Introducing the Age UK Adjustable Bed range from Theraposture.

In this video Liam from Theraposture introduces the Age UK Adjustable Bed range from Theraposture.
• Handcrafted, reliable adjustable beds and quality mattresses
• Trustworthy service for peace of mind
• Extensive range of designs, mattresses and options
• Only £100 deposit with 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee

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Mike Wardle, 55, reduces care needs through ownership of rotating Rotoflex bed.

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Despite living with chronic spinal nerve damage, paralysis and other associated conditions, Mike Wardle, 55 from East Sussex, has been able to reduce his care needs through ownership of a Rotoflex bed.

Mike graduated from Reading University and served in the Police Force for seven years. In 1990, he was assaulted whilst on duty in Gosport resulting in major injuries to his lower spine. He subsequently underwent several back operations which stabilised his vertebrate for 15 years during which time he could walk again. He returned to higher education and qualified with a degree in Radiography which led to a position at the Conquest Hospital, East Sussex. 

Following another seven years in a job he enjoyed, Mike began to feel pain and weakness in his legs again. He was forced to give up his position with the NHS and since then his condition has deteriorated. All associated with his original injury aged 28, Mike now has to manage continual pain resulting from a multitude of issues including a collapsed spine above his original fusion, multi-site osteoarthritis, nerve damage, leg paralysis and a cyst on the brain. 

Despite these challenges Mike focuses on being positive and is able to remain more independent thanks to a powerchair, Motability adapted car and a Rotoflex bed. The Rotoflex from Theraposture is an electrically operated bed that encompasses powered profiling, height adjustment and a rotational action that moves Mike from a lying to a fully upright seated position – ready for a safe wheelchair or sit-to-stand transfer. 

The Rotoflex means Mike can start his day on his own terms – a vital solution for him. Mike explains: “I was originally provided with a profiling bed by Social Services as I needed to keep my spine moving at night to avoid severe stiffness. Plus this stopped my kneecaps being dislocated when I am turned. However the only problem was that I was unable to get in and out bed independently because my quad muscles were too weak and I required two carers to assist me. I needed to find a better solution.”

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Theraposture Mascot Care Cot delivers essential safety, comfort and care to 5-year-old disabled Barney and family from Cornwall

Barney Clark is able to sleep safely and enjoy a greater sense of security thanks to a trusted and proven height adjustable Mascot Mk2 Care Cot from Theraposture.


With three young siblings Barney is a remarkable boy who survived a brain tumour and a 10% chance of survival at one-yearold. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy Barney continues to enhance his abilities however he lives with several disabilities associated with co-ordination and balance. To remain safe and comfortable when at rest it is essential that he has an appropriate care cot that protects him as Barney has no safety awareness. He can achieve a sit-to-stand with assistance however Barney cannot maintain a standing position unaided.

During the night Barney needs to be connected to his ventilator via his tracheostomy and hence must sleep with his head in an elevated position. Before owning a power adjustable Mascot, Barney and his family were trying to manage these challenges using an outdated white metal high-sided cot kindly loaned by the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This bed quickly became impractical as Barney grew larger which resulted in his Mum, Amy, rapidly seeking a better solution.

Amy is a qualified hospital Doctor training for General Practice and initially discussed Barney’s needs with her assigned community nursing team and Occupational Therapist. Read the full case study here



The Rotoflex bed from Theraposture giving greater safety & support when getting in & out of bed


In this short video Sarah, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, explains how the Rotoflex rotational bed gives her safety and support when transferring from out of bed into her wheelchair.


An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an unpredictable condition and the severity of its affects varies greatly, however problems associated with mobility and balance are common. People with Ataxia, muscle contractions and spasms can greatly benefit from a bed that includes profiling, variable height, or profiling and variable height adjustment.

Theraposture single and dual combination motorised beds encompass quality German-engineered mechanisms that alter the configuration of a mattress so a variety of position can be achieved. With reduced or no discomfort users can either raise their upper body or legs from a flat position and vice versa.  Read more……


Theraposture Demonstrate Why Extensive Rotoflex Range Is First Choice For HCP’s At The OT Show

Theraposture provide the widest choice of tailor-made solutions so that an infinite variety of needs can be met for users of all shapes, weights and sizes. This product flexibility is a major benefit to OTs which is supported by an equally adaptable and professional approach to working with OT’s. The experienced and accredited team of nationwide Trusted Assessors work closely with OTs to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for all through assessment-based equipment provision and 14-day suitability guarantees.

Men Sitting on Rotational BedA major benefit to OTs

At the OT Show Theraposture will be available to explain why and how its extensive product range remains first choice for many OTs and their clients. Focusing on its proven turning bed portfolio, the Trusted Assessors will be demonstrating a LOW access Rotoflex 175 (175Kg SWL) and a Bariatric Rotoflex 300 (300kg SWL).

The LOW access Rotoflex 175 bed provides the ultimate assistive solution for smaller clients so they can move from a recumbent to a seated position independently. At its lowest position, this Rotoflex provides a distance of only 43.5cm between the floor and mattress surface, which combined with an ergonomic seat depth, this allows users with shorter legs to sit more comfortably by getting their bottom to the back of the seat.

Ideal for users weighing up to..… more

Rotoflex bed from Theraposture delivers ‘future-proof’ independence to Natasha who lives with Familial Dysautonomia

Natasha Lawrence, aged 25 from Mill Hill, north London, is a sociable and positive lady who lives with a challenging disability and is dependent on carers 24/7.

To assist her carers and to gain greater independence Natasha has recently taken ownership of a specialist Rotoflex turning bed system from Theraposture. This dual combination bed provides powered adjustment on one half for Natasha and a variable height and profiling platform for her husband who requires less assistance when getting in and out of bed.

Diagnosed at 14 months old, Natasha has Familial Dysautonomia – a rare genetic disorder that affects the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary actions such as digestion, breathing and the regulation of blood pressure and body temperature. Natasha also has Scoliosis and a complication following unsuccessful spinal surgery – hence she uses a wheelchair to remain mobile. Before owning a Rotoflex transferring in and out of bed and repositioning independently at night was very challenging for Natasha. However, now her Double Combination Rotoflex Bed provides electronic profiling, variable height and rotation – empowering Natasha to reposition herself and assisting her carers. It provides a safe working height and allows Natasha to get in and out of bed on her own terms. Transferring to and from bed into her wheelchair is now a much safer daily task and easier for all. Read more…..