Theraposture Mascot Care Cot – Why it is the ONLY fully modular, future-proof sleeping solution

The benefits to children and carers of the unique, fully modular Mascot care cot. A safe place for children to sleep plus easy access and height adjustment for the carer. A cot that is adaptable if user needs change over time.


The Mascot from Theraposture provides:

* Flexible and trusted design which meets 80% of client’s care cot requirements
* All cot sides raise and lower simultaneously with sleeping platform to ensure maximum safety
* Hand-crafted in high quality, Beech wood with a choice of finishes
* Robust metal mechanisms and reliable motors
* Offers leading flexibility because of its modular design
* Easy conversion from four to eight doors for access to one or both sides
* Interchangeable choice of either 60, 80, 90 or 100cm high sides
* Interchangeable choice of functions including profiling, variable height and Anti-Trendelenburg
* Choice of platform sizes: 140cm (variable height only), 170cm or 200cm
* Low entry height of just 23cm to assist transfers
* Choice of interchangeable rails or Perspex in any door combination
* Meets the essential BSEN 60601-2-52 safe working height requirement so potential back strain is minimised for carers
* High quality and durable padding for maximum safety
* Outstanding value with potential for significant savings in the future when compared with similarly priced competitor’s products

The high quality padding from Theraposture that can be fitted to a Mascot is unique and provides the highest levels of safety and comfort. The hand crafted padding is bespoke to each cot and made according to the recommendations highlighted in Theraposture’s assessment of user needs. The team of craftsmen ensure there is a snug fit with no gaps which could cause potential risk and soft-touch Panvelle is commonly used which is non-permeable, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Integrated transparent windows that consist of soft, flexible material allows two-way visual access and is double-glazed with air pocket cushioning. A variety of fixing options are available along with an extensive range of colours, patterns and child friendly prints that allows the Mascot to be personalised.

All mattresses that are used in the Mascot from Theraposture are supplied with waterproof covers. Each mattress is cut to the exact internal dimensions of the cot bed to ensure that there are no gaps and options include standard foam fillings through to high-level pressure management systems.

For more information please visit or call Tel: 0800 834654

Etac R82 Product Showcase and Interactive Seminars Popular at “Kidz to Adultz South”

R82 UK Seminar at Kidz to AdultzEtac R82, supplier of specialist assistive equipment for disabled children and adults, generated a lot of interest when it showcased new products including the recently acquired Convaid brand and the new Flamingo High Low toilet and shower seat. It also hosted well-attended education seminars at Kidz to Adultz South (09.06.16, Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading).

Etac R82 supplies R82, Etac, Molift, Immedia and now Convaid brands. Highly regarded by families and healthcare professionals, Etac R82’s assistive products include standing, walking, toileting, transfer and bathing aids along with adapted wheelchairs and buggies.

At the popular Etac R82 stand, adults and children participated in hands-on demonstrations of an impressive range of specialist, paediatric and rehabilitation products. Visitors were able to compare and contrast R82’s new Convaid assistive buggies including the lightweight Cruiser, Rodeo and compact Scout wheelchair buggy – ideal for multi-terrain surfaces.

From R82’s toileting and bathing range, the new height-adjustable Flamingo High Low with back recline was particularly well received, as was the multi-functioning Heron.

The friendly Etac R82 team also demonstrated the Gazelle and Rabbit standing frames, Mustang and Crocodile walking aids and showcased the world-class x:panda seating system. Read more…..

Theraposture Demonstrate How Disabled Children Can Sleep Better With An Affordable Theraposture Care Cot Or Bed At Kidz-to- Adultz-South

Theraposture has been a long-standing supporter of the Kidz events organised by the Disabled Living charity. Kidz-to- Adultz-South is one of a series of exhibitions that provides a free opportunity for healthcare professionals, parents and carers to test and compare the latest products and services for disabled children.

9th June 2016, 9.30am – 4.30pm. Rivermead Leisure Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ. 9.30am – 4.30pm. Stand 313.

At Kidz-to-Adultz-South we will be demonstrating why our cost- effective Mascot Mark 2 care cot, high-sided Hannah cot and Theracare bed deliver better safety, comfort, value for money and peace of mind for families with disabled children of any age.

Visit stand 313 where Theraposture’s Trusted Assessors will be demonstrating its products and explaining why they represent such good value for money. Theraposture power-adjustable cots and care beds are commonly regarded as market leading solutions that are made to the highest standards. This can sometimes result in a misconception that the best may be expensive and not suitable for recommendation by a Therapist if budgets are limited – this is not the case. Theraposture offers a range of pricing-beating options including special rates for OTs through to outstanding prices for Mascot bed, mattress and padding combined packages, making it possible to buy the best at prices often similar to entry level basic alternatives. Read more….