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About the ‘Mobility Reporter’


As the UK’s leading Mobility Reporter and Managing Director of specialist healthcare marketing agency, iDIS Creative Marketing, Jon Nock is an expert in disability and mobility products. His in-depth end user stories regularly appear in the national, specialist and trade press.

During the last 12 years he has been involved with many leading B2B and B2C mobility specialists such as Disabilinet.comEtac, Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, NHSJoernsQ’Straint, PortarampTGA Mobility and Theraposture with a comprehensive knowledge of how end users can benefit from the latest in assistive technology.

He has supported the event marketing for Naidex and currently manages social media and online PR for The Mobility Roadshow. Jon takes a personal interest in helping to advise individuals with disabilities on ways to improve lifestyle, health and mobility.


4 thoughts on “About the ‘Mobility Reporter’

  1. Hi, my father has a 2009 Citroen Dispatch WAV that was converted by Allied Mobility. We are trying to sell it for him but two specialist dealers have told us they are not interested because its been converted by Allied. They won’t tell us exactly what the problem is though. Can you help us?

  2. could you put me in contact with Crane Lowndes i was intreasted in his story on how he did his tga breeze 4 mobility scooter up and i was just woundering if he could point me in the right direction

    1. HI Chris,
      If you would like to follow the TGA Mobility Facebook page you will be able to find Crane Lowndes. One of our other followers has just been having a conversation with him about his scooters. If you go to this post you should be able to reply to one of Crane’s comments.

      Kind regards
      TGA Social team

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