Taylor Miller, 7, from Castlewood in Coventry, who lives with Cerebral Palsy (CP), uses an R82 x:panda chair – launched in 2007 and now the biggest selling modular seat worldwide.
The x:panda is suitable for various conditions but particularly to children with CP. The patented dynamic system is helpful for children who struggle to maintain position during involuntary extension. The chair provides contoured support to the spine and maintains pelvic position in neutral alignment.Taylor, a friendly and happy youngster, lives with parents, Laura and Daniel, and two brothers, Lennon, 18 months and Mckenzie, age 12. The family moved two years ago to a specialist accessible bungalow provided by The Housing Association. Having recently extended, they now have the necessary space and layout to suit a child with disabilities. Taylor is located in a room next to his parents at night, with a ceiling track in the bedroom and bathroom, and enough room for a ceiling track hoist and specialist adjustable cot. Vitally, there is space for Taylor’s adaptable and bespoke x:panda chair on a High-low frame which ensures ideal support for a growing child and allows Taylor to be properly seated.

Based on the original R82 Panda chair, the x:panda concentrates on optimal pelvic positioning, aligning the spine and correct articulation at the hip. R82, a knowledgeable, caring company with a technical and experienced team, are passionate about the benefits of the x:panda for the user. Research shows incorrect positioning can lead to long term health issues, such as curvature of the spine and exacerbated breathing difficulties. As the x:panda is very adaptable, it can be easily configured to each child and can be adjusted for growth in depth, width and back height as well as accommodating individual leg positioning. It is available in four sizes, from 6 months to young adult. The x:panda features tilt in space, recline and a dynamic back that can help children who might typically have pelvic issues, hip migration and tight hamstrings. Read the full case study…..