Introducing the Age UK Adjustable Bed range from Theraposture.

In this video Liam from Theraposture introduces the Age UK Adjustable Bed range from Theraposture.
• Handcrafted, reliable adjustable beds and quality mattresses
• Trustworthy service for peace of mind
• Extensive range of designs, mattresses and options
• Only £100 deposit with 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee

Buying these products supports Age UK’s charitable work

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Theraposture to showcase why its unique Mascot care cot delivers assured safety and peace of mind at Kidz to Adultz Middle

THERAPOSTURE will be demonstrating why the popular Mascot Mk2 is the proven safe sleeping solution for assured parental peace of mind.

 Thursday 16th March 2017, 9.30am – 4.30pm, Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry CV6 6GE. Stand C4.

Kidz-to-Adultz-Middle is organised by Disabled Living and provides a friendly and free opportunity for parents, therapists and carers to test and compare the latest products and services for disabled children and young adults. As a long standing specialist exhibitor, Theraposture will be demonstrating its variable height adjustable Mascot at Kidz Middle alongside a high sided Hannah cot and a Theracare low adjustable bed with new transparent safety sides.

Theraposture Trusted Assessors with the Mascot Care Cot

Since 1981 we have been a leading choice for Occupational Therapists and parents seeking quality power-adjustable cots and beds that are tailor made for individual requirements. Theraposture’s Mascot is a fully modular cot that provides the greatest value on the market as it can be adapted to suit changing needs.

Negating the need to purchase a new cot in the future, the Mascot is the only design available that can offer a safe and comfortable future-proof environment for developing disabled children. Features such as interchangeable 4 or 8-door access, variable height doors and internal divider ensure the cot is always space-appropriate for young users. The range of door inserts such as safe soft Perspex and colourful rails provide a welcoming and reassuring cot that is not visually enclosed – ensuring clear engagement with carers and parents. Read more…

Age UK Adjustable Beds by Theraposture deliver enhanced resident comfort and carer support at prestigious BCVS care homes in Bath

BCVS has recently enhanced its care provision to clients and improved its moving and handling procedures by installing 47 new Age UK Adjustable Beds by Theraposture.


BCVS Homes independently operates the highly respected Bathampton Manor and Greystones residential care homes in Bath, Somerset. BCVS has recently enhanced its care provision to clients and improved its moving and handling procedures by installing 47 new Age UK Adjustable Beds by Theraposture.
With an outstanding reputation, Theraposture is an ethical Wiltshire-based manufacturer that provides electrically operated adjustable beds, chairs and cots. It is trusted to supply Age UK Adjustable Beds in partnership with Age UK Trading CIC. Each bed provides comfort, style and powered assistance for people living with restricted mobility. These aesthetically pleasing beds are ideal for domestic homes and residential care settings where users are looking to sleep more comfortably and need assistance with sitting up or getting out of bed.

Watch the video here

BCVS Homes have selected 47 divan style Buckingham beds with powered height adjustment and profiling and hoist-friendly surrounds. Residents now have greater comfort and carers can assist with reduced risk.
BCVS Homes has nearly 70 years of residential care experience and is a non-profit making organisation that focuses on value and non-nursing services for elderly residents. Both its homes are ethically managed with a client-centric approach – delivered in a homely atmosphere and at a fair fee. Bathampton Manor is a Grade II Listed country Manor House and has 21 beds. Greystones has 26 beds and is close to Wellsway’s local facilities. In total there is a 60 strong care team.

Residents are now able to regularly adjust their position in bed without the need for carer assistance. This gives each resident greater independence and improves carer efficiency.
Residents can sit up more easily to read or watch television by raising the head end of their mattress or relieve pressure on their legs by lifting the foot end. At night they are able to adjust their position in bed without straining so a better night’s sleep is achievable. Many find breathing easier when in a slightly elevated position and a higher foot position helps to reduce discomfort, particularly associated with oedema. The variable height feature helps with sitting and standing transfers as residents can remain safer and more stable when getting in and out of bed. Read more…..

Theraposture’s Rotoflex Bed: giving greater safety & support when getting in & out of bed

Theraposture’s Liam Braddell talks to Sarah who lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Sarah explains how the Rotoflex rotational bed gives her great safety and support when transferring from out of bed into her wheelchair effectively.

The Rotoflex enables Sarah to remain safely in control of her transfer.

The Rotoflex bed from Theraposture giving greater safety & support when getting in & out of bed


In this short video Sarah, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, explains how the Rotoflex rotational bed gives her safety and support when transferring from out of bed into her wheelchair.


An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an unpredictable condition and the severity of its affects varies greatly, however problems associated with mobility and balance are common. People with Ataxia, muscle contractions and spasms can greatly benefit from a bed that includes profiling, variable height, or profiling and variable height adjustment.

Theraposture single and dual combination motorised beds encompass quality German-engineered mechanisms that alter the configuration of a mattress so a variety of position can be achieved. With reduced or no discomfort users can either raise their upper body or legs from a flat position and vice versa.  Read more……


Theraposture’s adjustable cots and beds impress parents and children living with disability at Kidz Scotland

Designed to assist adults and children with disabilities, we showcased our popular and affordable adjustable care cots and beds at ‘Kidz to Adultz Scotland‘. (Royal Highland Exhibition Centre, Edinburgh).

The in-built precision German engineering in every Theraposture cot and bed provides quiet and smooth variable height adjustment, profiling, or variable height and profiling. This helps both parents and carers attend to a disabled child at a safe working height and therefore reduces the risk of muscle or back injury. Safe and strong cot and bed sides, high quality safety padding and innovative locking devices all ensure children with challenging behavior can be protected from injury and enjoy greater comfort and reassurance.

Picture courtesy of event organisers Disabled Living.

To demonstrate the vast range of solutions available from Theraposture, this highly regarded specialist demonstrated a variety of product examples at Kidz Scotland including a bespoke wide Hannah cot with padding, a ‘future proof’ 90cm high Mascot cot and a Theracare Low 3-bar adjustable bed.

The Theraposture Trusted Assessors were busy throughout the show discussing individual bed needs on a one-to- one basis. They spoke to a variety of visitors including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and families who were all able to discover how Theraposture can offer high quality products with the best service, all at an affordable price.

Theracare Low Bed

One particular family spent a considerable amount of time on the stand as the mother was a wheelchair user and was very impressed with the Theracare Low bed. Not only does this variable height bed suit disabled children, it is the ideal solution for disabled parents. As it has space underneath and can be positioned higher than a standard bed, a wheelchair user can position themselves comfortably and benefit from full access to their child….. read more