Avoid high pressure selling in your home

Unfortunately some companies will avoid telling you the true price of a product. You should never feel pressured during a home sales visit, and the salesman should always focus on your personal needs.

It can be a good idea to sample a real bed, but always check in the small print that refunds are included in your particular purchase.

Don’t risk buying from a rogue trader

Ordering beds direct without an assessment or extended trial can be risky. Be cautious about companies that offer large discounts if you buy direct and promote convenience and speed.

Make sure that you are getting a product that is tailored to your requirements and offers sales support if something were to go wrong after you’ve purchased your bed.

Choose safely, choose an Age UK Adjustable Bed from Theraposture

This specialist and trusted supplier will ensure you are treated fairly and receive the service and product you deserve.

All prices are completely visible on the website, in the price list and when you telephone. There are no hidden extras and no false promises.


Just honest and open service.

If the price is acceptable, then, if needed, a personal assessment of your needs is arranged with a Theraposture Trusted Assessor. They are not salesmen, they are professionally trained and friendly experts who will recommend the ideal bed for your needs. There is strictly no obligation or pressure to buy at this stage – it is totally up to you. Whether you prefer an assessment over the phone or in your home, you are in control of the final decision.

With the 14 day satisfaction guarantee you are in fact trialling your actual bed! This means you can truly decide if the bed is right for you when you sleep in it. For the lifetime of your product the Theraposture team will support you so you get the most out of your bed.

Freephone: 0800 032 3482

Email: sales@ageukbeds.co.uk

Website: http://www.ageukbeds.co.uk