Stone hands over bicycle parts

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director hands over three vans full of redundant electric bike parts and spares to support Re~Cycle’s provision of reconditioned bicycles across Africa.


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