Four TGA mobility scooters deliver fun-filled days out for Norfolk family

TGA mobility scooters at park

The Chapman family enjoying a glorious day out at a Dinosaur Park thanks to a TGA Minimo Plus 4 and Minimo Plus mobility scooter.

Despite both living with restricted mobility, Barbara and Peter Chapman from Norfolk, aged 77 and 80 respectively, continue to live life to the full thanks to a TGA Breeze S4Breeze S3GTMinimo Plus and recently launched Minimo Plus 4 folding mobility scooter.

Barbara is a retired Accounts Manager and during Peter’s working career he was responsible for managing heavy plant machinery. They live in Dereham and are remarkable people bearing in mind the conditions they cope with on a daily basis. Barbara has severe ArthritisType 2 Diabetes and requires kidney dialysis three times a week. Peter experienced a Stroke eight years ago and has issues with both knees – hence they both find walking extremely difficult. Covering large distances on foot is impossible. However difficult daily life can be they continue to remain positive, happy and independent through ownership of four mobility scooters – two large models with off road capabilities and two that fold and fit in the boot of their Skoda Yeti.

Being able to go out independently or with their family keeps them ‘full of life’ as Barbara explains: “Owning these scooters has literally changed our lives, what would we have done without them? Our large Breeze’s let us explore the local woods and our folding Minimo’s give us freedom when travelling in the car. We can spend time with our grandchildren on days out without the worry of not being able to walk, this is priceless.” … more.

A quick guide to the TGA Breeze S3 and S4 mobility scooters.

Tim Ross, TGA’s National Sales Manager gives you a quick guide to the TGA Breeze mobility scooter.

The TGA Breeze brings you the ultimate in advanced comfort, performance and looks that have set the standards within the mobility scooter industry, year after year, mile after mile.

This is advanced motorcycle style engineering that delivers unrivalled comfort, safety and performance. Meanwhile powerful motors, large wheels and excellent ground clearance make kerbs and rough ground ‘a breeze’.

For more information please contact: 01787 882244 or

Mobility Scooters – An Introduction to the TGA Breeze Midi 3 & 4 Range

The TGA Breeze 3 & 4 Midi offers you comfort and style that can take you anywhere.

The Breeze Midi offers you the very best in mobility scooter travel, in two brilliantly light and manoeuvrable models.

We’ve taken all the elements that make our bigger Breeze models industry leading classics such as, state of the art engineering, comfort, safety, performance and reliability – and combined them in two nimble, easy to handle mobility scooters.

The Breeze Midi brings you a host of high quality features and equipment, including all round, fully active suspension, easy to use controls and energy absorbing bumpers.

All you have to do is choose between the ultra-solid 4-wheeler or the supremely manoeuvrable 3 -wheeler.


James Pagram who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), has successfully completed his 101-mile, four-day, South Downs challenge on a TGA Breeze mobility scooter, which has raised over £7,000 for the MS Society.

James Pagram, 48 living with MS from Eastbourne, successfully drove 101 miles along the South Downs Way on a TGA Breeze mobility scooter between 9-12th August to raise funds for the MS Society. James is pictured here on his TGA Breeze alongside Stephen Lloyd MP (centre), Craig Seaman, TGA Mobility engineer (centre left) and his two support riders.

James Pagram, 48 living with MS from Eastbourne, successfully drove 101 miles along the South Downs Way on a TGA Breeze mobility scooter between 9-12th August to raise funds for the MS Society. James is pictured here on his TGA Breeze alongside Stephen Lloyd MP (centre), Craig Seaman, TGA Mobility engineer (centre left) and his two support riders.

Ex-city worker James, 48 from Eastbourne, is a dynamic and positive character despite living with regular fatigue and mobility problems due to MS. Nevertheless he managed to drive the same model that successfully won the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge last year, for four days from Winchester to Eastbourne. The proven off-road capabilities of the TGA Breeze were once again tested to the absolute limit as James drove cross-country with the support of two friends on mountain bikes and a TGA engineer. He began on 9th August at the BMI Hospital, Winchester and then successfully negotiated his way through Hampshire, East and West Sussex with arrival at ‘The Pilot’ Public House, Meads (near Beachy Head) in Eastbourne on 12th August.

James completed a successful 20-year career working in the City of London as an Accountant and was diagnosed with MS in 1998. He continued with his 6am commute until 2003 when the affects of his MS resulted in early retirement. He is now the Treasurer of the Eastbourne and South Wealden MS Society branch and has been planning this fundraiser for several months.

TGA, the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist from Sudbury Suffolk, comprehensively supported James before and during his challenge. The business loaned the latest Breeze S4 off road mobility scooter, spare batteries and full technical back up with the attendance of a TGA engineer throughout the journey. The TGA Breeze delivered 100% reliability throughout the journey and successfully tackling rough, off-road terrain with ease through its extra wide rear wheels and enhanced power. During the 101-mile route, Stephen Lloyd MP and Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for MS joined James for five miles of the journey between Devil’s Dyke and Ditchling Beacon.

James commented: “The last four days have been simply fantastic and so memorable. The support team and I are overjoyed that we have managed to raise £7,000 for the MS Society and further funds are continuing to come in. I knew it would be tough with my MS as I get so tired, however with the invaluable help of my support riders, James McIntyre and Roger Mills, alongside Craig Seaman the TGA engineer, we did it! I knew the TGA Breeze was renowned for its reliability and robustness, however the last four days have really underlined this reputation in my opinion. It coped admirably with the really tough terrain we came across from sustained climbs to steep descents and the battery range was incredible. Even when we came up against a locked gate and railway sleepers blocking our path, TGA saved the day as Craig had a set of ramps with him. Throughout the journey there were indeed highs and lows for all of us, however we achieved our end goal and would like to thank all the people and companies who have helped us reach such a great donation total.”

James continues: “We had two simple aims on this amazing adventure, to raise funds for the MS Society and heighten awareness of the condition – I believe we have achieved these and far more. The £7,000 we have accumulated will be wisely invested by the MS Society to help fellow MSers like myself on both a national and local level. This experience has been so amazing for me, I am already planning my next fundraiser which could even be aboard.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: “We would like to fully congratulate James on his remarkable achievement. Bearing in mind the affects of his MS, he has beaten the odds to complete this 101-mile challenge and raise such an impressive figure. TGA are proud to have assisted with raising funds for the MS charity as we believe it delivers invaluable support across the UK. We always knew our Breeze mobility scooter would stand up to this extreme challenge and that our engineer Craig was the perfect technical expert to support James. Well done again James and good luck with further fundraising in the future.”

Donations to the 101’ers South Downers MS Society fundraiser can still be made at:

The South Downs 101’ers route:
Day 1: 9th August: BMI Hospital, Sarum Road, Winchester (9am) – South Harting (8pm approx.)
Day 2: 10th August: South Harting (9am) – Steyning (7pm approx.)
Day 3: 11th August: Steyning (9am) – Rodmell (7pm approx.)
Day 4: 12th August: Rodmell (9am) – Meads (4pm approx.)

Retired Royal marine and wife rediscover a love for life onboard ‘Harley Davidson’ TGA mobility scooters

Adrian and Phyllis Spriggs from Dundee venture out together once more on their new ‘easy rider’ TGA mobility scooters

Adrian and Phyllis Spriggs from Dundee venture out together once more on their new ‘easy rider’ TGA mobility scooters

Amputee ex-Royal Marine Adrian Spriggs, 60, from Dundee and his mobility-restricted wife Phyllis are two lively remarried characters who have both rediscovered their love for the outdoors thanks to two ‘Easy Rider’ TGA mobility scooters following the tragic loss of their previous partners.

Originally from Bournemouth and before retiring, Adrian was a Royal Marine who saw active service on the frontline in Northern Ireland during the troubled 1970s. Seven years ago he met Phyllis from Dundee through online dating after they had both experienced partners passing away. Subsequently this resulted in Adrian relocated to Scotland and they became married again six years ago. However as time has progressed, Adrian’s disability has resulted in an increased difficulty to venture outside that has impacted on their wellbeing and happiness.

The Spriggs live in a very picturesque part of Scotland on the Firth of Tay coastline however they were not able to enjoy going out together until Adrian discovered the TGA Supersport as he explains: “I first saw this marvelous TGA scooter in a Motability magazine and was attracted by its Harley Davidson type styling. It looked robust and sturdy enough to help me venture off road in my local rural area so I thought I would request a test drive. Well, Harry who demonstrated the Supersport was brilliant and I was immediately convinced this could change my life. As soon as my scooter arrived I was off discovering new places down cycle tracks and coastal paths that were far from roads and which I never knew existed. The only problem was my wife can’t walk very far either, so I couldn’t share my new found freedom with her which made me sad.”

Adrian continues, “Our two-year-old Jack Russell Sasha needs regular walking and we love to spend time outdoors with our grandchildren on their bikes. I was now fully mobile and loving my ‘Harley’ scooter however it was not so good for Phyllis, that is until she decided to also purchase a TGA scooter. She selected a Breeze Midi 3 which is another three-wheel model from TGA but is more compact than my Supersport so ideal for around town. Since we have both owned a mobility scooter, I can honestly say life couldn’t be better and I can now continue with my passion for painting and photography. We both go off adventuring together so I can capture local scenes on my camera, which I then convert into oil and acrylic paintings when I get home. Phyllis can easily get into the local village to do the shopping and I love travelling along the coast. We like putting pictures of ourselves on our scooters on Facebook and would recommend these fantastic TGA machines to everyone with mobility difficulties.”

Adrian’s TGA ‘Easy Rider’ Supersport is popular across the UK, as it resembles a Harley Davidson motorbike more than a traditional mobility scooter. Many interesting and unique individuals ride TGA Supersports such as Janet Weller from Gloucestershire who uses it for dog agility training, Mike Bruton MBE from Berkshire owns one as the President of the Disabled Ramblers and Steve Bunker from Yorkshire pimped his up with car wheels and air horns! One of the more established products from TGA, the Supersport has an impressive and trusted heritage for stability, manoeuvrability and the capability to handle most off road situations. Whether providing independence in town or in rural settings, it has the advantage of a top speed of 12km/h (8mph), a range of 48km (30miles) and a high ground clearance of 125mm (5”).

Remarkable 80-year-old Shropshire farmer continues to run farm thanks to TGA mobility scooter

Robert Maund, 80, from Betton Strange near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, is a unique and lively ‘character’ who now continues to manage his herd despite living with restricted mobility thanks to the assistance of a TGA Breeze mobility scooter.

80-year-old farmer Robert Maude continues to uniquely manage and maintain his Shropshire farm thanks to a TGA mobility scooter

80-year-old farmer Robert Maude continues to uniquely manage and maintain his Shropshire farm thanks to a TGA mobility scooter

Robert has lived on Alkmere Farm since 1934 and continues to this day with a small herd of 40 ‘replacement heifers’. Apart from living with his elderly sister and hiring a few farm hands now and again, Robert is solely responsible for the management of his Holstein cows and farm operations in general. Even though he has undergone two hip replacements, Robert continues to feed and maintain his cattle, which would not be physically possible without his sturdy TGA Breeze mobility scooter. He uses the scooter to access all areas of his farmyard and surrounding fields as walking for lengthy periods of time are not an option for Robert.

During his farming career, Robert has produced milk, reared and sold calves and grown crops for feed. He remains highly active for his age and believes retirement is not for him as he explains: “When I had my hips replaced my surgeon stressed to me that it was time for me to take life a bit easier. This unfortunately is not in my nature and I plan to continue farming for as long as physically possible. My mind still feels so young, but my body isn’t as strong these days so moving around the farm was getting difficult until I bought my scooter. I have farmed all my life and I am not ready to give up yet. Admittedly I have had to reduce my herd down in size with some animals indoors, some out, but I plan to continue with my work for many years to come. My TGA mobility scooter is such a robust piece of kit and is perfect for transporting small bales and buckets of feed around the farm, which saves me lifting and carrying. A bale will easily fit on top of the front basket and I can get two buckets on the floor-well. It also copes with the rough terrain in my fields and driving into barns and around the yard. Without my Breeze I reckon running this farm would be nigh on impossible.”

The TGA Breeze is primarily designed to be a luxury mobility scooter for everyday use around town or in less commercial, rural situations. Nevertheless the supplier TGA Mobility believes as long as the mobility scooter is used safely, then Robert’s story is another example of the invaluable difference its products can make to levels of end user independence. Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director comments: “Robert’s use of a TGA Breeze maybe unconventional, but it clearly demonstrates how this highly reliable mobility scooter can make a real positive difference to an individual’s freedom. Our products have now been trusted for over 25 years across the UK to deliver mobility with peace of mind. When you consider living with restricted mobility, especially in more isolated rural locations, the importance of being able to safely enjoy the outdoors is absolutely essential to well being and happiness which Robert has demonstrated once more.”

The TGA Breeze mobility scooter as owned by Robert, won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter challenge earlier in the year when it successfully negotiated a welsh mountain, whilst been driven by an disabled war veteran. In addition to Robert’s model, versatile TGA mobility scooters are safely used across the country for a variety of unique activities over and above daily mobility. These include dog agility training, organised ‘disabled rambles’, towing sailing boats and accessing the countryside for hobbies such as photography and fishing. The TGA Breeze also achieved a new World Record in June 2012 when it was driven for 24 hours non-stop by Steve Tarrant at the Mobility Roadshow, Peterborough, to achieve ‘The Greatest distance covered in 24 hours by a mobility scooter’.


Picture caption:  Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney (centre) rides a TGA Vita mobility scooter whilst supporting Beactive Mobility's Motability event in Lowestoft on 18 September 2012. Peter is pictured with Martyn Simpson, TGA Area Sales Manager (left) and Shaun Green, Beactive Mobility's Motability Manager (right).

Picture caption: Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney (centre) rides a TGA Vita mobility scooter whilst supporting Beactive Mobility’s Motability event in Lowestoft on 18 September 2012. Peter is pictured with Martyn Simpson, TGA Area Sales Manager (left) and Shaun Green, Beactive Mobility’s Motability Manager (right).

Beactive Mobility is a respected East Anglian mobility retailer that provides market-leading mobility scooters from TGA (based in Sudbury, Suffolk) and was delighted to hold a Motability Awareness Day in Lowestoft on 18 September 2012 which was supported by Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney.

Beactive Mobility has four mobility showrooms across Norfolk and Suffolk with its most recent store opening in Norwich City Centre during June 2012. It is a highly successful chain that provides a comprehensive range of aids for daily living and the highly popular TGA brand of mobility scooters. TGA mobility scooters such as the Breeze which won the BBC Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter Challenge early in the year and the cutting-edge, ‘funky’ Vita are continuing to deliver new-found independence to more and more individuals with restricted mobility across the UK. In addition, a substantial percentage of people are choosing the Motability scheme, which provides a leasing alternative to purchasing a scooter that was demonstrated at Beactive’s awareness day in The Britton Shopping Centre, Lowestoft. The Motability scheme allows individuals to simply turn part, or all, of their Disabled Living Allowance into the TGA mobility scooter of choice whilst benefitting from a complete support package.

During the day, Peter Aldous, the Member of Parliament for Waveney joined Beactive’s Motability Manager, Shaun Green and TGA’s Area Sales Manager, Martyn Simpson. The day was attended by large numbers of local residents interested in understanding more about the Motability scheme and wanting to talk to Peter. Peter Aldous comments: “As MP for Waveney, I was delighted to attend Beactive’s Motability awareness event today in Lowestoft which was supported by its mobility scooter supplier – TGA. Motability is a fantastic leasing scheme, which helps to deliver independence to so many individuals across the UK who require a mobility scooter. Hence events such as this I believe are essential to provide information to local residents about the benefits associated with owning a reliable and safe mobility scooter such as those provided by TGA from Waveney’s leading mobility specialist – Beactive.”

Beactive had a selection of award winning TGA mobility scooters on display that included the popular Eclipse car boot scooter, Breeze Midi 4 and the new, radical Vita Midi 4. The Vita Midi 4 represents a new genre in compact mobility scooter design, which encompasses styling that resembles a modern car or motorcycle rather than a traditional mobility product. Martyn Simpson representing Beactive’s supplier, TGA Mobility, comments: “Today has been a huge success for both Beactive and TGA in terms of communicating the many benefits associated with selecting a new TGA mobility scooter on the Motability scheme. We explained that 95% of Motability customers would recommend the scheme to others as it provides a new scooter every three years along with a complete support and servicing package.  During our discussions with visitors today, we also listened to the mobility needs of many locals and reiterated the importance of only selecting quality, reliable products from a trusted specialist such as Beactive and TGA. It was a pleasure to meet Peter Aldous MP and on behalf of Beactive and TGA, we thank him for contributing to the event.”