Despite living with breathing and walking difficulties, X-box and football fan Dan Trask aged 30 from Somerset, has discovered how to remain an active cool Dad thanks to a trendy TGA Minimo mobility scooter.

Dan has two young daughters aged 3 and 7 and lives with his partner in scenic Timberscombe, near Minehead. Dan was born with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, chronic airflow obstruction and exercise induced Hypoxia which means he requires ambulatory oxygen to breath. This was the result of his lungs being damaged during his mother’s pregnancy as she had to be treated for Leukaemia.

As Dan only has 25% lung function his capacity to walk any distance is limited so to remain mobile he uses a mobility scooter. Before driving a new TGA Minimo Dan owned a different folding scooter however its performance regularly let him down. Now with a trendy white Minimo Dan is able to continue enjoying life with regular trips to local forests and Bristol City FC.

Dan explains: “When you live with damaged lungs you have to make the most of the limited things you can do. When I was younger….read more