TGA, the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist, has donated a solar powered Supersport to an African Children’s Charity so that disabled Beth from Kenya (aged 23) can continue working at Karatina University.

Woman on a TGA Mobility Scooter
Disabled Kenyan Beth Wamuyu on her new Supersport mobility scooter donated by TGA Mobility and the For African Children charity

TGA has given the Supersport to Beth via the children’s charity ForAfricanChildren which is based in Torino, Italy. It has the mission statement “We can not change the world but we can change the world of a child” and is managed by Fulvio Rostagno and Lorella Mantino. The charity helps to assist several organisations operating in Africa with a mission to achieve project completion and encourage co-operation without a major focus on fundraising. It strives to deliver real change for children and young people on an individual level – hence the request to help Beth Wamuyu who lives with spinal problems and Polio. Fulvio contacted TGA to see if it would donate a mobility scooter and as this product specialist takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously, it was delighted to offer a solution.

Following discussions and a face-to-face meeting in Italy between Fulvio and Tim Ross of TGA, TGA Mobility agreed to donate a 3-wheel Supersport. The TGA Supersport is a robust and reliable mobility scooter that has proven power and performance to drive offroad. It is known as the ‘Harley Davidson of scooters’ due to its black and chrome styling and has batteries that can deliver an impressive range of up to 30 miles. Its trusted reliability and superb manoeuvrability mean it is the ideal scooter for freedom in remote locations. This dependable form of transport will change Beth’s life forever as she has severe walking difficulties, exaserpated in the rainy season when the ground is so muddy. With the help of a scooter she will be able to once again travel to work independently and spend time with her family and friends in neighbouring villages. Read more…..