Thanks to a next generation Abacus bath Norma Beaumont can continue to bathe her 31-year-old daughter who lives with physical and mental disabilities.

Lucy Beaumont, aged 31 is a delightful disabled adult who lives with her mother in Swanley, Kent. Lucy lives with undiagnosed physical and mental disabilities that were probably caused by a developmental brain defect before birth. Lucy is able to tentatively walk with carer support however has limited mobility and cognitive abilities, no speech and requires care 24/7.

During the week Lucy attends the Gravesend Community Day Service Centre which allows her mother, Norma, to work part-time. Apart from these weekday visits Norma cares for her daughter at home which is an uncommon situation bearing in mind Lucy’s age. This is possible by ownership of only one piece of specialist equipment – a power-adjustable assistive bath from Abacus Healthcare.

The variable height bath with integrated platform which Norma uses is the second Pisces she has owned. Her first Pisces provided assured performance for over 20 years. Both Pisces baths have been regarded as ‘life savers’ by Norma. Without them Norma would not have been able to bathe Lucy as manually lifting her has been impossible since she was aged 12. Before each installation Norma was recommended a wetroom by the local council however she rejected this in preference for a bath. Considering what was best for Lucy and day-to-day practicalities, Norma believes bathing is far more therapeutic and rewarding than showering on many levels.

The Beaumont’s new Pisces provides many benefits over and above their previous model including quieter and smoother operation, a roaming hand controller and integrated shower. Read more….