A specialist Abacus power-adjustable bath (Hi-Lo bath) will provide safe and comfortable bathing for many users living with disability. If access to a standard bath is difficult or impossible, then a specialist Hi-Lo bath with powered functions will assist disabled bathers so they can get in and out more easily.

Assistive Bath for disabled childrenAbacus_Healthcare_HiLo_bathAbacus Hi-Lo baths can include powered bather transfer seats, height adjustment, integrated changing/drying platforms, additional adaptive features and bespoke postural supports.

All these functions deliver a more enjoyable bath-time for disabled adults and children and provide safer working heights for carers and parents. By eliminating manual lifting and lowering of disabled bathers carers can avoid potential back injury or muscle strain.

Healthcare professionals such as Occupational Therapists also appreciate the many benefits of safe access to a specialist bath for their disabled clients – in terms of improved wellbeing, dignity and care.

However when applying for a Hi-Lo bath through a Local Authority facilities grant, many families are only offered funding for an accessible wet room conversion. This commonly is not the preferred solution for disabled bathers and carers.

Man in Wheelchair
Paul and Kerry Worthington

Most children and adults living with a disability in the UK prefer to bathe rather than shower. Nevertheless many Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) will only provide funding for accessible showering adaptations or wet rooms. This viewpoint can be regularly based on the misconception that an accessible bath is more expensive to specify than conversion of an existing bathroom – in many situations this is simply not true. The clear benefits of bathing versus showering when living with disability may also not be fully recognised or appreciated.

Healthcare professionals involved with bathing grant applications will assess what is ‘necessary and appropriate’ as part of their duty of care. However if a bath is not provided in some circumstances, a detrimental outcome on lifestyle, well-being and independence may be likely.

Hence if you decide that a Hi-Lo bath is the right solution for you, your disabled dependent or your client, Abacus has compiled the following information to help justify your opinion. Click here >> http://www.abacushealthcare.co.uk/disability-bathing/assisted-bathing-vs-showering/