Four TGA mobility scooters deliver fun-filled days out for Norfolk family

TGA mobility scooters at park

The Chapman family enjoying a glorious day out at a Dinosaur Park thanks to a TGA Minimo Plus 4 and Minimo Plus mobility scooter.

Despite both living with restricted mobility, Barbara and Peter Chapman from Norfolk, aged 77 and 80 respectively, continue to live life to the full thanks to a TGA Breeze S4Breeze S3GTMinimo Plus and recently launched Minimo Plus 4 folding mobility scooter.

Barbara is a retired Accounts Manager and during Peter’s working career he was responsible for managing heavy plant machinery. They live in Dereham and are remarkable people bearing in mind the conditions they cope with on a daily basis. Barbara has severe ArthritisType 2 Diabetes and requires kidney dialysis three times a week. Peter experienced a Stroke eight years ago and has issues with both knees – hence they both find walking extremely difficult. Covering large distances on foot is impossible. However difficult daily life can be they continue to remain positive, happy and independent through ownership of four mobility scooters – two large models with off road capabilities and two that fold and fit in the boot of their Skoda Yeti.

Being able to go out independently or with their family keeps them ‘full of life’ as Barbara explains: “Owning these scooters has literally changed our lives, what would we have done without them? Our large Breeze’s let us explore the local woods and our folding Minimo’s give us freedom when travelling in the car. We can spend time with our grandchildren on days out without the worry of not being able to walk, this is priceless.” … more.

Christmas comes early to hospice patients with wheelchair donation from Suffolks TGA Mobility

Sudbury-based runner Daniel Salter and his local employer TGA Mobility, have donated a new StrongBack wheelchair to Colchester’s J’s Hospice for enhanced care of disabled locals this Christmas and beyond.

Js Hospice and Strongback Wheelchair

When Daniel Salter, 30 from Foxearth signed up for The J’s Hospice Chelmsford Marathon in October, he decided that he wanted to do something special for the charity. The J’s Hospice improves the lives of young adults with life-limiting conditions and their families across Essex.  Daniel is a Mobility Consultant for TGA, the UK-leading mobility scooter and product specialist, and so, instead of collecting sponsorship, he asked his employer to donate a new StrongBack wheelchair to the charity.

TGA’s lightweight and ergonomic StrongBack is a pioneering new folding wheelchair design with a contoured backrest for better lumbar support and greater comfort. It helps carers push their clients more easily and without the worry of back strain when lifting it into a car boot so Daniel felt it would be the ideal wheelchair to help the charity to care for its young adult patients. He explained: “Even though the StrongBack was only launched this year it has been hugely popular across the UK as it sets new standards in postural support and healthier sitting.”

TGA kindly agreed with one condition: Daniel had to complete the marathon within 4½ hours. As this was Daniel’s first ever marathon, this was going to be a challenge but, despite stopping during the race to help a young female entrant who was ill, he completed the marathon in an impressive 4 hours 12 minutes.

Daniel recently visited The J’s Hospice office in Great Baddow to present the wheelchair. He met the charity’s CEO Bev Barclay MBE along with some of the charity’s nurses and healthcare assistants plus a patient, Alice Leigh. He said: “I was so proud to hand over the StrongBack wheelchair to the team at The J’s Hospice as they are all fantastic and do an amazing job. They were really appreciative and I was lucky enough to meet Alice, one of the young adults in their care. She tried the StrongBack for the first time and gave us a big smile and agreed that it was really comfortable. I will continue to support The J’s and I’m looking forward to cycling for the charity on the Pedal for The J’s cycle ride next year.” Read more….

TGA donates solar powered Supersport mobility scooter to disabled Kenyan Beth

TGA, the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist, has donated a solar powered Supersport to an African Children’s Charity so that disabled Beth from Kenya (aged 23) can continue working at Karatina University.

Woman on a TGA Mobility Scooter

Disabled Kenyan Beth Wamuyu on her new Supersport mobility scooter donated by TGA Mobility and the For African Children charity

TGA has given the Supersport to Beth via the children’s charity ForAfricanChildren which is based in Torino, Italy. It has the mission statement “We can not change the world but we can change the world of a child” and is managed by Fulvio Rostagno and Lorella Mantino. The charity helps to assist several organisations operating in Africa with a mission to achieve project completion and encourage co-operation without a major focus on fundraising. It strives to deliver real change for children and young people on an individual level – hence the request to help Beth Wamuyu who lives with spinal problems and Polio. Fulvio contacted TGA to see if it would donate a mobility scooter and as this product specialist takes its corporate social responsibilities seriously, it was delighted to offer a solution.

Following discussions and a face-to-face meeting in Italy between Fulvio and Tim Ross of TGA, TGA Mobility agreed to donate a 3-wheel Supersport. The TGA Supersport is a robust and reliable mobility scooter that has proven power and performance to drive offroad. It is known as the ‘Harley Davidson of scooters’ due to its black and chrome styling and has batteries that can deliver an impressive range of up to 30 miles. Its trusted reliability and superb manoeuvrability mean it is the ideal scooter for freedom in remote locations. This dependable form of transport will change Beth’s life forever as she has severe walking difficulties, exaserpated in the rainy season when the ground is so muddy. With the help of a scooter she will be able to once again travel to work independently and spend time with her family and friends in neighbouring villages. Read more…..

Disabled MS artist continues independence thanks to Harley Davidson TGA mobility scooter

Despite living with restricted mobility, Marion Fletcher from mid-Wales, continues to enjoy independence and producing art with her Chihuahuas thanks to a cult-classic Supersport mobility scooter.


Marion lives with her musician partner and teenage son and since becoming disabled, enjoys all kinds of art including painting, sculpture and photography with an interest in landscapes and Portraiture. Marion has lived with Multiple Sclerosis since the late eighties however this has not stopped her raising money for charities. She has abseiled in aid of Arthritis UK and tackled the longest and fastest zip wire in Europe for M.S. Cymru. 

Away from her charity challenges Marion has remained independent and able to continue exercising her two charming Chihuahuas thanks to a TGA ‘Harley Davidson’ style mobility scooter. This black and chrome 3-wheel Supersport resembles more of a motorbike than a traditional mobility vehicle. It has all the power and performance to tackle the many hills and off-road trails in surrounding Wales. With this freedom Marion can continue to find inspiration from the outside world. Read more…..

An introduction to TGA Mobility – Mobility Scooters and Mobility Products

Daniel Stone, Managing Director of TGA Mobility, introduces this short video about the history and ethos of TGA Mobility, discusses why customer service is so important to all TGA employees and what the future holds for the company and its customers.

TGA is a family business that prides itself on its quality products and high standards of customer service. They have been in the mobility business for more than 30 years and have an established reputation for providing mobility scooters that encompass innovation and durability.

For further information please call 01787 882244 or email or visit

A Quick Guide to the TGA Vita Mobility Scooter Range

A stunning mobility scooter with innovative, hi-tech engineering and design. Nobody else offers anything quite like the Vita. (

Front double-wishbone suspension and a rear mono-shockabsorber borrow technology from the automotive industry. The fully adjustable and contoured seat adds to the comfort. All propelled by the powerful motor.

Advances such as the brilliantly clear liquid crystal display give you all the information you need and the super bright LED lights means the Vita takes mobility scooters to a new level of safety, performance and comfort.

For more information please contact: 01787 882244 or


Despite living with severe walking difficulties, Mark Ravensdale, 48 from Barnsley, has been able to continue with his passion for wood gathering and crafting, thanks to a new off-road TGA Breeze S4 mobility scooter

Mark has unfortunately lived with spinal problems since he was 24. He fell from a significant height when climbing a tree and damaged his lower back irreparably, resulting in ongoing pain in both legs and limited walking capabilities. Since experiencing this trauma, Mark has been able to rebuild his life through the support of his parents and Claire, his 24-year old daughter. Mark is a skillful wood turner and creates beautiful vases and bowls in his workshop on a professional lathe. This full time hobby has real importance in Mark’s life, however it had become difficult to continue until he took ownership of his rugged mobility scooter. This TGA model, which is the same scooter that won BBC TV’s Top Gear Extreme Mobility Scooter Challenge, has given Mark the ability to continue sourcing natural wood in his local countryside. With permission granted from forestry rangers and Environment Agency personnel, he can load up his scooter with a few pieces that are then transported home – ready for his creativity to begin.

48-year-old Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter in Wombwell forest near Barnsley.

48-year-old Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter in Wombwell forest near Barnsley.

Mark rides his robust TGA mobility scooter into Wombwell woods and along surrounding rivers and canals searching for workers engaged in clearing dangerous boughs or branches. This would not be possible without his Breeze S4 as he explains: “I have owned several other brands of mobility scooter before my Breeze and they were all not up to scratch. They all had many faults including dodgy transaxles and controllers, they were very unreliable, not my new Breeze though. I discovered this model online when reading lots of positive reviews – I made sure I did my homework before buying. Since ownership, crickey, my life has really changed! I can now enjoy ‘me time’ and can go wherever I want independently. I have to live with my parents due to my mobility issues, however I try my very best to avoid relying on anyone – with my Breeze I can achieve this.”

Mark continues: “My TGA mobility scooter gives me the ability to go and adventure in the woods and also enjoy the bird sanctuary in Worsborough which is a few miles from my house. I take my binoculars for a really good view of the wildlife and love driving around the scenic mill. I am also always on the lookout for interesting pieces of wood which I can craft into turned vases and bowls on my lathe back home. Now and again I am allowed to take some pieces that have been chopped down and are destined for the wood grinder. After transportation on my Breeze to the workshop, I can then get the wood on my lathe and begin turning, this always makes me feel positive about life.”  

Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze mobility scooter displaying one of latest wood turning creations

Mark Ravensdale on his TGA Breeze S4 mobility scooter displaying one of latest wood turning creations