Theraposture’s Rotoflex Bed: giving greater safety & support when getting in & out of bed

Theraposture’s Liam Braddell talks to Sarah who lives with Multiple Sclerosis. Sarah explains how the Rotoflex rotational bed gives her great safety and support when transferring from out of bed into her wheelchair effectively.

The Rotoflex enables Sarah to remain safely in control of her transfer.


Loopwheels on MobilityRoadshow

The Nottinghamshire company behind the revolutionary new shock-absorbing wheels, Loopwheels, are looking forward to another great show at Mobility Roadshow in May. Last year’s show at Castle Donington was a huge success for them.

Director Gemma Pearce says: “We had a fantastic show last year. Loopwheels were brand new on the mobility market. People came straight to our stand to try loopwheels on their chairs, and there was plenty of opportunity for people to test out the wheels on the grass, paving and kerbs near our stand. We took a lot of orders at the show and have many happy customers as a result! There was a real buzz around the stand.

We’re very much looking forward to this year’s show at Silverstone, particularly as it’s such an iconic venue. We now sell loopwheels through stockists in 13 countries around the world. We’re really proud to manufacture a British-designed product in the UK, and although I’m expecting a UK audience at the show itself, I think many of our customers abroad who follow our news will really connect with a world famous British name like Silverstone.”

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A Guide to Mobility Scooters for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

A reliable and comfortable mobility scooter from TGA may help with many of the symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is unpredictable and the severity of this condition varies greatly, however problems associated with mobility and balance are common. Walking can be difficult due to leg weakness and in addition to extreme tiredness, Vertigo can also cause people to be housebound. However with an electric scooter such as a TGA Vita or Eclipse, people living with MS can enjoy greater independence outdoors.

Click image for larger version.  Name: TGA_James_Pagram.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 122.3 KB  ID: 1501If you have MS, driving a mobility scooter with suspension is a big plus. This allows you to remain steady and stable when driving over uneven ground and helps avoid unnecessary jolts to your body. The Vita Lite, Vita Midi, Vita 4, Vita Sport and Vita X all include a revolutionary single rear shock absorber developed from the motorcycle industry. Combined with double wishbone suspension on both front wheels, bumps are smoothed out when travelling along the pavement – enhanced by air-filled pneumatic tyres on larger Vita models. Plus with TGA’s revolutionary puncture sealant injected in each wheel, the worry of being marooned with a flat tyre is reduced.

The bigger 8mph Vita 4, Vita Sport and Vita X scooters have extra legroom with spacious floor wells so people with Ataxia, muscle contractions and spasms have the space to stretch our their legs during a journey. These models also include orthopaedic racing style bucket seats that offer all round support whilst a headrest provides ultimate comfort. As the seat sides are raised you benefit from a ‘cocooning effect’ that improves posture and helps you sit upright even if muscle weakness is an issue. The back and armrests are fully adjustable so a personalised driving position can be achieved and access on and off is no problem as the seat can be swiveled 90 degrees to either side.

If you have reduced strength then a 3-wheel mobility scooter such as a TGA Breeze S3 or TGA Breeze 3 Midi maybe better…read more