Introducing the Age UK Adjustable Bed range from Theraposture.

In this video Liam from Theraposture introduces the Age UK Adjustable Bed range from Theraposture.
• Handcrafted, reliable adjustable beds and quality mattresses
• Trustworthy service for peace of mind
• Extensive range of designs, mattresses and options
• Only £100 deposit with 14-day money back satisfaction guarantee

Buying these products supports Age UK’s charitable work

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Age UK Adjustable Beds by Theraposture deliver enhanced resident comfort and carer support at prestigious BCVS care homes in Bath

BCVS has recently enhanced its care provision to clients and improved its moving and handling procedures by installing 47 new Age UK Adjustable Beds by Theraposture.


BCVS Homes independently operates the highly respected Bathampton Manor and Greystones residential care homes in Bath, Somerset. BCVS has recently enhanced its care provision to clients and improved its moving and handling procedures by installing 47 new Age UK Adjustable Beds by Theraposture.
With an outstanding reputation, Theraposture is an ethical Wiltshire-based manufacturer that provides electrically operated adjustable beds, chairs and cots. It is trusted to supply Age UK Adjustable Beds in partnership with Age UK Trading CIC. Each bed provides comfort, style and powered assistance for people living with restricted mobility. These aesthetically pleasing beds are ideal for domestic homes and residential care settings where users are looking to sleep more comfortably and need assistance with sitting up or getting out of bed.

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BCVS Homes have selected 47 divan style Buckingham beds with powered height adjustment and profiling and hoist-friendly surrounds. Residents now have greater comfort and carers can assist with reduced risk.
BCVS Homes has nearly 70 years of residential care experience and is a non-profit making organisation that focuses on value and non-nursing services for elderly residents. Both its homes are ethically managed with a client-centric approach – delivered in a homely atmosphere and at a fair fee. Bathampton Manor is a Grade II Listed country Manor House and has 21 beds. Greystones has 26 beds and is close to Wellsway’s local facilities. In total there is a 60 strong care team.

Residents are now able to regularly adjust their position in bed without the need for carer assistance. This gives each resident greater independence and improves carer efficiency.
Residents can sit up more easily to read or watch television by raising the head end of their mattress or relieve pressure on their legs by lifting the foot end. At night they are able to adjust their position in bed without straining so a better night’s sleep is achievable. Many find breathing easier when in a slightly elevated position and a higher foot position helps to reduce discomfort, particularly associated with oedema. The variable height feature helps with sitting and standing transfers as residents can remain safer and more stable when getting in and out of bed. Read more…..

Age UK Teams Up With Theraposture To Offer A New Adjustable Beds Range

Age UK Teams Up With Theraposture To Offer A New Adjustable Beds RangeAge UK Trading has teamed up with Theraposture, a long established adjustable bed specialist, to offer a new range of electrically adjustable beds for older people. Age UK Adjustable Beds are designed so that older individuals and couples can sleep comfortably and feel refreshed, the beds have been developed by Theraposture in association with a qualified Occupational Therapist to offer the highest levels of support and reliability.

The new collection of Age UK Adjustable Beds includes ready-to-choose and tailor-made adjustable beds, which can be created online using an easy-to-use “Bed Builder” virtual tool. Found at, the “Bed Builder” helps users create a unique bed from an extra range of options including function, style, size and finish.

Helena King, Head of Affinity & Product Development at Age UK, comments: “Age UK Trading specialise in the evolving needs of older people and work with quality partners to offer a range of products specially designed for those in later life. We understand that in order to be happy at home it’s important to be relaxed and comfortable, and are delighted to be working with Theraposture to offer a new range of adjustable beds.”

David Holtum, Theraposture Managing Director concludes: “As a long established business, which has been family run since 1981, Theraposture has a history of working with Healthcare Professionals and Occupational Therapists. We are extremely proud to partner with Age UK and believe that the combination of leading charity and product supplier will hugely benefit those searching for the perfect nights’ sleep.”

Age UK Trading works with a number of specially selected product partners that are leaders in their field and that share the Charity’s brand values, to offer a range of products to help older people live independently for longer. The beds range from Age UK Trading and Theraposture has been created to offer people in later life quality adjustable beds, which deliver the perfect balance of support and comfort to enable a great night’s sleep.

Customers can expect fully adjustable beds, reducing pressure on the hips, back and joints to achieve the preferred sleeping position. The height can also be adjusted making getting in and out easier and reducing the risk of back strain for supporting relatives or carers. Each design is available in a variety of widths for both one person and for a couple to share which can be personalised with a range of options including headboards, fabrics and controllers.

As part of the partnership Theraposture will raise a minimum of £85,000 through the promotion and sale of adjustable beds for Age UK Trading.

Mobility Roadshow Hosts Age UK & Forum Of Mobility Centres Conference & Workshops For Older Drivers

This year’s national Mobility Roadshow (25th-27th June, Donington Park, Derby) will host a one-day conference on older drivers, co-hosted by three national charities working in this sector.

The conference and workshops – ‘Driving challenges and choices for older people’– take place on Friday 26th June at the Mobility Roadshow, and are co-hosted by Age UK, The Forum of Mobility Centres and Mobility Choice (the charity that organises the Mobility Roadshow).

They are FREE to attend and open to consumers, trade representatives and healthcare professionals interested in safer driving for older people.

Three discussion workshops will take place during the day, focusing on driving challenges and mobility choices. Visitors may attend the conference for the whole day or select one or more workshops of interest.

With three/four guest speakers contributing to each session, attendees will gain vital information on driving, and other alternatives when driving is no longer an option, plus the opportunity to ask questions.


Workshop 1: 10:40-12:30. When to keep driving – and when to stop

This will focus on the practical issues surrounding the older driver – from deciding when is a good time to stop driving, renewing and refreshing skills and the improvements and benefits associated with life as a non-driver.

Workshop 2: 14:00-15:00. Technology in support of older drivers

This will review interesting changes in technology that enable older drivers to continue driving safely and for longer. It will include discussions on new and existing vehicle adaptations and modifications to the current developments in driverless cars.

Workshop 3: 15:20-16:35. Mobility scooters – legal and safety issues

The third session will review the legal and safety issues surrounding the rising popularity of mobility vehicles. The numbers in use are set to possibly double in the next three years, yet there is currently no driver training, insurance or safety checks required.

The day will commence at 10am with an introduction by Ann Frye, Chair of Mobility Choice and Mervyn Kohler from Age UK.

Contributors will include expert advisors from leading vehicle manufacturers, the Department of Transport, DVLA and The Forum of Mobility Centres amongst others.

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