Delighted 87-year-old future proofs freedom by winning TGA Minimo mobility scooter

Tony Purchase, 87 from Bookham near Leatherhead, has been presented with his winning Minimo mobility scooter following a successful entry to TGA’s latest newsletter and Facebook competition.

Man with TGA Mobility Scooter

Tony and his new TGA Minimo mobility scooter

Before retirement Tony was a successful retail development manager at Sainsbury’s for over 40 years. He now appreciates his free time however lives alone after losing his wife last year – resulting in a greater need to remain independent for as long as possible. Tony can still drive his car safely however he anticipates in the future he will need another way of remaining mobile. He lives in a picturesque part of Surrey and regularly visits National Trust sites however walking longer distances is now not possible. Hence he decided to enter the TGA Minimo competition for a chance of winning the latest folding mobility scooter.

The Minimo is a lightweight compact scooter that is designed for maximum transportability and can be stored in a car boot. Folded quickly in one simple movement the Minimo is also ideal for use on airplanes, buses, coaches, trains and boats.  On receipt of his winning news Tony was ‘absolutely delighted’ and ‘couldn’t wait to get out and about.’

Tony elaborates: “Since losing my wife I am having to readjust my life, this is where my new TGA Minimo comes in. I am still driving my Honda Jazz however there will be a time when its best for me to stop and rely on my new scooter. I have already used my scooter to access the village and I intend to try and get about to see my friends more. I have a female friend who is 93 so when we go out for a walk together we will take turns on the scooter. I’m having a hoist fitted to my car so I can get the Minimo in the boot with no lifting at all as I have neck and shoulder problems. I can then take my Minimo with me on days out. As my friends are all now struggling with their mobility, it’s so important for me to be able to get out on my own to stay in touch with them. Thank you TGA for my fabulous prize.”

TGA mobility scooter enables disabled naturalist to continue building a world-renowned photographic wildlife catalogue

David Fenwick, 51 from Cornwall, is a remarkable naturalist that despite several disabilities, has been able to continue building a world-renowned photographic wildlife catalogue through ownership of a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

David has been involved with horticultural most of his life. He was a horticultural therapist for the NHS before becoming a carer, before becoming disabled himself. In 2007 he became ill following a tick bite whilst photographing wildlife in a local wood. He now suffers from moderate to severe CFS/MEpolyarthralgiamyalgia, lower spine problems and cervical stenosis. David has walking difficulties, and these greatly restricted his ability to continue his studies in coastal and rural areas of Cornwall, that’s until he discovered the TGA Breeze 4 mobility scooter. The Breeze 4 is an 8mph scooter that is the flagship product from TGA – it provides world-leading stability, reliability and comfort and hence is the preferred choice of many disabled adults and elderly people living in rural or remote Britain.

The TGA Breeze scooter is renowned for its off-road capabilities and rose to nationwide fame when it appeared on BBC TV’s Top Gear programme. In this episode it won an extreme mobility scooter challenge by successfully scaling a rocky and muddy welsh mountainside. The same performance and traction as demonstrated on the BBC has allowed David to continue photographing, collecting and analyzing a huge variety of marine, fauna and flora species. His vast and highly comprehensive online catalogues represent over 10 years of work and are regularly utilised by schools, universities and academic establishments worldwide. David has been responsible for the discovery of a number of new species around Cornwall and continues to record wildlife when working independently on his scooter, with his wife, who purchased a TGA Breeze S4, just to keep up with him and they are now able to share every experience.

David explains: “Field walking needed for flora, fauna and fungi was something I had given up. The TGA Breeze 4 was my first scooter and I found it ideal for covering large distances which is something that is needed to find a wider range of species in different habitats. Read more…..


Despite living with severe walking difficulties, Mark Ravensdale, 48 from Barnsley, has been able to continue with his passion for wood gathering and crafting, thanks to a new off-road TGA Breeze S4 mobility scooter

Mark has unfortunately lived with spinal problems since he was 24. He fell from a significant height when climbing a tree and damaged his lower back irreparably, resulting in ongoing pain in both legs and limited walking capabilities. Since experiencing this trauma, Mark has been able to rebuild his life through the support of his parents and Claire, his 24-year old daughter. Mark is a skillful wood turner and creates beautiful vases and bowls in his workshop on a professional lathe. This full time hobby has real importance in Mark’s life, however it had become difficult to continue until he took ownership of his rugged mobility scooter. This TGA model, which is the same scooter that won BBC TV’s Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter Challenge, has given Mark the ability to continue sourcing natural wood in his local countryside. With permission granted from forestry rangers and Environment Agency personnel, he can load up his scooter with a few pieces that are then transported home – ready for his creativity to begin.

48-year-old Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter in Wombwell forest near Barnsley.

48-year-old Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter in Wombwell forest near Barnsley.

Mark rides his robust TGA mobility scooter into Wombwell woods and along surrounding rivers and canals searching for workers engaged in clearing dangerous boughs or branches. This would not be possible without his Breeze S4 as he explains: “I have owned several other brands of mobility scooter before my Breeze and they were all not up to scratch. They all had many faults including dodgy transaxles and controllers, they were very unreliable, not my new Breeze though. I discovered this model online when reading lots of positive reviews – I made sure I did my homework before buying. Since ownership, crickey, my life has really changed! I can now enjoy ‘me time’ and can go wherever I want independently. I have to live with my parents due to my mobility issues, however I try my very best to avoid relying on anyone – with my Breeze I can achieve this.”

Mark continues: “My TGA mobility scooter gives me the ability to go and adventure in the woods and also enjoy the bird sanctuary in Worsborough which is a few miles from my house. I take my binoculars for a really good view of the wildlife and love driving around the scenic mill. I am also always on the lookout for interesting pieces of wood which I can craft into turned vases and bowls on my lathe back home. Now and again I am allowed to take some pieces that have been chopped down and are destined for the wood grinder. After transportation on my Breeze to the workshop, I can then get the wood on my lathe and begin turning, this always makes me feel positive about life.”  

Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter displaying one of latest wood turning creations

Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze S4 mobility scooter displaying one of latest wood turning creations

TGA Sponsoring Safe Driver Awareness For Mobility Scooter Owners At Mobility Roadshow

At the Mobility Roadshow, 25-27th June, Donington Park, TGA is to sponsor the mobility scooter test-drive zone so visitors can either try a model for the first time or gain invaluable safe-driving awareness.

TGA Mobility Scooter Safety TGA has been the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist since 1985. In addition to supporting the test-drive zone at The Mobility Roadshow, TGA will be showcasing its complete range of award-winning scooters on stand TD04a in the Donington Exhibition Hall. 2015 sees TGA celebrate 30 years of supplying quality and reliable mobility products to the nation with a continual focus on innovation, style and comfort. These core brand values are combined with TGA’s commitment to safety hence its sponsorship of the test-drive area at this year’s event.

Throughout the show highly experienced advisors with be available to demonstrate TGA products and also offer the latest advice regarding safe mobility scooter driving. Safety continues to be a top priority for TGA and therefore its team will be encouraging all owners, irrespective of scooter brand, to visit the test-drive area to gain invaluable advice.

This free opportunity will allow scooter owners to learn more about their own capabilities, avoid potential hazards and protect the safety of pedestrians. This awareness will help drivers remain safer through enhanced scooter control as Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director explains: “TGA is 100% committed to scooter owner safety. We have recently held another popular ‘safe scoot’ driving day at our headquarters in Suffolk and continue to encourage our all retailers across the UK to focus on awareness training. The Mobility Roadshow scooter test-drive zone will provide the perfect location for us to impart expert knowledge and advice regarding safety. We will also be illustrating the importance of individual product assessments. It is critical that the right scooter owner drives the right type of scooter for their personal needs.”

In addition to training and test drives, TGA will be demonstrating its complete product range at The Mobility Roadshow. This will include the nation’s favourite folding ‘car-boot’ Minimo, eye-catching Vita family through to the ever popular 8mph Breeze S4. The TGA Powerpack range, the proven powered solution to help push a manual wheelchair, will also be showcased along with the recently launched Maximo mobility scooter. The folding Maximo is a larger version of the pioneering Minimo and represents a breakthrough in scooter design as it combines advanced transportability with an enhanced

driving experience. It has pneumatic tyres, active suspension and includes the latest innovation in adjustable armrest design. Despite its larger size, the Maximo still fits comfortably in a car boot and folds effortlessly in a simple, single movement. The TGA ultra-lightweight lithium battery comes as standard which can be lifted with one finger – a true revolution in the mobility sector. The Maximo and all other award-winning TGA scooters will be available for demonstrations and test drives at The Mobility Roadshow.

TGA Sonet: A Big Thinking Scooter In A Compact Size

TGA Sonet Mobility ScooterWhen it comes to independence, the Sonet mobility scooter from TGA gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for all the comfort and features of a large scooter, but in a smaller size, then the TGA Sonet is ideal for you.

Enjoy having the benefits of superb manoeuvrability around town whilst enjoying added comfort if you are travelling further afield. Choose the Sonet and you will not only own a quality, reliable scooter, but you will have peace of mind from TGA’s package of market leading support. TGA is the UK’s proven specialist in mobility scooters with servicing, training, warranties and advice that is second-to-none. Why choose a scooter from a supplier who has no support or maybe only sells on the web, when TGA provides a complete service so hassle free mobility is assured?

The Sonet is a quality mid-sized scooter that delivers a smooth and stable ride through advanced active suspension. When out and about you’ll feel safe and in total control as its top speed is a comfortable 6mph and has an amazing range of up to 20 miles on a single charge. This popular TGA model is designed with an adjustable tiller and Delta handle bars, a clear instrument panel and touch button controls so driving is so easy, all back up by extra safety features. These include automatic braking for tackling hills and a parking brake along with highly visible lights and indicators so pedestrians will clearly see you coming. Its styling is sleek and contemporary with eye-catching alloy wheels that make a real statement – your friends will all want one! If you are struggling to get out or being housebound is now a permanent problem, this great-looking scooter is ready to change your life forever.

To make owning a Sonet as simple as possible, TGA offers a range of ways to help you get mobile. New Sonets are ready and waiting in striking metallic red or black along with a wide range of pristine nearly new models. TGA leasing and finance are also popular along with choosing the Motability scheme – TGA is one of the top five suppliers in the UK so has all the expertise to guide you every step-of-the-way.

Other fantastic features onboard every Sonet all help to deliver the best possible driving experience and tailor made seated position. The supportive orthopaedic seat is fully adjustable and even swivels through 360 degrees to enable strain-free mounting and dismounting. The TGA Sonet also comes with an impressive array of standard equipment including a spacious front basket, rear seat storage pocket, tiller mounted cup holder, hard-wearing floor coverings, and twin rear view mirrors. Attention to detail and finish quality is unbeatable throughout the whole design so what are you waiting for?

The TGA Sonet – feels big, drives small. 



Crane Lowndes, 50 from Sutton-on-Sea in Lincolnshire, lives with disability and in between travelling across Europe supporting haulage drivers, has been adapting two TGA Breeze mobility scooters into mini lorries.

Crane Lowndes, a part-time trucker’s mate from Sutton-on-Sea who lives with Cerebral Palsy, has adapted his two TGA Breeze mobility scooters into mini lorries.

Crane Lowndes, a part-time trucker’s mate from Sutton-on-Sea who lives with Cerebral Palsy, has adapted his two TGA Breeze mobility scooters into mini lorries.

Crane was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), which is a neurological condition that affects the movement and co-ordination of muscles. Crane’s CP particularly affects his legs so walking is extremely difficult, therefore a mobility scooter is the only means of retaining independence outdoors. Despite living with these difficulties, Crane has successfully volunteered as a ‘driver’s mate’ for several long distance haulages firms over a period of 30 years. He has been responsible for essential map reading, cooking, loading and lifting. His geographic knowledge and experience in the trucking environment has been invaluable for many drivers and haulage companies, especially before the introduction of satellite navigations systems. This passion for trucking has led to Crane ‘pimping up’ two of his three, 8mph TGA Breeze mobility scooters so they are more ‘lorry like’.

The TGA Breeze is a highly popular model of mobility scooter that won the Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge broadcast on BBC2, and holds the World Record for: ‘The Greatest distance covered in 24 hours by a mobility scooter’. Before converting his two cabin models, Crane owned a Breeze without a canopy, which had clocked up thousands of miles without any mechanical issues. The Breeze cabin was discontinued in 2006 and TGA currently supply a rigid canopy and all-weather vinyl cover for the latest S4 model. Therefore Crane’s versions are irreplaceable and regarded as ‘mobility scooter classics’.

Crane began his unique scooter conversions in 2006 when he purchased his first second hand TGA Breeze with cabin. This factory-standard model was located near Inverness in Scotland and following its delivery, was quickly accompanied by a second scooter discovered in Gloucester. This second model had stood in a garden for several years and was in a very poor state of repair when Crane took ownership – full of leaves and covered in mould. Crane then began the complex task of renovating these scooters and adapting them into mini-juggernauts, a process which was to take several years. Both these scooter cabins are based on models that are no longer manufactured in the UK so represent rare, mobility vehicles that are treasured by Crane.

Crane explained: “My dad was a lorry driver so I’ve always had a passion for all thing trucking-related. As I have spent so much time in cabs travelling to destinations such as Yugoslavia, Italy and Spain, I really wanted a scooter that felt familiar. It took me a long time to find these cabin versions of the Breeze as they are not made anymore. Using my knowledge of mechanics inherited from my dad, I’ve been able to adapt both scooters with new spotlights, LED lights, radios and Sat Nav. Plus for decorations I’ve mounted Michelin men on the outside of the cabins; with rosettes, curtains and trucker graphics inside. I have over 50 Michelin men in my collection and a selection of these fellas now look great mounted on my Breezes.”

Crane concluded: “I go for a drive two-to-three times a week along the coast and regularly get stopped by passers-by who take photos. I alternate between the two models each week so their battery condition remains good and I wax them fully three times a month. I make sure the years of work I’ve put into them is not lost as they are now classics. I am very careful as any damage would be a disaster, hence I’m always on the look out for spare parts just in case. Now I have settled down with five children and a wife, my long distance adventures are less frequent, but I can still enjoy truckin’ along the seafront thanks to be my TGA Breezes.”


Marie Geraldine Webster, 57 from near Worrall (outer Sheffield) who lives with disability following a serious cycling accident, has been able to relive her passion for riding at the Tour de France, thanks to a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

Disabled Marie Geraldine Webster, from near Worrall (outer Sheffield), has been able to relive her passion for riding at the Tour de France thanks to a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

Disabled Marie Geraldine Webster, from near Worrall (outer Sheffield), has been able to relive her passion for riding at the Tour de France thanks to a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

Marie was an extremely active mountain biker and horse rider until 1992 when she experienced a severe accident whilst riding in the Rivelin Valley. The failure of her brakes at speed on a steep incline and subsequent impact into a dry stone wall, resulted in multiple injuries including fractures to her skull and spine, severe crushed vertebrae and breakages to her face. Marie spent five months recovering in hospital after this accident and then returned home for further, extensive convalescence. Since the mid nineties, she has been able to rebuild her life despite living with limited walking capabilities and painful Fibromyalgia. She re-trained from a retail background to be a Civil Servant so that she could work whilst sitting down, as standing was impossible. Nevertheless freedom outdoors in her rural locality, especially to walk her two beloved dogs was still a major issue – that was until she discovered the remarkable TGA Breeze mobility scooter with off road capabilities.

Marie now owns the same model of mobility scooter that won the BBC Top Gear extreme mobility scooter challenge back in 2012. During this BBC broadcast, a TGA Breeze was successfully driven to the top of a rugged hillside in the Brecon Beacons – now this power and performance is giving Marie her life back. The TGA Breeze is renowned for world-class stability and safety when driving in the countryside and is a popular choice across the UK. Built for TGA by highly skilled engineers, this remarkable scooter has also just achieved a new World Record for travelling the further distance ever in 24 hours – 192 miles, set by Steve Tarrant at Goodwood Motorsport Circuit in May. This proven reliability now gives Marie the independence to access her local area that is hilly and impractical to negotiate in a wheelchair. Being outdoors once more has brought happiness back to Marie’s life, especially as she was able to recently watch the Tour de France as the competitors rode passed her nearby home.

Marie explains: “My love of cycling and the outdoors will never falter. Despite having to adapt my lifestyle significantly after my accident, my Breeze has made all the difference, especially as I can still enjoy on and off-road adventures. Having the ability to go and watch the Tour de France recently was so exciting, it was a really enjoyable event with beer tents, loads of freebies and seeing the riders was superb. I may not be tackling the very extreme terrain I used to, or travelling quite as fast, but my 8mph Breeze can still put a smile on my face. It is so powerful when climbing slopes, it really flies up. I spent a long time looking at all the scooters on the market – the Breeze was the most solid and seemed the best for driving over fields and along countryside tracks. Both my Yorkshire Terrier Ben, and Lhasa Apso called Tashi, now love going for walks along the local Loxley pathway. Plus, if 17-year-old Ben gets tired, he jumps on the footplate for a ride! The positivity my Breeze has generated has even encouraged me to take up new hobbies such as decorative stained and fused glass – so you see being mobile again can make a big difference.”