Lewis Reed Delighted to be at 30th Mobility Roadshow!

Lewis Reed – voted best WAV supplier by Motability is delighted and excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Mobility Roadshow.


“Vivre” by Lewis Reed (Stand A10)

This year we are bringing with us our top 5 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles plus our newest product a converted Caravan.

This Adria caravan is our latest prototype. We’re looking forward to showing off this product, listening to customer’s opinions and finding out exactly what they would like to see in it.

The “Vivre” by Lewis Reed

Easy Independent living in motion.

Understanding the need for an independent lifestyle helps us design and provide a suitable caravan to suit your needs. Our inspiration and dedication comes from satisfying you the customer by delivering memorable holidays that will last forever.

Wheelchair accessible caravans

Lewis Reed now provides fully accessible high quality new Adria caravans.
Our adaptions provide practical and quality solutions to suit your personal needs whilst still retaining the luxury and quality of the standard caravan.

We will adapt it to suit your specific needs.

We adapt the original layout, enhancing specific areas to include any independent living equipment and access requirements needed whilst still retaining the look, specification and quality of the original Adria model.

Quality bespoke modifications to your caravan

Lewis Reed modifies the existing layout of the caravan to meet your specific requirements providing you with a perfect bespoke caravan for you and your family.

All our adaptations are completed using the manufacturers’ original materials and designed to be indistinguishable from the original build.

What kind of adaptations and modifications can be completed?

Talk to us and let us help you provide practical solutions.

  • Access arrangements include widened external door.
  • Fully wheelchair access wet room.
  • A choice of hoists
  • Installation of specialist independent living equipment
  • Specialist sleeping arrangements including profiling beds

Bespoke Modifications, Conversions and Improvements

We will endeavour to suit your specific needs whether it is a complete new unique layout, or just a few simple alterations to improve design, space or specification to make travelling as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Talk to our experienced sales staff and between us we’ll find you a perfect solution. We are here to help.

Quality and Design

After talking to our professional sales staff and consulting with our experienced designers, we will adapt the standard caravan taking into consideration all your specific requirements. We offer advice and suggestions on what is available and practical for your needs.

Our expert design team will ensure that all agreed adaptations will be made of original high quality, practical and safe manufacturer’s materials. This is to ensure the conversion; modifications or upgrades will meet your every requirement, whilst retaining the luxury, quality, reliability and feel of the original caravan.


We supply and fit high quality equipment as standard. We work closely with all approved specialist suppliers to ensure that all items of equipment are fitted to the benefit you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or just simply ask for advice.

Spacious Living

The lounge we provide gives extra space providing you with all the room you need to relax in whilst the well equipped kitchen makes food preparation a delight thanks to the large work surfaces and ample storage. The beds we provide are large and comfortable plus our wet room is practical, accessible and airy. All complimented by excellent lighting and modern design.








David Moss, 70 from Cirencester, is a retired, international sales and marketing specialist who despite having five separate hip replacements and living with restricted mobility, has been able to continue his passion for growing fruit and vegetables thanks to a remarkable TGA mobility scooter.

David Moss, 70 from Cirencester, is a retired, international sales and marketing specialist who despite having five separate hip replacements and living with restricted mobility, has been able to continue enjoying his allotment thanks to a remarkable TGA Breeze mobility scooter.

David Moss, 70 from Cirencester, is a retired, international sales and marketing specialist who despite having five separate hip replacements and living with restricted mobility, has been able to continue enjoying his allotment thanks to a remarkable TGA Breeze mobility scooter.

Following the completion of an engineering apprenticeship at The Austin Motor Company, David’s career began in the road haulage industry and concluded in airport sales and marketing. These roles resulted in him travelling around the world and working in Malaysia for eight years, which he thoroughly enjoyed and has resulted in the country’s flag flying proudly over his allotment. During this time David was diagnosed with requiring a hip replacement and subsequently has undergone five operations which have resulted in him having some walking mobility, but limited to less than half a mile. When returning to live in the UK in 2008, David was not able to easily access his local allotment site as it was over a mile away and he was desperate to spend more time growing crops. Therefore he decided that a TGA Breeze 4 mobility scooter with off road capabilities, similar to the model that won the BBC Top Gear extreme challenge in 2012, would be the answer and so set to work purchasing one and then adapting it to carry his gardening equipment.

David explained: “I’ve had my allotment for four years and it now covers a third of an acre on which we grow almost anything we want including all forms of beans, brassicas, courgettes, tomatoes, carrot, beetroot and parsnips. We also have recently added a large caged fruit area and anticipating longevity, we’re currently laying down an area to asparagus – it is an ardent chef’s dream. One of our sheds has probably more cooking equipment than the average kitchen and I am able to access all of this easily on my manoeuvrable TGA Breeze. To enable me to carry essentials to the allotment I only had to add a bracket to support my strimmer, whilst the floor well easily carries my toolkit/water carriers and the baskets are packed with other things such as seeds, small tools and bottles of wine and food. In my own mind the allotment is my ‘Kampong’ which is Malaysian for ‘village of birth’ and thanks to the rugged and robust performance of my Breeze scooter, I can spend as much time as I like tending the land.”

David continued: “Accidently my TGA Breeze acquired a Royal Air Force tail number when a friend suggested it went like ‘lightning’. It does indeed have fantastic performance and reliability; therefore it now bears the tail number of one of the fastest interception aircraft the RAF ever flew! I choose the 8mph Breeze 4 because, having previously owned a lower quality machine, I wanted a more durable and off road capable scooter. I also use it extensively in town and it is a regular feature in our local supermarket where the security guard calls it my ‘BMW’. We have occasionally thought of using my structural design ability to add a platform to the rear of the Breeze, which would enable a weary wife to travel home from the allotment in Boadicea type comfort although I’m not sure TGA would exactly approve. So there you have it – Kampong Boy and his reliance on a superb mobility product backed by wonderful manufacturer support from TGA!”

TGA Breeze mobility scooters deliver carefree independence across the UK for countless individuals like David with interesting and rewarding jobs and hobbies. From 83-year-old farmer Robert Maund, who still runs his dairy farm through to Julie Thomson with MS who competes in dog agility thanks to a TGA Breeze, all owners are testament to the versatility and reliability of this award-winning scooter.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concluded: “The TGA team and I are always delighted to hear about the diverse range of hobbies and interests our mobility scooters open up to individuals living with restricted mobility. Peace of mind and trusting the scooter you own is especially important in terms of capability, performance and range when driving off road and the Breeze delivers on all levels.”


TGA Mobility’s Patrick from Suffolk defies vertigo to skydive 10,000ft for Action Aid

Patrick Woodward, 22 from Sudbury and hardworking Service Co-ordinator at TGA Mobility, has raised £250 for Action Aid by sky diving from 10,000ft even though he is commonly affected by vertigo.

Patrick Woodward, 22 from Sudbury and Service Co-ordinator for the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist, TGA, also based in Sudbury, free-falls from 10,000ft for Action Aid.

Patrick Woodward, 22 from Sudbury and Service Co-ordinator for the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist, TGA, also based in Sudbury, free-falls from 10,000ft for Action Aid.

Patrick is employed by the UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist and is a key member of the service team, delivering maintenance and repairs for TGA customers nationwide. Since joining the Sudbury-based business 18 months ago, Patrick has become a highly valued member of staff moving from customer services to the busy and pressurised engineering department of the business where he now thrives. Outside of TGA, he is a keen mountain biker and enjoys attending music festivals, which the latter resulted in him signing up to skydive for charity. At the 2012 Reading Festival, Patrick signed up for a newsletter that subsequently advertised 10,000ft tandem jumps to raise money for Action Aid. He responded to an ad which resulted in Patrick successfully completing a jump on Easter Sunday at Hinton Skydiving Centre in Northamptonshire.

Patrick explains: “Surprisingly, considering my vertigo and fear of heights, I was calm throughout the whole experience – it was simply amazing! My girlfriend Tess also took on the challenge with a similar fear of heights. Our planes took off at approximately 10:30am and climbed to 10,000ft where we prepared for our tandem jumps. It was all very surreal and when you are above the soft white clouds, everything seems so serene and peaceful. Sat on the edge of the plane, there were no screams of terror and throughout the 50sec free fall I was quiet and felt really relaxed – very bizarre. I still can’t believe Tess and I reached speeds over 120mph and as we were safely on terra firma in less than three minutes, it almost feels as though it never happened! I am now considering training for my AFF licence so I can then jump independently which I’m sure would be even more breath taking. It was a great feeling to raise over £250 for Action Aid who fight poverty and injustice in over forty countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas – £100 of which was donated by the TGA Managing Director, Daniel Stone.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: “Patrick is a valuable member of our specialist mobility scooter servicing team and his position, Service Co-ordinator, is a key role within the business. Here at TGA, we always support our employees if they become involved with external fundraising and as a business, we commonly support local and national charities including Success after Stroke and The Royal British Legion. I would like to congratulate Patrick for overcoming his fears to achieve this parachute jump and it was a pleasure for me to donate to his chosen and very worthwhile cause.”

Patrick’s skydiving challenge can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=BkRhf2yabiE



Theraposture Limited, the leading assistive furniture specialist, is to launch the pioneering Theraposture Freedom Rise profiling bed at Naidex National 2013 (Stand B82, NEC 30 April – 2 May), that delivers controlled and powered assistance for disabled individuals transferring between a seated and lying position.

The new Theraposture Freedom Rise bed delivers controlled and powered support for disabled individuals requiring assistance with transferring between a seated and lying position.

The new Theraposture Freedom Rise bed delivers controlled and powered support for disabled individuals requiring assistance with transferring between a seated and lying position.

Theraposture is a privately owned, family run business that has been the leading supplier of bespoke, hand-built assistive furniture for over three decades. Regularly recommended by healthcare professionals who include Occupational Therapists, GPs, Nurses, Case Managers and Manual handling advisors, Theraposture is seen as first choice for reliable, quality assistive furniture. The new Theraposture Freedom Rise will continue with this highly respected heritage as it once again delivers an innovative, intelligently designed solution to a common problem – getting legs into and out of bed. It is available to order at an introductory discounted price of £2995 for a limited period and during Naidex National.*

New to the UK market and with unique functionality, the Theraposture Freedom Rise provides powered mobility assistance for users as it ingeniously transforms from a fully flat bed to an articulated upright seated position and vice versa. It incorporates numerous engineering innovations that result in a highly reliable, safe and comfortable solution that aesthetically blends into any domestic home. Far superior to ‘chair-bed’ designs, the Freedom Rise is a quality, highly durable bed that transforms into a chair configuration and has an impressive 23 stone (146kg) user weight capacity. It also has the capability to support users wishing to sleep with an elevated headrest position – ideal for alleviating respiratory, circulation and pressure related issues. For user peace of mind the Freedom Rise is supplied with a three-year warranty as standard and also includes a positional and adjustable pillow, bespoke cotton sheet and the sleeping surface is anti-slip.

David Holtum, Theraposture Managing Director explains: “The Theraposture Freedom Rise represents a breakthrough in the community care sector. The independent mobility it provides will eliminate rapidly increasing domiciliary care costs so individuals can enjoy living in their own home longer which has multiple benefits on many levels. With self-enablement and care-at-home continuing to be a main priority for all concerned with care provision in the UK, the Freedom Rise provides an ideal, cost-effective and trusted solution for all healthcare professionals to specify to relevant clients. It now clearly solves a major issue for individuals living with mobility problems in the community and opens up the opportunity for so many to benefit from an improved level of health. Time and again we witness individuals who have resorted to sleeping in a chair and hence live with significant problems and deterioration in wellbeing. The Freedom Rise eliminates this scenario and its purchase price is only the same cost as several weeks of residential care, hence paying for itself in a very short space of time. As a business, Theraposture is proud to be introducing such a pioneering, problem-solving solution to the UK market.”

The Theraposture Freedom Rise bed is hand-built with high quality, hospital standard components and materials. It has been brought to market following an extensive period of R&D and safety testing using high numbers of potential ‘real life’ users. This critical process was essential to ensure that functionality, speed, materials and aesthetics would meet certain criteria in the community. It encompasses a compact, sleek base that houses all mechanisms, a detachable headboard and a flexible sleeping platform that is easily accessible for carers. The Freedom Rise has four leg height options and is ideal for owners measuring between 5-6ft in height.

The sleeping surface consists of two individual layers of specialist Visco foam of varying densities that are extremely supportive whilst providing optimum flexibility for seamless movement of the bed. Both layers are fully incased in removable covers that are washable and crafted in highly durable material that maximises hygiene levels and also provides anti-sheer contact. There are several material options available that are specifically designed to cater for a variety of healthcare needs. The premium standard of this fabric range is also reflected in the internal mechanisms of the Freedom Rise with all elements precisely engineered in robust, power coated steel. A revolutionary, single actuator drives the movement of the bed so that levels of reliability are enhanced and maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimal. Ease of operation for the end users has also been carefully considered during the design of the Theraposture Freedom Rise. The ergonomic hand controller, which is permanently connected to the bed via a durable, expandable cable, only has two buttons for up and down movement and is fully lit for easy location during the night.

The Theraposture Freedom Rise will assist an individual from a seated to lying position within 45 seconds in a controlled and smooth manner. This represents a significant time saving for every transfer, as this independent movement does not require the assistance of a carer or relative. The Freedom Rise is also remarkable in its ability to allow the user to remain in an ideal position, irrespective of the bed angle, so further time consuming and awkward adjustments are not required. The movement of the bed can be stopped at any point during operation for further user peace of mind and optional accessories such as lateral support rails, fitted sheets with sewn-in pillows and trays are also available.

The new and revolutionary Theraposture Freedom Rise bed now provides real, cost effective independence for individuals living with restricted mobility who want to remain in the comfort of their own home. It is available to purchase or rent with the flexibility to purchase following a period of leasing if preferred. Negating expensive and escalating care costs, the Freedom Rise delivers choice to those seeking freedom in the community and a trusted, safe solution to be specified by all healthcare professionals nationwide.

* Introductory discount is only available on the first 50 Freedom Rise beds sold. Full price: £3250.



Julie Thomson, 53, from Stansted, who has Multiple Sclerosis, successfully displayed her dog agility prowess on her amazing TGA Breeze 3 mobility scooter at Ace Agility’s fundraising event for the MS Society on Easter Sunday, helping to raise over £1,200.


Featured in the East Anglian press and on BBC Radio Suffolk, the event was held at Braggons Farm, Glemsford, Suffolk and was attended by over 120 locals and dog owners. They witnessed over 40 dogs and their owners practising their skills around a dog agility course, including Julie Thomson, who uses a TGA Breeze mobility scooter to negotiate the agility equipment whilst directing her 4-year-old Patterdale Terrier, Dodger.

Julie is a retired nurse with a lively personality who was diagnosed with MS in 1998. She trained as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital in London and later became the Nurse Practitioner in Urology at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St. Edmunds. As her mobility became more restricted, she decided to use a mobility scooter, but it was not until she owned a robust and rugged TGA Breeze 3 that she was able to tackle a wider variety of ground conditions and consider taking up dog agility.

Organised by Ace Agility dog trainer, Jacqui Wood, the event has already raised over £1,200 for the MS Society’s “Challenge60” fundraising campaign in celebration of the charity’s 60th anniversary. Despite the cold weather, a healthy number of people came to see Julie and Dodger in action, along with 10-year-old Fred and “JJ” the Border Collie, who will soon be appearing together on CBBC’s TV programme “Who Let The Dogs Out?” The dog agility demonstration also included a special moment when Roxy, a little five-month old Westie-poodle puppy, ran a beginners’ agility course alongside Julie on her TGA mobility scooter.

Julie comments: “I would like to thank everyone who attended, donated and sponsored this special event, it was a great day all round! A special thank you should go to the sponsoring companies, including TGA, who supplied my amazing mobility scooter and helped us raise press awareness, together with fidofoto for taking the photographs and Braggon’s Farm for providing the location. During our turn on the dog agility course, Dodger was an absolute star, only losing his stride once when I accidentally dropped his container of reward sausages! He especially showed off his speed through the weaves and over the dog walk. My TGA Breeze 3 was universally admired for its versatility and its manoeuvrability around the dog agility equipment, and Dodger was praised for his nippy ability to avoid the wheels.”

Julie continues, “I’ve used a mobility scooter for a long time, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get a versatile Breeze 3 from TGA in Sudbury until 2007. It’s six years old now, and has done about 1,000 miles a year, but is still going strong! The Breeze 3’s large wheels and slender front end make it ideal for tackling an outdoor dog agility course. Its handling, its power and, in particular, its suspension mean that it can cope with all kinds of terrain, making it the ideal mobility scooter for dog agility. When I’m not at Ace Agility, Dodger and I enjoy the beautiful public footpaths around Suffolk on my TGA Breeze 3 – often tackling very rough ground, especially in winter. As it has been such a superb machine, I am thinking of replacing my old Breeze with the latest model, which I’ve heard it is even better in terms of performance and comfort. I would recommend a TGA mobility scooter to anyone living with restricted mobility who wants to enjoy the outdoors independently.”

Donations to the MS Society in conjunction with this event and the “Challenge60” fundraising campaign can be made at: https://www.justgiving.com/aceagility

Picture caption: Julie Thomson from Stanstead, who has MS, helps to raise over £1,200 for the MS Society at a Suffolk dog agility event whilst demonstrating her skills with Dodger on a TGA Breeze 3 mobility scooter.


Exclusive Naidex consumer offers from TGA celebrating the launch of the NEW Minimo mobility scooter

 £200 OFF RRP or FREE pioneering lightweight lithium battery upgrade

The UK’s leading mobility scooter specialist, TGA, will be launching the innovative, folding Minimo at Naidex National (Stand B50, 30 April – 2 May 2013, NEC), which will deliver pioneering levels of transportability, comfort and safety in the ‘car boot’ scooter class. To celebrate this exciting introduction to the UK market, TGA is delighted to announce two offers only available to end users that attend Naidex National 2013.

For all three days, the new TGA Minimo is available to order with either £200 off the RRP or a free lithium battery upgrade. The new Minimo lithium battery is a revolutionary attachment as it delivers an impressive range of 20km (12 miles) but only weighs a mere 3.3kg (7lbs). With the scooter itself also only weighing 24kg (53lbs) and collapsing via one straightforward action, the new TGA Minimo represents a revolution in lightweight mobility scooter designs that can be lifted easily to fit in the boot of most cars.

To qualify for either of these exclusive, end-user only discounts, visit stand B50 to order your new TGA Minimo mobility scooter at Naidex National 2013.

Tel: 01787 882244  Email: sales@tgamobility.co.uk  www.tgamobility.co.uk

Warm welcome to new and returning Mobility Roadshow Exhibitors, including Volkswagen

There is always something new at this popular event

Visitors to this year’s 30th Anniversary event will not be surprised to recognise long-established organisations in the mobility sector, indeed some who have supported the Roadshow all the way from 1983.

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Each year there is always something new and we extend a very warm welcome to several exhibitors making their Roadshow debut. Already confirmed are:

· Ableworld

· All Shropshire Mobility

· British Wheelchair Athletics Association

· Cerebral Palsy Sport

· Disabled Shooting Project

· Freedom Mobility

· PackaPouch (Fabulous Inventions Ltd)

· Puwertec

· Thomas Sanderson

Welcome back

An equally warm welcome goes to the following organisations returning to the Roadshow this year. Good to see you back!


· Disabled Holiday Information

· Global Leather (Afia)

· Lodgesons

· Roma Medical

· Volkswagen

Pre-reg for free tickets or a test drive today at:


27-29 June 2013, Telford International Centre, free entry and parking