x:panda from R82 UK: New Dynamic Seating Workbook


X:panda is a highly adaptable modular seating system that can be configured to meet a range of postural requirements and to accommodate growth. It is available in 4 sizes and is best suited for babies from 5 months old through to young adults with Cerebral Palsy at GMFCS level 3- 5, who present with strong extensor spasticity, asymmetry or developmental delays. It can help children who might typically have pelvic asymmetry, hip migration or tight hamstrings.

All sizes are available with individual growth in width, depth and back height. This extends the life of the seat and accommodates the greatest range of sizes in comparison to other chairs on the market. The x:panda features patented recline adjustment, tilt in space to 30° and a dynamic back with gas springs that can be set to control range of movement or can be locked. The seat offers optimum support and comfort for the child and can be mounted on a number of bases.

Find out more in the x:panda workbook


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