Heroic Battle of Britain pilot Tom chooses Theraposture to future-proof his independence and ability to stay at home

96-year-old Tom Neil is a famous Royal Air Force fighter pilot and ‘Ace’ of the Second World War who is benefitting from better sleep and more comfort thanks to a powered profiling and rotational bed.

Tom is a highly respected veteran of WW2 and completed 141 combat missions for the RAF during the Battle of Britain. He is the last surviving ‘Ace’ from this historic engagement and has published several books recalling his experiences flying Hurricanes and Spitfires between 1938-1964.

Tom has multiple awards for bravery, held the position of Chairman of the Fighter Pilot’s Association and was a key figure in the 75th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Britain.

Now approaching the age of 97 Tom still retains his determined yet Gentlemanly persona – along with a desire to remain independent at home for as long as possible. Tom does not want full or part-time professional carers just yet and only has assistance from his sons a few days per week. Tom wants to remain as active as possible on his own terms so chooses to use assistive equipment. Getting in and out of bed without assistance was becoming more of a challenge as was achieving a comfortable position at night. Tom spent a few years discussing possible solutions with his late wife until he decided upon ownership of a electrically powered Rotoflex bed from Theraposture.

This electrically operated rotational, height adjustable and profiling bed has future proofed Tom’s independence at home.

The Rotoflex is available as either a bed for one person or part of a double combination that can be shared by couples. Every design is available in a variety of surrounds and conceals precision German-engineered mechanisms that provide smooth and quiet functionality. There is only one Rotoflex – an ergonomic rotating bed that includes a vertical seat lift for safe and controlled sit-to-stand transfers. Tom is able to benefit greatly from a sophisticated and accomplished proven solution that has been developed and continually improved for over 20 years.

Tom has owned his Rotoflex bed for a few months and is delighted with the support it has provided. Tom explains: ‘I had considered an assistive bed for sometime but did not want a piece of apparatus that looked like a hospital bed. This is my 38th home after being stationed all round the world and I want it to remain the same. I saw the Rotoflex in an advert and was impressed with its abilities, it is my understanding that it is the best rotational bed on the market. Key to my decision was that it was practical, easily controllable and looked like a domestic bed.”

Following a visit to his Suffolk home by one of Theraposture’s Trusted Assessors, the Rotoflex was deemed appropriate for Tom as it would provide increased comfort, support and safety. Tom chose a 4’6’’ wide Rotoflex for increased space to relax and a Damask upholstered surround. The bed is ideally suited to Tom’s decor and its castors ensure the Rotoflex can be moved easily for floor cleaning.

Being able to sleep well has always been important to Tom ever since he began flying combat missions during WW2. It was essential he achieved as much rest as possible in between missions so he was alert, able to engage the enemy effectively and return to base unscathed. There was very little time between missions during the Battle of Britain as Tom’s squadron was permanently ready to scramble. Being able to get to sleep quickly was essential and now later in life Tom is able to do the same with his Rotoflex bed…read more

The Rotoflex bed from Theraposture giving greater safety & support when getting in & out of bed


In this short video Sarah, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, explains how the Rotoflex rotational bed gives her safety and support when transferring from out of bed into her wheelchair.



Theraposture Launch Price Match Challenge on Assistive Beds and Care Cots

Theraposture, who has been leading the way in assistive furniture since 1981, has recently launched their Price Match Challenge.

Running until 31 March 2016, Theraposture will beat ANY comparable paediatric bed or cot bed quotation that you may have.

They have launched this new offer with the statement: “We cannot be beaten on quality. We cannot be beaten on service. Now we will NOT be beaten on price.”

They also have superb offers on care cot, mattress and padding packages available.

For further details please visit: http://www.theraposture.co.uk/


Theraposture Launches Two New Pioneering Assistive Beds – Rotoflex Super-Bariatric and Rotoflex Low Access

Theraposture, the proven OT choice for quality assistive beds and cots, has unveiled two new versions of its original and leading Rotoflex turning bed system at the OT Show (Stand D30, NEC, 25-26 Nov, 2015).

The original and trusted Rotoflex range from Theraposture is the widest and most diverse available. Each highly sophisticated and reliable rotational bed provides the ultimate assistive solution for disabled users so they get in and out of bed independently. Through precision German engineering its electrically powered variable height, profiling and rotating mechanisms move a user from a recumbent to an upright seated position. The Rotoflex ensures a standing transfer can be achieved more safely for a semi-ambulant user without the need for carer invention.

To extend the Rotoflex’s scope of suitability, Theraposture was delighted to launch two new versions at the OT Show – a Super-bariatric and a Low Access version.

Super-bariatric Rotoflex bed

Theraposture has supplied a 230kg SWL (Safe Working Load) bariatric Rotoflex since 2011 suitable for users weighing up to 190kg. However in response to a need from larger clients, this leading specialist has introduced an extra heavy-duty version that has a 300kg SWL. This Super-bariatric Rotoflex is now the highest user weight capacity turning bed available as it can comfortably support a user weighing up to 245kg.

Alongside the Super-bariatric Rotoflex, the new Low Access version also delivered a show highlight as it now represents the lowest rotating bed available today. Based on Theraposture’s original and proven design, the new Low Access Rotoflex provides an ultra-low sleeping surface and powered rotational assistance ideal for smaller users and those requiring a lower seat height. Its variable height functionality is particularly beneficial as it allows the sleeping platform to be raised from 32cm to 82cm above floor level. This means, similar to all Theraposture beds, it fully meets BSEN60601-2-52 regarding safe working heights, along with an ability to avoid any risk of entrapment.

Liam Braddell comments: “The launch of our two new Rotoflex assistive beds at the OT Show has been a resounding success. Both the Super-bariatric and Low Access turning bed systems have generated significant interest from OTs who were keen to understand why our products are so highly regarded. Our Trusted Assessors demonstrated all the unique features of each ergonomic bed that can be tailor-made with a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes. The high quality engineering by world-class PhysioNova GmbH delivers smooth and controlled movement so that the user is assured throughout the transfer experience. Both beds have intuitive controls and we have also just introduced enhanced mattress fixtures to minimise movement when profiling and for easier removal when cleaning.”

Liam concludes: “These two new Rotoflex beds reaffirm our position as market leader. We now have a range of four proven and trusted versions of the Theraposture Rotoflex with powered rotation along with two versions of the Rotocare with manual rotation. With the addition of our extensive choice in mattresses for diverse and changing needs – this is the most comprehensive and established range available. Every assistive bed is also backed-up by assessment-led provision and unsurpassed after-sales care that includes 14-day suitability guarantees and comprehensive warranties. Our Trusted Assessors look forward to fulfilling the demonstrations booked at the show and delivering positive outcomes for all with these two new remarkable Rotoflex beds.”

For further details please call FREEPHONE 0800 834654

About Theraposture

Theraposture is a caring and ethical family company incorporated in 1981 with an outstanding reputation within the healthcare industry.

Well-respected and regarded as a leading expert in its field, Theraposture is a highly pro-active member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and fully complies with its Trading Standards approved Code of Practice.

Regularly recommended by professionals who include Occupational Therapists, GP’s, Nurses, Case Managers and Manual handling advisors, Theraposture is seen as the first choice for reliable, quality assistive furniture that delivers a remarkable improvement to the lives of so many individuals living with restricted mobility.

Theraposture takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously and is key sponsor of the Disabled Living Foundation charity (DLF) and has also been accredited as a corporate friend of the College of Occupational Therapists.

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