Mrs Cox with MS wins luxurious TGA hamper competition following Mobility Roadshow visit

Jane comments: “I have never won anything before so receiving this news was wonderful! Daniel from TGA personally delivered my hamper to our home and I was happy to have a picture taken as I support the RNLI (who also photograph their prize winners) so am used to these kind of things. We had a good time at The Mobility Roadshow, we were there all day and had a jolly good look round. I tried most of the TGA range on their test track so I could get a feel for which scooter would be right for me. Amongst these I tried the Minimo Plus 4 as we are looking for one that will fit in a car and has four wheels so I feel more stable. It was very comfortable and much better than my old three-wheeler.”
Jane adds: “The Roadshow allowed me to test drive several cars with adapted hand controls as my husband and I are still researching which is the best combination of scooter and vehicle. Winning the TGA hamper was an extra bonus.”.…read more.

Four TGA mobility scooters deliver fun-filled days out for Norfolk family

TGA mobility scooters at park

The Chapman family enjoying a glorious day out at a Dinosaur Park thanks to a TGA Minimo Plus 4 and Minimo Plus mobility scooter.

Despite both living with restricted mobility, Barbara and Peter Chapman from Norfolk, aged 77 and 80 respectively, continue to live life to the full thanks to a TGA Breeze S4Breeze S3GTMinimo Plus and recently launched Minimo Plus 4 folding mobility scooter.

Barbara is a retired Accounts Manager and during Peter’s working career he was responsible for managing heavy plant machinery. They live in Dereham and are remarkable people bearing in mind the conditions they cope with on a daily basis. Barbara has severe ArthritisType 2 Diabetes and requires kidney dialysis three times a week. Peter experienced a Stroke eight years ago and has issues with both knees – hence they both find walking extremely difficult. Covering large distances on foot is impossible. However difficult daily life can be they continue to remain positive, happy and independent through ownership of four mobility scooters – two large models with off road capabilities and two that fold and fit in the boot of their Skoda Yeti.

Being able to go out independently or with their family keeps them ‘full of life’ as Barbara explains: “Owning these scooters has literally changed our lives, what would we have done without them? Our large Breeze’s let us explore the local woods and our folding Minimo’s give us freedom when travelling in the car. We can spend time with our grandchildren on days out without the worry of not being able to walk, this is priceless.” … more.

Successful Racing Driver Continues Motorsport Independently With New TGA Minimo Mobility Scooter

Maxine Nicholls, 34 from Buntingford, Hertfordshire, is a successful racing driver with a disability who can continue independently entering motorsport events thanks to a new TGA Minimo mobility scooter.
4mph maybe a lot slower than she is used to, however without her new folding TGA scooter Maxine would be dependent on others to attend race meets. Maxine lives with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), which is a genetic condition that damages peripheral nerves. This results in difficulties with walking and other co-ordination issues however Maxine continues to be focused and determined and has recently qualified to be a driver instructor.

Outside of work she is the only lady to race in the Toyota MR2 championship and regularly competes against her brother and father. New to racing in 2014, Maxine proudly won the BWRDC (British Women Racing Drivers Club) “Newcomer of the Year Award” in 2015 and now continues to build up her racing reputation. She recently volunteered at The Silverstone Mobility Roadshow as an official event Ambassador and was able to demonstrate to visitors why her white car-boot Minimo scooter is so important.

Maxine says: “CMT affects me on a daily basis read more….

Instant Success for Launch of TGA Maximo Mobility Scooter

TGA had a successful launch of their new folding car boot mobility scooter, the Maximo, at the recent Naidex National by receiving their first order within 10 minutes of the show opening.

Read the full show release here

The Maximo is the larger 4-wheel version of the Minimo. It has a greater user weight capacity and an enhanced driving experience and an enhanced driving experience.

The Maximo is the latest addition to this new TGA family of folding scooters that combines feature-rich design with leading transportability.

It can be folded into a compact size with a single, one-handed operation and requires no parts to be dismantled for storage.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director comments: “We were delighted to receive our first Naidex order for a Maximo so early in the show. As soon as the doors opened, our exhibition team was approached by many visitors regarding the Maximo. We achieved the first sale by 10:10am that set a precedent of popularity throughout the exhibition.

We clearly identified a need for folding scooters a few years ago and hence launched the revolutionary Minimo in 2013. This trend has continued along with the requirement for greater choice therefore launching the larger Maximo was a logical step for us. With interest in the Maximo high at Naidex, we have even greater confidence that this new pioneering scooter will improve the lives of many people across the UK living with restricted mobility. We look forward to showcasing the Maximo once more at the forthcoming Mobility Roadshow in June.”


Susan_Mallow_on_minimoSusan Mallows, 51 from Romford, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and difficulties walking, however she has been able to continue enjoying shopping and exercising with the assistance of a pioneering new type of TGA mobility scooter.

Susan is a lovely lady who was unfortunately diagnosed with MS aged 32. MS is a neurological condition that affects around 100,000 people in the UK and symptoms can include fatigue, vision problems and difficulties with walking. Susan’s balance and walking problems meant she had to retire early from her secretarial career at the local council. Nevertheless she continued to support her busy husband Terry who also worked for the council as a public sector architect, hence how they met. Now both retired, the Mallows are making the most out of life with a love for shopping, gardening and holidays. Susan has used a mobility scooter for many years to remain mobile outdoors, however their level and range of freedom has recently increased thanks to a remarkable new type of scooter – the TGA Minimo.

The TGA Minimo is a 4mph, lightweight mobility scooter that can be folded single-handedly into a compact size by activating a simple lever. It requires no parts to be dismantled for storage and once folded, it can easily be lifted into a car boot so ideal for days out. Susan’s version also has a revolutionary lithium battery, which is so lightweight, it can literally be raised with one finger. Her Minimo perfectly fits in their Citroen C3 car so enjoying independent mobility further afield is possible. Susan said: “What a difference my Minimo has made, I love it. Shopping has always been a big part of my life and now accessing Lakeside and Bluewater is no bother at all. We keep the Minimo in the car and when we go out we simply take it out, unfold and go. Driving around shops is hassle free as it is so manoeuvrable and as I can take my own scooter with me, it saves me from having to pre-book a hired one. Being able to go out on your own terms is brilliant and my Minimo allows me to visit my local special needs exercise classes.”

Terry added: “Before the Minimo, we had previously owned two TGA scooters. These were excellent models, however the fact the Minimo folds in one piece is a big bonus to me when it comes to convenience. We did look at scooters from other suppliers, however, as we had previously received such great service from TGA in the past, we decided to stick with them. The lithium battery is quite a remarkable piece of design as it is so lightweight and I know without Susan’s Minimo, we simply couldn’t get around and enjoy time out together.”

Family of Four Find Freedom With Four Folding Minimo Scooters

Colin Whitt, 52 from Heanor Derbyshire, and three other members of his close family have all recently become owners of the latest folding model of lightweight mobility scooter, the TGA Minimo, allowing them to enjoy independence outdoors together once more as a family.

Colin, who has Cerebral Palsy, and his wife Linda (43), who has severe Arthritis, along with parents Jessie and John Whitt, aged 76 and 80 respectively all have difficulty walking which means their ability to get out-and-about is extremely limited – hence the need for their scooters to assess the local amenities.

Read the full story about how these folding mobility scooters have improved the Whitt’s quality of life here