TGA mobility scooter enables disabled naturalist to continue building a world-renowned photographic wildlife catalogue

David Fenwick, 51 from Cornwall, is a remarkable naturalist that despite several disabilities, has been able to continue building a world-renowned photographic wildlife catalogue through ownership of a rugged TGA mobility scooter.

David has been involved with horticultural most of his life. He was a horticultural therapist for the NHS before becoming a carer, before becoming disabled himself. In 2007 he became ill following a tick bite whilst photographing wildlife in a local wood. He now suffers from moderate to severe CFS/MEpolyarthralgiamyalgia, lower spine problems and cervical stenosis. David has walking difficulties, and these greatly restricted his ability to continue his studies in coastal and rural areas of Cornwall, that’s until he discovered the TGA Breeze 4 mobility scooter. The Breeze 4 is an 8mph scooter that is the flagship product from TGA – it provides world-leading stability, reliability and comfort and hence is the preferred choice of many disabled adults and elderly people living in rural or remote Britain.

The TGA Breeze scooter is renowned for its off-road capabilities and rose to nationwide fame when it appeared on BBC TV’s Top Gear programme. In this episode it won an extreme mobility scooter challenge by successfully scaling a rocky and muddy welsh mountainside. The same performance and traction as demonstrated on the BBC has allowed David to continue photographing, collecting and analyzing a huge variety of marine, fauna and flora species. His vast and highly comprehensive online catalogues represent over 10 years of work and are regularly utilised by schools, universities and academic establishments worldwide. David has been responsible for the discovery of a number of new species around Cornwall and continues to record wildlife when working independently on his scooter, with his wife, who purchased a TGA Breeze S4, just to keep up with him and they are now able to share every experience.

David explains: “Field walking needed for flora, fauna and fungi was something I had given up. The TGA Breeze 4 was my first scooter and I found it ideal for covering large distances which is something that is needed to find a wider range of species in different habitats. Read more…..

Disabled Jacqui Continue Beloved Hobby Thanks To TGA Supersport Mobility Scooter

Jacqueline Agnew, 50 from Newtownards, Northern Ireland, is a passionate bird photographer and despite walking difficulties, has been able to continue with her beloved hobby thanks to a TGA Supersport mobility scooter.

The TGA Supersport is a cult-classic mobility scooter renowned for its black and chrome looks that resemble a Harley Davidson style motorbike. It is popular with elderly and disabled owners looking for assured independence outdoors and who prefer a scooter that looks less like a conventional mobility vehicle. It is a rugged, 3-wheel scooter with robust suspension and a powerful motor so exceptional manoeuvrability and performance is delivered whilst adventuring off-road. This is why Jacqueline owns a Supersport and also for easier access into town and around the shops. When not working in Belfast as a civil servant, Jacqueline regularly visits the Kiltonga Wildlife Reserve on her scooter so she can photograph the wild birds that inhabit the area. Without her TGA Supersport she simply would not be able to fulfil this passion. 

Jacqueline has chronic arthritis in both knees which means she is unable to walk any great distance. She is the proud owner of a Supersport thanks to the help of local TGA retailer John Preston and the Motability leasing scheme. Jacqueline explains: “My scooter is brilliant. It is sturdy and always generates lots of comments when I am out, especially from young kids, they say it is so cool. I use a rollator to get to work and back on the bus however the distances involved when visiting the wildlife reserve are far too much for me without my Supersport. My photography is so important to me; I’d be lost without it. Thanks to my scooter I have been able to capture so many beautiful images of geese, swans and herons.” Read more…

R82 UK launches pioneering portable scallop seat for disabled children through its new ‘’ webshop

R82 UK, a world-leading specialist in assistive products for disabled children, has launched its revolutionary foldable Scallop seating system, available through its new product webshop –

The Scallop from R82 is a lightweight and portable solution that assists children of all ages who require additional support when sitting on the floor or in a chair. Suited for children with GMFCS level 1 – 3, it consists of a folding fabric structure and simple strapping that is adjustable and offers wrap-around ‘shell-like’ postural support for children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida.

Scallop 2 Children

Originally designed by talented Swansea university student Keira Gwynn, the Scallop has been developed by R82 in close collaboration with users, families and therapists. It provides extra stability for children when sitting, along with tactile stimulation and reassurance, and facilitates increased occupational performance. R82 began working with Keira whilst she continued her studies and on completion of her degree, offered her a position at our parent company in Denmark as a Product Designer. This has allowed Keira to drive the evolution of the Scallop concept resulting in a worldwide launch to market at the Rehacare exhibition last month.

The R82 Scallop is a unique concept. It can be used for indoor or outdoor floor sitting or as a chair attachment providing young users with flexible, comfortable seating options. It is available in a range of sizes, styles and fun colours and weighs less than 2kg so highly portable when travelling away from home. It allows children to sit longer and improves seating alignment and balance with better postural control of the lower back. The Scallop can also be beneficial for early intervention programmes focused on improved trunk and pelvic positioning.

Read more….

Buy online at

TGA Mobility Help Theft Victim Regain Independence Thanks to Vita Mobility Scooter

Jay Adewale, 46 from London and who lives with a muscle wasting condition, has regained his independence on a TGA Vita Midi at TGA Mobility’s safe scoot driving day, following the theft of his previous mobility scooter.

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Jay from north west London is one such individual who lives with a neurological disability that results in his muscles becoming weaker over time. He also has to live with symptoms similar to extreme Rheumatoid Arthritis so walking unaided is impossible.

Putting weight on his legs causes Jay a lot of pain, hence he purchased another brand of mobility scooter a while ago. However, this scooter was recently stolen from outside of his home and left him with ‘no legs’. Without insurance, he needed to quickly find a scooter that he could afford and ideally one that was more in-keeping with his age – a cutting edge TGA Vita Midi was the answer. The Vita looks more like a modern motorbike with streamlined body moulding, LED lights, bucket seat and revolutionary suspension.

Jay explains: “Having my scooter stolen had been a real nightmare but without this happening I would never have discovered the TGA Vita Midi. It is totally different to old-fashioned scooters that can look like a red box on wheels, wow, it is real header turner. As soon as I saw it I had to have it.” Read more…..

An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)An orthopaedic adjustable bed from Theraposture will assist with many symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an unpredictable condition and the severity of its affects varies greatly, however problems associated with mobility and balance are common. People with Ataxia, muscle contractions and spasms can greatly benefit from a bed that includes profiling, variable height, or profiling and variable height adjustment.

Theraposture single and dual combination motorised beds encompass quality German-engineered mechanisms that alter the configuration of a mattress so a variety of position can be achieved. With reduced or no discomfort users can either raise their upper body or legs from a flat position and vice versa.  Read more……


Abacus Healthcare’s New Assisted Bathing Educational Programme for OTs Showcasing at The OT Show 2016

people standing near assisted bathAbacus Healthcare, would like to invite all Occupational Therapists to see its educational programme regarding assisted bathing at the OT Show (Stand F42, NEC, 23-24 November).

The Abacus range of accessible baths with powered features such as height adjustment, bather transfer seats and integrated changing platforms deliver utmost care, dignity, comfort and safety to semi-ambulant users. They also ensure carers can assist at safe working heights and avoid the potential for back and muscle injury from excessive lifting and stooping. Nevertheless, many families with disabled children and relatives are unable to choose an Abacus bath as funding is commonly not permitted through a Disabled Facilities Grant.

Local Authorities can deem assisted baths not essential and more expensive than wet room conversions or showering adaptations. However, in many client cases there are several factors that justify the need for an accessible bath including legislative, economic and health-related benefits. Justifying a bath grant can be a challenge sometimes for OTs however the ‘#BathingIsBetter’ campaign by Abacus provides all the information required to submit a more compelling case:


This campaign will be showcased in detail at the OT Show through –
‘#BathingIsBetter’ educational seminar
Presented by Kate Sheehan, OT
23rd and 24th November: 11:30-11:45 presentation / 11:45-12:30 Q&A session

Kate Sheehan Significance of Bathing
This informative and interactive presentation will review and highlight the key elements of the DFG and question why bathing is often neglected as an option to meet a client’s personal hygiene and occupational needs.
Key elements of the session will include:

  • DFG and bathing
  • Client choice and control
  • Bathing as a purposeful occupation .……read more

Theraposture Demonstrate Why Extensive Rotoflex Range Is First Choice For HCP’s At The OT Show

Theraposture provide the widest choice of tailor-made solutions so that an infinite variety of needs can be met for users of all shapes, weights and sizes. This product flexibility is a major benefit to OTs which is supported by an equally adaptable and professional approach to working with OT’s. The experienced and accredited team of nationwide Trusted Assessors work closely with OTs to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for all through assessment-based equipment provision and 14-day suitability guarantees.

Men Sitting on Rotational BedA major benefit to OTs

At the OT Show Theraposture will be available to explain why and how its extensive product range remains first choice for many OTs and their clients. Focusing on its proven turning bed portfolio, the Trusted Assessors will be demonstrating a LOW access Rotoflex 175 (175Kg SWL) and a Bariatric Rotoflex 300 (300kg SWL).

The LOW access Rotoflex 175 bed provides the ultimate assistive solution for smaller clients so they can move from a recumbent to a seated position independently. At its lowest position, this Rotoflex provides a distance of only 43.5cm between the floor and mattress surface, which combined with an ergonomic seat depth, this allows users with shorter legs to sit more comfortably by getting their bottom to the back of the seat.

Ideal for users weighing up to..… more