Holiday Abroad With Complete Freedom On A TGA Minimo Plus Folding Mobility Scooter

Despite living with walking difficulties, John Phillips, 66 from Bromley in Kent, has been able to holiday with complete freedom on Menorca thanks to a new type of folding mobility scooter – a TGA Minimo Plus.

John, a retired Chartered Surveyor from Bromley in Kent, has suffered with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 1980. John’s condition has deteriorated in recent years and he now lives with substantial mobility issues. He can only walk short distances and due to neuropathic pain, cannot stand for long. Annually since 1986 John and his family have been taking their Summer holiday flying to the Balearics island of Menorca.

John’s MS condition reached the secondary progressive stage 10 years ago which sadly means there will be no remission, only decline with worsening mobility and other issues. John’s wife Barbara had until this year (2016) been pushing John in a wheelchair from their hotel to the lovely beaches, restaurants and bars nearby, but this was becoming very arduous for Barbara due to the hills and sloping footpaths leading down to the beaches. However, this all changed so brilliantly this year following John’s decision in April 2016 to purchase from TGA the new ‘plane-friendly’ folding mobility scooter – the TGA Minimo Plus.

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Free Safe Mobility Scooter Driving Awareness And Assessment Day in Suffolk With TGA Mobility

TGA, the UK-leading mobility scooter specialist based in Suffolk, will be holding a free-to-attend event at its Sudbury independent living showroom, so East Anglia residents with restricted mobility can learn how to own and drive a mobility scooter safely.
TGA Mobility, Woodhall Business Park, Sudbury, CO10 1WH. 
15th September 11am-3pm. Free entry, ample level parking and free refreshments.
Owning a mobility scooter provides independence to people who have difficulties with walking or general mobility. However, it is essential that existing and potential scooter owners choose the ideal model for their needs so confidence, comfort and safety is maximised.
TGA have been supplying quality and reliable mobility scooters for over 30 years and consider the suitability of their products, along with owner safety, to be top priority. Hence TGA is hosting a free event that will offer all the latest advice regarding safe mobility scooter driving along with guidance on owning the ideal model for individual lifestyles. With ownership of the right mobility scooter and heightened road safety awareness, the benefits of driving a mobility scooter can be limitless.
Professional TGA advisors will be on-hand throughout the event to guide scooter drivers around the fun mobility scooter test track. This will be a friendy and relaxed driving experience which will give scooter users a better understanding of their own capabilities in terms of steering, reversing and negotiating day-to-day obstacles. Crossing roads in a considered manner and understanding aspects of the Highway Code will be explained in a simple manner so drivers and pedestrians can all benefit from improved safety. This is not a driving test with a pass or fail score, it is simply an awareness programme that offers an informal certificate of completion at the end.
Whether locals own a mobility scooter or not, or are interested in trying one for the first time in a safe place, then all are welcome as TGA will have its complete range of quality scooters available for test drives. Representatives from Motability, the popular leasing scheme, will be available along with assessors from Autochair, the car-boot scooter and wheelchair hoist specialists.
Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director commented: “We are always committed to supporting our customers both locally and nationally to ensure they remain safe and can enjoy hassle-free freedom. Our forthcoming free safe scooter driving day is indicative of the essential advice and guidance we provide through our three decades of mobility experience. We would encourage everyone with a need for greater independence to visit us on the 15th September as this fun and relaxed event coincides with our showroom summer sale.”

74-year-old, who lives with Parkinson’s, wins a new ergonomic StrongBack wheelchair.

Brian English, 74 from Turvey in Bedfordshire who lives with Parkinson’s, entered the TGA competition at this year’s Mobility Roadshow and has subsequently won a new ergonomic StrongBack wheelchair.
Brian visited The Mobility Roadshow at Silverstone during May primarily seeking the latest adaptive products and accessible vehicles to assist his 45-year-old daughter who has Motor Neurone Disease. The English family were able to try, see and compare a wide range of products including award-winning mobility scooters from TGA. The TGA scooter range is regarded as one of the finest and comprehensive in the UK and this mobility specialist also provides quality wheelchairs and wheelchair powerpacks. TGA offered event visitors the chance to enter a free prize draw to win a StrongBack wheelchair ” a pioneering new design with arched backrest that has just been launched in the UK. Brian decided to enter the competition and won.
Brian said: ‘I am delighted to have won my new TGA StrongBack wheelchair. It was a lovely surprise and when I am feeling a bit better it will really help us continue walking our dog Saffron. My wife Sheila and I had gone to the Roadshow to look at the latest wheelchair accessible cars and nothing more in particular. However, meeting TGA was a bonus as I got to see their quality scooters and enter the competition. Following receipt of my winning news, TGA were prompt in delivering my prize and I have already enjoyed sitting in it in the garden, it is very comfortable. It will really help with my recovery from a recent fall and I hope to be back out in the countryside with my family as soon as possible.’
The new lightweight StrongBack wheelchair from TGA folds for easy storage at home or in a car boot. It encompasses a new arched backrest so healthy posture is promoted through effective lumbar support. With improved posture, regular or permanent wheelchair users can benefit from greater comfort and less back pain.

21-year-old TGA Wheelchair Powerpack Still Providing Performance and Reliability.

TGA, a leading UK mobility scooter and product specialist, has been delighted to assist a customer with a 21-year-old TGA Wheelchair Powerpack that is still providing assured performance and reliability.

Each model within the TGA Powerpack range comprises of motorized unit and wheel(s) that can be fitted to the underside of a manual attendant controlled wheelchair. The powered propulsion of the Powerpack ensures pushing a wheelchair is strain-free and the risk of back or muscle strain is reduced for carers – especially when negotiating slopes, kerbs or uneven surfaces. The SoloDuoHeavy-duty and PLUS models have been enhanced over a period of 25 years and are proudly built in the UK. TGA is renowned for a successful engineering heritage, which is reflected in the quality, reliability and performance of the Powerpack. A Powerpack recently refitted by TGA to a wheelchair is testament to this proven track record – 21-years-old and still functioning as if new.
Miss Samantha Davis, 27 from South East London who lives with Cerebral Palsy, uses a wheelchair and is cared for by her father, Gary Davis. Before owning this Powerpack Gary was responsible for pushing his daughter manually in a wheelchair, which was challenging in their locally hilly area near Crystal Palace. However by chance more

10-Year-Old Disabled Football Fan Enjoys Frame Football Thanks To R82 Crocodile Walking Frame

R82 UK, specialist suppliers of adaptive solutions for disabled children and young adults, are donating eight Crocodile Walking Aids across the summer months to young Frame Football players. Many of the children use crutches on a daily basis but a wheeled walking frame when they play. The sport was established in Coventry by amateur football coach, Richard Seedhouse, with clubs now opening throughout the country. R82 hopes by supporting the activity, it can raise awareness of this fun and inclusive sport and encourage other children to become involved with local clubs.

Reid, lives in Stapleford, Nottingham, with parents Jaime and Daniel and older brother Evan, 11. A massive Derby County fan like his Great-Grandfather, Reid has played football since the age of three but recently left his local “able bodied” club after struggling with his pace. He began playing Frame Football at the Coventry club nearly two years ago and has since moved to a newly established one, Hucknall Rolls Royce, on home turf in Nottingham.

Reid’s Cerebral Palsy affects his mobility due to weakness in his legs. Having undergone an operation to lengthen his hamstrings at Derby Royal Hospital, Reid is able to walk using sticks on a daily basis with a walker for activities requiring more physical exertion. Reid’s father, Daniel, comments: “At some point in the future, Reid may need to have further operations. It is really important that we help and encourage him to stay as fit and mobile as possible. Ultimately this gives him so much independence. We have daily exercises and Reid goes out on his trike which is great for building muscles and strengthening his legs. Of course he loves being on the Xbox and reading as well but Frame Football has been an amazing opportunity for him to meet children with similar experiences and play footie at the same time.”

A Quick Guide the the TGA Vita Mobility Scooter Range

A stunning mobility scooter with innovative, hi-tech engineering and design. Nobody else offers anything quite like the Vita. (…)

Front double-wishbone suspension and a rear mono-shockabsorber borrow technology from the automotive industry. The fully adjustable and contoured seat adds to the comfort. All propelled by the powerful motor.

Advances such as the brilliantly clear liquid crystal display give you all the information you need and the super bright LED lights means the Vita takes mobility scooters to a new level of safety, performance and comfort.

For more information please contact: 01787 882244 or


A Quick Guide to the TGA Supersport Mobility Scooter

Heritage and Style – A super reliable mobility scooter with a proven track record the Supersport’s (…) stunning looks and styling are backed up by simple, rugged, tried and tested engineering and design features that owe much to motorcycle technology.

The result is outstanding comfort, stability and manoeuverability whatever the surface, whatever the conditions.

TGA: The finest range of mobility products available in the UK
Phone: +44 (0) 1787 882244