TGA Mobility Scooters Debut 5 NEW Mobility Scooters at Mobility Roadshow 2017

Five new quality mobility scooters from TGA will be making their Mobility Roadshow debut at the forthcoming NAEC Stoneleigh event (1-3 June 2017, Hall 1, stand B6 and Test Track).

For over 30 years TGA has been a leading nationwide specialist in the provision of quality mobility scooters. It provides the widest range of scooters in the UK – renowned for reliability and proven to deliver independence with peace of mind. To extend its comprehensive collection TGA has recently introduced five new scooters to its award-winning range.

The new Minimo Plus 4Maximo PlusIbexZest and Zest Pluswill be available for test drives for the first time at a Mobility Roadshow during the forthcoming NAEC Stoneleigh event. The TGA Mobility Scooter Test Track will allow visitors to put the new models through their paces over ramps and around obstacles. Friendly and experienced TGA product specialists will be on hand throughout the show to offer demonstrations of the new scooters and to advise on product suitability.

The five new models from TGA now provide greater choice for potential owners both in terms of lifestyle and personal needs. As TGA continues to meet the demand for quality and reliable compact folding scooters, it has launched the Minimo Plus 4 – a new variant of its best-selling car boot Minimo. The Minimo Plus 4 includes all the lightweight and easy folding features of the original model however the front wheels are positioned further apart. This new configuration is ideal for people who prefer a more traditional 4-wheel scooter as it offers greater stability especially over uneven terrain. Similar to the Minimo Plus, the Minimo Plus 4 comes with air-filled tyres so the driving experience is smooth and when levering into a car boot, users only need to lift 10kg. This means the Minimo Plus 4 is the ideal transportable scooter to take in a car or on-board a plane, train or bus.  There will be a chance to win a substantial discount off a new Minimo Plus 4 at the Mobility Roadshow with the TGA car boot loading competition – stand B6. Read more….

Rachel with Rheumatoid Arthritis enjoys Palace Garden party thanks to folding Maximo mobility scooter

Despite living with restricted mobility, Rachel Gibson-Leigh from Brighton, continues to enhance her freedom after attending a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on a new folding TGA Maximo mobility scooter.


Before taking early retirement due to severe Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rachel worked in publishing and was an accomplished book and graphic designer. She now lives with her wife, Debbie, who has recently retired from public service as a long standing civil servant. Debbie now cares for Rachel and with the help of two new folding mobility scooters, a TGA Minimo Plus and Maximo, they can both still enjoy accessing Brighton – especially The Lanes, Seafront and new i360. They also enjoy days out in the car with freedom on arrival at scenic locations such as Arundel Castle, the South Downs and Chichester. The compact Minimo is the best-selling folding car boot scooter from TGA and the Maximo is a larger 4-wheel version. The Minimo is lightweight and easy to lift into the car boot whilst the more spacious Maximo provides enhanced comfort, stability and support. Both scooters fold into a compact shape which is essential for Rachel and Debbie as they live in a first floor flat where storage space is limited.

The catalyst behind ownership of these two scooters was Debbie’s invitation to the Buckingham Palace Royal Garden Party – in recognition of her service to the nation. As Rachel cannot walk far, being able to accompany Debbie would not have been possible without the assistance of a mobility scooter. Rachel explains: “Following our invitation to the Palace we could see very early on that there would be a great deal of standing and walking involved. This is something I find very difficult now. Therefore, we decided that a mobility scooter would be the perfect solution. At the time I was about 20 stone in weight so couldn’t make use of the lightweight machines. We also live in a flat serviced by an old Victorian lift so the scooter had to fold. It soon became obvious that the TGA Maximo was the scooter for me. The TGA Assessor, Shaun Finch, brought one to the flat and after a good test drive I bought it there and then. I called her Boudicca, because she represents freedom and liberty for me. I also own a lightweight Minimo Plus now as I have lost weight.”

Rachel continues: “The sun was shining and it was a pleasant and balmy day when we went to the Palace. The gardens quickly filled with approximately 7,000 guests from all walks of life. After a little mingling the food tent opened at about 2.30pm and at 4pm the Royal family emerged to the playing of God Save the Queen by one of three military bands present. We then went for a turn around the extensive and beautiful grounds and gardens. My Maximo was just what I’d hoped for and I was both comfortable and able to ride over the gravel paths, inclines and grass with ease. We stopped and before too long we saw the Royals walking along the path towards us. The Queen led and as she came up to us, I said: ‘A very happy 90th year ma’am’ to which she said thank you and then I told her how lovely her outfit was, to which she also said thank you. The Duke of Edinburgh was behind The Queen but didn’t come forward for conversation. Then came Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. I said: ‘We were hoping to see George and Charlotte but she said that they would create mayhem and need a thousand nannies to keep them in check!’ She had such a sparkling smile! Then came Prince William in his morning suit and top hat, followed by several more members of the family who we greeted. What a wonderful day made all the more enjoyable because I had my TGA Maximo scooter.” Read more…..

Disabled MS artist continues independence thanks to Harley Davidson TGA mobility scooter

Despite living with restricted mobility, Marion Fletcher from mid-Wales, continues to enjoy independence and producing art with her Chihuahuas thanks to a cult-classic Supersport mobility scooter.


Marion lives with her musician partner and teenage son and since becoming disabled, enjoys all kinds of art including painting, sculpture and photography with an interest in landscapes and Portraiture. Marion has lived with Multiple Sclerosis since the late eighties however this has not stopped her raising money for charities. She has abseiled in aid of Arthritis UK and tackled the longest and fastest zip wire in Europe for M.S. Cymru. 

Away from her charity challenges Marion has remained independent and able to continue exercising her two charming Chihuahuas thanks to a TGA ‘Harley Davidson’ style mobility scooter. This black and chrome 3-wheel Supersport resembles more of a motorbike than a traditional mobility vehicle. It has all the power and performance to tackle the many hills and off-road trails in surrounding Wales. With this freedom Marion can continue to find inspiration from the outside world. Read more…..

Abacus Healthcare to provide free ‘#BathingIsBetter’ guidance to help with grant applications for accessible baths at Kidz North

Abacus, will be offering free information at Kidz to Adultz North that assists with grant applications (Stand B14, EventCity, Manchester, 17 November).



Abacus powered baths provide greater safety, accessibility and comfort for disabled bathers and ensure carers can support at safe working heights. These hi-lo baths with and without bather transfer seats and integrated platforms provide a more pleasant and relaxing bathing experience. Moving and handling risks are reduced as manual transfers in and out of the bath can be eliminated.

Despite these baths being regarded as ‘necessary and appropriate’ for many families by Occupational Therapists, funding via a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) can regularly be rejected by local authorities. This can commonly be based on the perception that provision of a wet room or showering adaptations is more cost effective and that ownership of an assisted bath is not essential – in many situations this is not the case.

Hence to assist with justifying an accessible bath when applying for a DFG, Abacus Healthcare is providing free and informative printed literature, online guides, videos and social media content. This content is part of  the ‘#BathingIsBetter’ campaign from Abacus Healthcare which is helping Occupational Therapists and families submit more compelling grant applications. This educational programme will be available to all visitors attending Kidz to Adultz North:


Read more:


An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an unpredictable condition and the severity of its affects varies greatly, however problems associated with mobility and balance are common. People with Ataxia, muscle contractions and spasms can greatly benefit from a bed that includes profiling, variable height, or profiling and variable height adjustment.

Theraposture single and dual combination motorised beds encompass quality German-engineered mechanisms that alter the configuration of a mattress so a variety of position can be achieved. With reduced or no discomfort users can either raise their upper body or legs from a flat position and vice versa.  Read more……



The European Mobility Group (EMG) will be strongly represented at the upcoming Rehacare International Exhibition (Messe Düsseldorf, 28 Sept – 1 Oct). Around 30 EMG Members will be exhibiting the very latest in innovative vehicle conversions and adaptations at the annual show for rehabilitation, inclusion and care.

Personal mobility is always a strong theme of the Rehacare events, and EMG Members at the show will have their individual company stands in Hall 6 to demonstrate new technology in this sector.

Highlights on some of the members’ stands include:

· ACA France: the new Skoda Yeti Mobility conversion, made in France (Stand 6D69)

· Activa Automobil-Service GmbH: a range of conversions, including the new Caddy Active FlexiRamp and the brand new Citroen Space Tourer, plus the loading aid R11 Robot demonstrated in a Citroen C4 (Stand 6C56)

· Autoadapt AB: first public showing of the all-new Carony system with the Turny Manual (Stand 6D84)

· Autochair Ltd: Autochair will be bringing 30 years’ experience in lifts, hoists, and vehicle adaptations to Rehacare 2016 (Stand B78)

· Bever Car Products shows the new EVAL-wheel and demonstrates the SmartSteer and SmartGas/SmartBrake 2 (Stand 6D73)

· B-style & Flex-i-Trans: demonstrating a variety of products from the company’s range, including foldable seat, front low entry and rear low floor access vehicles (Stand 6D60)

· Elbee Mobility s.r.o: Elbee will be presenting its brand-new model, plus offering demonstration drives too (Stand 6D65)

· Focaccia Group: new low-floor conversion kit for VW Caddy F-Style 3 (Stand 6D70)

· Handytech: the latest in adaptations and driving systems (Stand 6B51)

· Kivi: partnering with Fiat Autonomy, see the Fiat 500L equipped with hand controls and other driving aids (Stand 6D69)

· Mobility Networks: The new ‘Flexi’ range from Mobility Networks will be making its debut at Rehacare and will include ramp, step, winch, rail, seat, and lowered floor WAV kit from this range (Stand 6D64)

· Mobilcenter Zawatzky GmbH: brand-new CenterVan VW T6 with lowered floor and electronic controls (Stand 6C81)

· Paravan: a wide range of technological innovations, including touch systems for secondary functions; Space Drive 11 (wheelchair operates vehicle); plus several types of conversions, a range of power wheelchairs and exercise therapy equipment (Stand 6C51)

· Q’Straint: launch of innovative new product, inQline (patent pending), integrating both winch and retractor systems, removing the need for two separate systems in vehicles (Stand 6A81)

· REHA Group Automotive GmbH (Kirchhoff Mobility): adapted vehicles old and new – view the latest lowered floor Volkswagen T6 Multivan Colorado, Ford Torneo Connect, and a 1960s Ford Mustang! (Stand 6C71)

· Tripod Mobility: introducing the EasyPull, combined winch and front restraint system (Stand 6B55)

 Full details can be viewed on the EMG website at

EMG Members can easily be identified at Rehacare – look out for the posters displayed on their stands.


Notes for editors: The European Mobility Group (EMG) 

EMG was established almost 30 years ago by a group of prominent European conversion companies, and now has almost 50 member companies operating right across Europe. EMG is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a hub for European companies in this sector to explore new technological solutions, share knowledge, develop networking opportunities, and to promote higher quality standards.

Its aim is to provide information on companies that all work to the same standards of quality and service, so that anyone looking for specialists in our sector can be reassured that any company bearing the EMG logo can be trusted to deliver a the highest standard of service.

EMG is always interested to hear from prospective new members. If you would like to know more about membership, please do get in touch with us at, e-mail

EMG – setting the standards in vehicle adaptations.

EMG Secretariat



Free Safe Mobility Scooter Driving Awareness And Assessment Day in Suffolk With TGA Mobility

TGA, the UK-leading mobility scooter specialist based in Suffolk, will be holding a free-to-attend event at its Sudbury independent living showroom, so East Anglia residents with restricted mobility can learn how to own and drive a mobility scooter safely.
TGA Mobility, Woodhall Business Park, Sudbury, CO10 1WH. 
15th September 11am-3pm. Free entry, ample level parking and free refreshments.
Owning a mobility scooter provides independence to people who have difficulties with walking or general mobility. However, it is essential that existing and potential scooter owners choose the ideal model for their needs so confidence, comfort and safety is maximised.
TGA have been supplying quality and reliable mobility scooters for over 30 years and consider the suitability of their products, along with owner safety, to be top priority. Hence TGA is hosting a free event that will offer all the latest advice regarding safe mobility scooter driving along with guidance on owning the ideal model for individual lifestyles. With ownership of the right mobility scooter and heightened road safety awareness, the benefits of driving a mobility scooter can be limitless.
Professional TGA advisors will be on-hand throughout the event to guide scooter drivers around the fun mobility scooter test track. This will be a friendy and relaxed driving experience which will give scooter users a better understanding of their own capabilities in terms of steering, reversing and negotiating day-to-day obstacles. Crossing roads in a considered manner and understanding aspects of the Highway Code will be explained in a simple manner so drivers and pedestrians can all benefit from improved safety. This is not a driving test with a pass or fail score, it is simply an awareness programme that offers an informal certificate of completion at the end.
Whether locals own a mobility scooter or not, or are interested in trying one for the first time in a safe place, then all are welcome as TGA will have its complete range of quality scooters available for test drives. Representatives from Motability, the popular leasing scheme, will be available along with assessors from Autochair, the car-boot scooter and wheelchair hoist specialists.
Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director commented: “We are always committed to supporting our customers both locally and nationally to ensure they remain safe and can enjoy hassle-free freedom. Our forthcoming free safe scooter driving day is indicative of the essential advice and guidance we provide through our three decades of mobility experience. We would encourage everyone with a need for greater independence to visit us on the 15th September as this fun and relaxed event coincides with our showroom summer sale.”