DESIGNED FOR DEMENTIA: Specialist bathing that makes a difference from Gainsborough

The need for Dementia care continues to grow at pace. Hence long term care facilities have an increasing need for specialist bathing solutions that deliver appropriate support and cost-effective performance. The new power assisted baths from Gainsborough Specialist Bathing provide the answer.

According to the Alzheimer’s Society there are approximately 850,000 individuals living with Dementia in the UK, a third of which reside in residential care or nursing homes. The overall number is likely to exceed one million by 2025 and latest predictions estimate this will soar to two million by 2051 – resulting in a greater demand for specialist Dementia care units.

Being able to provide appropriate and effective bathing solutions for larger numbers of Dementia patients is a real challenge for healthcare providers. Baths must have the capability to deliver utmost care and dignity whilst helping carers to operate in a safe working environment. Reducing moving and handling risks is critical so that carers and vulnerable bathers are protected from injury. With the rising cost of care regularly highlighted in the press, specialist baths need to also provide operational efficiencies so that care and nursing homes can maintain viable businesses. With reduced running costs and greater equipment ‘life value’, healthcare providers can continue to deliver quality care at a fair fee whilst ensuring sustainability and future growth.

Gainsborough Specialist Bathing has been the proven and trusted leader in assistive bathing solutions for over 30 years. It provides a comprehensive range of baths that includes electrically operated hi-lo functionality, bather transfer systems and a multitude of specialist features focused on the needs of disabled bathers and carers.

Accessible baths such as the new Gentona and reclining Sentes encompass pioneering ergonomics and functionality that reduce risk and maximize comfort. Each bath has been intelligently designed to lower utility costs and shorten bath cycle times so that more service users can be bathed in less time. These performance enhancements are critical in high-traffic care environments where multiple user baths are constantly in operation. Gainsborough continues to be regarded as ‘thought leaders’ in Dementia bathing with an intensive R&D programme that involves therapists, end users and specifiers. Together these dedicated professionals continue to enhance their knowledge of Dementia so that equipment evolves to meet current and future challenges.



Bathing service users with Dementia can be one of the most challenging activities that carers may face. It is essential that personal care is delivered in a sensitive and dignified manner. However as the act of bathing is an intimate experience, many with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias may perceive it to be unpleasant.

Commonly residents can resist being bathed due to Continue reading


1270_Gainsborough_Gentona_CGI_2yrwGainsborough Specialist Bathing, the UK-leading supplier of power assisted baths, is offering its Gentona hi-lo bath at a reduced price for a limited period only.

Until 31st March 2017 Gainsborough’s flagship specialist bath with powered variable height and transfer seat is available fully installed for £5,795*. This price provides outstanding value and a significant cost saving for healthcare providers as it includes delivery, installation and commissioning. As with all Gainsborough baths the Gentona is supplied with a comprehensive two-year parts and labour warranty so cost effective reliability is assured for care homes and hospitals.

The Gentona is a highly versatile and reliable bath designed to excel in today’s challenging high-traffic care environment. It delivers assured performance to care teams who are responsible for bathing semi and non-ambulant service users in safety and with dignity. Its hi-lo functionality and transfer seat ensure carers can operate at safe working heights and moving and handling risks are minimized – resulting in reduced staff sickness from musculoskeletal injury. Ideal for dementia care, the ergonomic and spacious Gentona is a trusted solution that delivers a pleasant and relaxing experience for patients who struggle with modesty, unfamiliarity and patience. Special options such as Hydrotherapy, Chromatherapy and Bluetooth sound can all be installed to stimulate bathers and promote engagement with carers.      Continue reading



Hand-built in Great Britain, Gainsborough manufactures the widest range of proven accessible baths that deliver greater care, dignity and safety in care homes and hospitals. Through the assistance of powered height adjustable, bather transfer seats and other specialist design features, disabled bathers with conditions such as dementia can experience a more pleasant bathing experience. Moving and handling risks are also reduced and carers are protected from potential back and muscle injury – helping to reduce potential staff sickness levels. Gainsborough is regarding as the respected leader by many healthcare providers and offers a holistic service from initial site survey through to bathroom design, installation and after sales support.

Gainsborough has complete confidence in the quality and reliability of its products and believes this peace of mind should be extended further with its clients. Hence all new Gainsborough baths, including the flagship and highly versatile Gentona, are now supplied with a comprehensive 2-year parts and labour warranty*. This offer illustrates Gainsborough commitment to providing durable, high performance baths that meet the challenges of high-traffic care environments. This warranty means purchasers and specifiers can rest assured that ongoing equipment budgets can be managed more effectively and efficient Gainsborough service technicians will ensure any potential down-time is minimised.1270_Gainsborough_Gentona_CGI_2yrw

Gordon Farmiloe, Gainsborough Managing Director comments: “We are delighted to extend our warranty period to 2 years on all baths – providing even more assured performance and value to our customers. Our latest range of world-class hi-lo baths   Read More>


Gainsborough Specialist Bathing Donate Assistive Bath to BBC DIY SOS for War Veteran

Lamin Mennah DIY SOS To date, the DIY SOS Big Build ‘Homes for Veterans’ Special was the most ambitious construction challenge to be undertaken by this building renovation TV programme. It involved the redevelopment of a whole dilapidated terraced street in Manchester so homes could be provided for injured servicemen and women. Lamin Mennah, disabled ex-Guardsman and his family were grateful recipients of one of these new accessible homes which included an assistive Windsor 2 bath donated by Gainsborough Specialist Bathing.

This two-part special DIY SOS received significant press coverage as the extensive two-week build was visited by HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Henry of Wales. BBC production, in association with the charity Walking with the Wounded, aimed to provide 62 new homes for injured military veterans and their families.

The majority of the structural renovations for the whole street were completed during September 2015 and several residents, including Lamin, were presented with their new homes at the end of the filming. The Mennah family was a major focus throughout the show and when Lamin met the two Princes, he was also able to explain the huge difference his new accessible home would make to him, his wife and five children.

Lamin was originally from Gambia however he decided to move to Britain in 2005 so he could join the British Army. As Gambia is a Commonwealth country, residents are allowed to join the British Armed Forces hence Lamin served in the Irish Guards for five years. He was severely injured by an exploding IED in Afghanistan on New Year’s Eve 2010 which resulted in the loss of both his legs and one arm. Lamin was able to survive this horrific ordeal and now continues to rebuild his life – made easier with a new home that is fully accessible.

A key feature of Lamin’s new home is the installation of a Windsor 2 assistive bath with powered bather transfer seat. This specialist bath allows him to bathe independently and reduce lower back discomfort which can be common when regularly using prosthetic legs. Read more and watch video…

5 Important considerations when specifying new power-assisted baths for care homes

casestudy-4-2-11. Choose an assisted bathing supplier that is a proven specialist.
There are many suppliers of adjustable, accessible baths for care homes, nursing homes and acute hospital wards. When specifying assistive baths, it is important to choose a specialist, preferably the manufacturer, who can offer a range of products alongside extensive installation experience. A strong Research and Development ethos in specialist bathing is also essential to ensure products are contemporary in looks whilst providing safety, reliability and ergonomic design.

Another advantage to consider when selecting an assisted bath provider is where its products are manufactured. Choosing baths from a UK-based manufacturer can provide several benefits including faster delivery, higher quality and easier after sales support. Technical guidance and design in terms of bathroom layout and installation is commonly more efficient if contractors are not communicating overseas. Regional support across the UK can be further enhanced by certain suppliers that have a flexible ethos ie. they can adapt their delivery and installation schedules to meet changeable project demands.

A UK supplier may also be able to provide a more robust network of product specialists, installers and service engineers so accessible bathroom conversions and new builds can be supported from concept to completion. A cohesive team that can provide a project management package including site surveys, recommendations regarding electrical and plumbing pre-requisites, spatial planning and bath installation is a significant advantage. This support maximises efficiency during builds, and after installation, the need for comprehensive lifetime servicing and warranty programmes becomes critical to ensure ongoing product performance.

2. Ensure selected specialist baths are suitable for intended users and care settings
There are many types of powered accessible bath on the market designed for care homes, acute hospital wards and residential settings. Right at the start of the specification process, it is worthwhile spending time considering which baths are appropriate for specific healthcare settings. It is important to seek specialist advice regarding the intended use of a bath so that it meets the needs of users and carers. Factors such as bather mobility, wheelchair and hoist access and carer ergonomics all need to be assessed. Read more….

Award-winning specialist neurological and Dementia care service installs Gainsborough hi-lo baths to deliver high quality assistive bathing

Marbrook Centre Installs Gainsborough Hi-Lo Baths to Deliver High Quality Assistive Bathing

The Marbrook Centre is a purpose-built specialist neurological and Dementia care centre near St. Neots, Cambridgeshire. This impressive new build has the facilities to care for 81 residents living with life-changing conditions such as Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Injury, Stroke or Dementia.

As the centre is focused on providing state-of-the-art rehabilitation and long term care for private and NHS funded clients, Marbrook required an assistive bath supplier that could be trusted – hence Gainsborough Specialist Bathing was selected.


Open from April 2016, this service will deliver the very best care outcomes for each individual and their families, in a contemporary high quality environment. Its neuro rehabilitation care ethos is highlighted in the level of investment including a two bedroom pre-discharge training at. This is designed to enable individuals and their carers to gain the required skills and confidence to move on.

View full case study here: 1179GSBcsMarbrookMar16v5WEB

Architect and Contracts Manager Testimonials:

“Gainsborough Specialist Bathing is exceptional to work with. The whole design, installation and bath commissioning process was smooth and fluid from start to finish. Every member of its highly professional team knew exactly what they were doing which made our job so much easier. They delivered on all their promises – they did everything we required and their timing was perfect. It was obvious that this specialist company has extensive experience and every employee is a credit to the business.

A crucial part of the service that Gainsborough provided was the onsite visits by technicians and the regional sales manager. These extra visits ensured all the pre-installation works, fitting and commissioning were completed on time resulting in a final install exactly as specified in the drawings. Time-and-again problems arise between contractors and product suppliers due to a lack of communication and onsite contact. Gainsborough was completely different – pro-active and hands-on, which helped us meet tight milestone targets and assisted with keeping my client happy. In over 25 years of healthcare construction, Gainsborough is easily the best specialist bath company I have dealt with. I would recommend Gainsborough Specialist Bathing to all contractors and developers working in the healthcare sector.” 

Derek Paramanis, Contracts Manager, Lawrence Baker Limited

“DWA Architects have worked on number of projects with Gainsborough throughout the years, with the knowledge that our Clients will be receiving a state of the art product. Gainsborough understood our Client’s needs and provided flexibility with a range of specialist baths and features. The products will provide the resident and care assistant with reassurance of a safe and comfortable environment.”

Ray Mortimer, Architect, DWA Architects